Do Veterans with VA Benefits Need Medicare & Medigap?

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Should veterans with VA benefits enroll in Medicare and Medicare supplement insurance (Medigap)? Here are some advantages of getting on Medicare & Medigap as a veteran:
• Medicare's extensive network of doctors
• Medicare & Medigap allows you to go to any doctor or hospital
• Less wait time with a Medicare doctor or hospital compared to VA facilities
• Non-VA facilities only stabilize VA patients, which means they are usually required to be transported to a VA facility.

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4 thoughts on “Do Veterans with VA Benefits Need Medicare & Medigap?

  1. Unfortunately I can’t afford Part B and the VA has never provided definitive health care. Most of the “troops in the trenches” provide great service. The practitioners, those who make the decision regarding my healthcare or lack thereof, are a different story. Frankly, after a recent visit, the lack of concern that I experienced, pushed me very close to the point of putting a gun to my head. Basically, I don’t have medical care. I’m sure the VA would love to suck more money from any potential source such as Medicare. That’s the VA.

    • Sedwick,
      We at GoMedigap, and more people than you may believe, appreciate your service to our country.  You are the best of us but it’s evident you haven’t been treated as such.  There’s not much we can do to improve services at the VA; however, it seems evident that there are admitted issues and there are efforts to attempt to improve service delivery over time. 

      Most importantly, we’d like to help you find the services you need and deserve.  It would be helpful to know which state you’re living in so we can point you directly to the correct resources. 

      Generally, you have resources in the “Area Agency on Aging” that can work on your behalf to ensure you get the right services.

      Thank you again for your service and please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

    • Thanks. Much appreciated. I’ve been down that road. Presently, I’m accepting, and dealing with, the situation as it is. That’s life. Again, thanks.

  2. While you do cover just VA Hospital bennies, and Medicare in this video. You need to bring in CHAMPVA and TRI-CARE for Life entitlements into the equation. And how each play in your product lines. Just saying. I, myself am 100% T&P VA rated with CHAMPVA for my wife who has Medicare A, B, and D just in case. Was told no need for Medicare Supplement plans for my situation.

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