DNC “Spokesman” Proposes Medicare For All – Stuns Crowd

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian

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DNC "Spokesman" Proposes Medicare For All – Stuns Crowd

92 thoughts on “DNC “Spokesman” Proposes Medicare For All – Stuns Crowd

    • Winkle the BernieBro – I’ve seen a few of your videos on your Youtube channel and commented a bit. Yes the name causes more trouble than I expected. I picked the name because I like how it sounds, my grandad was called Pete (a very kind man) and overall it means outer stone/edge stone which seemed about right having Aspergers and feeling like an alien sometimes.
      I like the way you think. Needs aren’t partisan and you are humane and non divisive.
      They’ve got money for war anytime but health care etc. for a population that’s in a country that’s about as rich as a nation has ever been is supposedly unaffordable.
      I live in Britain and we pay National Insurance. It’s automated out of our wages for health care. Our health care is much more affordable because we don’t have to support a layer of insurance companies and our NHS (National Health Service) was like one big customer that could keep drug costs down.
      Sadly successive governments have been running our health care down so they can say it’s rubbish and sell it off to their contractor mates and break up the customer base. Legally there’s no single entity called the NHS anymore but most people don’t know that’s going on. Last winter we had charities helping in some emergency wards. It was not like that in the past.
      You can still pay extra privately if you want your own room, something unnecessary done or to skip the queue and the government then has an incentive to make you queue longer – Jeremy Hunt (all puns welcome) – the evil minister behind much of the changes – is absolutely despised. He’s had pay offs etc. eg.

      “Jeremy Hunt – Health Secretary

      Received £32,920 from hedge fund baron Andrew Law, a major investor in healthcare firms.” –
      reference http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/selling-nhs-profit-full-list-4646154

      but nobody does anything about it.
      Our inglorious leaders lost their parliamentary majority because of a health cost proposal. They were going to treat elderly people for free while they lived and then take the costs out of their estate when they died leaving behind £100,000.00 after people had paid in all their lives and never agreed to that deal. A house costs more than that here so people wouldn’t have been able to pass that on to their kids even kids living in it – a life of work and your family’s tiny hard won bit of security lost to big pharma and corrupt government.

      As you can see I could go on….and on. Power attracts the wrong people. We should devolve it and with the technology we have nowadays we should vote from home on policies as they are debated not once every few years when they’ve spent a year lying about what they’ll do for us.

      Rant over, Claire x

    • PeripheryPete– I’m so sad to read of the problems what used to be the NHS is having and passing on to the citizens, That’s just horrible! I’ve always thought the NHS was a lovely arrangement, with my limited American understanding coming mostly from BBC programming. Worse, this degradation is happening across the spectrum of our lives and it’s all because of the sheer *greed* of the rich. There is no such thing as having enough in their minds. Those at the top are all just playing a big game and they won’t be happy until just one person has everything– just like a big Monopoly game being played on our backs. We just have to stand up.

    • Winkle the BernieBro What liberals and progressives have forgotten.

      You need a strong far left to frighten the donors into giving in to your demands, just as they use the far right to make you give in to their demands.

  1. Get the corporate money and corporate lobbying OUT. its the problem with nearly every issue you can think of. As long as politicians can be bribed legally, no issue will be moved on unless the oligarchs want change in their favor

  2. LOL I knew this was a joke. On a serious note the small donations are at an all time low. The dnc will start adopting progressive rhetoric or progressive language to get elected and to get your money. Booker and Harris have already started. They just want people to keep giving money to the ponzi scheme that is the dnc. A prime example is California. Democrats are against any type of single payer. Do not fall for the bullshit again. Vote 3rd party.

    • B Sinita Bernie threw his supporters under the bus and sided with the dnc. Has he said anything about the dnc law suit? He’s pushing that Russia bs just like other dems.

    • B Sinita You’re calling me an idiot because I’m speaking the truth about Bernie? You are blindly following a lawmaker because you have no mind of you own (but I’m the idiot). You need to go find a mirror asap (and then you will see who the true definition of an idiot is. Hero-worshipping = Bad politics

    • If Bernie isn’t controlled opposition then why hasn’t Bernie mentioned the rigging of the primaries despite the fact that his supporters have begged him to do so?? And why has he shilled for this Russiagate bullshit?

  3. I wonder if this dude is gonna commit suicide by putting 3 bullets in his head and 3 in his chest then shove himself in a gigantic duffel bag, zip the bag up then bury himself 5-7 feet under the earth in the middle of a forest…

    • And don’t forget the DC Police covering everything up! They lost the body cam videos, they have refused to release the ballistics on the gun(s) used, they won’t release the 911 calls from that morning, and they are using “it’s an open investigation” to hide behind!

    • Kay InMaine You are right. We don’t know for sure. However, the coincidence of events is at least very suspicious if not just out right unbelievable. And these coincidence of events seem to have a very long history.

    • NUTCASE71733 you gonna try to explain away all those pesky facts and try to write off all those coincidences? or are you just gonna drop another ad hominen attack like “ah derp dee dee dee derp Alex Jones tin foil hat” or “the illuminati is hiding aliens blah blah blah dee derp” or something? Or, are you just gonna run away with your tail tucked between your legs because you got smoked like a fucking cokehead, weirdo?

    • Tom The Totalotarian and Tyrannical Testicle Trader Probably 80-20 odds he “resists arrest,” or hangs himself while handcuffed.

  4. Heres what the DNC will do (I think). They will just smear him and call him a fake. And they will STAY SILENT or deflect any question they receive about what he said. Business as usual, and the business STINKS

    • Killing Jokes… They will totally ignore this guy. 100%. The Yes Men engage in satire to expose horrible policies and positions of government entities and corporations by trying to force them to refute things. They try to force corps and politicians to actually state what they actually stand for. DNC will stay totally silent.

    • dragonore, why should workers give up time with their family just because some workaholic wants to get rich? I’d work 16 hours a day for myself, but why do that for someone else’s castle?

    • @Nico T, is it really necessary to micromanage business? Maybe I am an apprentice and I want to excel by working extra hard, why would you take that away from me? Maybe I’m a small business owner who gets more business at night, why are you taking that away from me? Perhaps I’m a student who has alot of student debt, and now I want to work nights to help pay, but you want to force those business to close? Why do you want to hurt the student?

      The point is, you don’t want to micromanage everything in the economy, it is not necessary. This is how the unintended consequences of government really shows.

  5. LOL! This is what you get when your political party survives on parodies, satire and comedy. The Dems are a joke within itself.

    In real life everything that he presented is unaffordable. And the robot culture is being led by the liberal corruptions. i.e., Google and Amazon.

    • Why would Single-Payer be unaffordable? The US Federal Government already has Single-Payer for the country’s most expensive cohort, the elderly.

    • Tom Sizemore… Nothing good is unaffordable. We just need to decide what we will spend OUR money on. Let’s stop giving tax breaks to corporations and stop funding wars and empiric military bases all over the world. Let’s have some fiscal responsibility in government so the Pentagon isn’t “losing” billions of dollars. We can afford anything we want- we just have to prioritize.

    • +Tom Sizemore your argument was the comparative amount spent on those programs right? Where was the benefit of the Iraq war compared to spending on medicare? How does the U.S. have so much money when according to you, its citizens are all so uniquely stupid compared to other countries that have implemented social and medical programs directly correlated to improvements in the metrics I mentioned? Again, why don’t you cite some of the studies you developed your views from? This thread is still waiting on that.


  7. If I hear one more annoying liberal tell me Free College without ANY FUCKING WAY of explaining how we are going to do it, I’m going to lose it.

    • Maybe stop thinking about it like a “cost” and start seeing it as an investment. Also we can start by returning to the pre-Reagan tax rates on high income earners.

    • Dave Smith An educated popular is more likely to vote for people who aren’t frauds. It’s also something that would make our nation’s workforce wealthier.

    • Maybe, uh, we close say just 100 of our 800+ freaking military bases around the world? Maybe we stop breaking international law daily by invading and bombing nations all over the Middle East while boosting military spending. No it isn’t possible to try to militarily rule and world and actually have a decent humane society at home, surprise, freaking, surprise!

  8. How about creating a website with a list of Democrats who are and who are not co-sponsoring or co-authoring progressive initiatives and having a link to the website on every progressive youtube channel and website? A progressive alternative could also be listed for the 2018 elections.

    • Another issue, Leon, is that politicians lie about their positions, based upon their audience, the various pressures they feel, and whether they have power or not. Last year Jerry Brown refused to address or even talk about the California methane leak for weeks (because his sister is involved in the company that would have been partly liable), even though he has done decent work against carbon production in other areas. Is he good on climate change action or bad on it? That’s just one politician on one issue, and already his record is mixed and difficult to quantify, which is messy especially if you’re going to have a site that lists 20 different Progressive priorities and the voting records of hundreds of Democrats on each of these issues. You probably can’t have much bandwidth for nuance.

      Also, Hillary Clinton said during the campaign that she wanted to “do whatever it took to save Social Security.” The Progressive position is “raise the payroll cap.” The Neo-Liberal position is “raise the retirement age.” The Conservative position is “F*ck Social Security altogether.” Either of the first two could technically fall under “whatever it takes,” and she refused to specify because she wanted to keep both the base and the donors happy. So how would a site categorize her stance on Social Security? Good? Mixed? Bad? Incomplete? And how would we know if she was going to keep her promises anyway? Is it possible that some of the Dems in the House are only “for Single Payer” because it can never pass, and if they take over the House in the future they’ll suddenly find some excuse that re-pleases the donors?

      I think a list is important, but in addition to having a decent amount of material about hundreds of politicians (several thousands if you include political hopefuls and state-level politicians), you’d have to have someone knowledgeable enough to cut through the BS and interpret these records a bit. Hillary and Bernie voted together 93% of the time in the Senate, while their actual agenda has maybe 35% real overlap.

    • Luckily, Single Payer is fiscally responsible and should be supported by all, conservatives and liberals. Therefore, it can be used as a litmus test for corruption. Legislator should have no excuse for not studying the benefits of Single Payer.

    • Steve G The site would categorize positions based on previous actions.It’s not rocket science.Actually it is science, using previous evidence to predict future outcomes.

  9. Yes, this guy is doing what Dems do best, run a poll, tell people they are working on it, and then take money from corporations and tell us everything is getting better.

    • You didn’t watch the whole video. It was a hoax perpetuated by the Yes Men, a group of guys who pull political stunts like this to bring issues to light that would otherwise get swept under the rug.

    • He’s not doing any of that. He’s punking everyone in the room. He’s pretending to be of the DNC when really, he’s not. He’s saying pretty much everything Bernie Sanders was standing for last year and his whole life and making it appear as if the DNC also stands with Bernie. THEY DON’T! Notice no one applauding Frank? THEY’RE STUNNED.

    • Yeah, when I listened to it halfway the first time, I was like…sounds like any politician saying whatever it takes to garner votes, then I realized when someone mentioned to watch the entire vid, it was very funny, and sarcasm at it’s best. It was a good face-pounder to globalist jerks.

    • The Yes Men are satirical/political trolls just like Onion. They have been doing this for more than two decades. They target political establishment, big corporations and organizations like WTO. Its hilarious how that DNC journalist didn’t recognize him and got trolled.

    • +shsummers
      Yes you are right, she must be part of the prank. I know the other member of the Yes Men duo but not her. Their best prank was when they trolled BBC as “Mr. Jude Finisterra”, spokesman from Dow Chemical. He promised a huge compensation for the thousands of victims of the Bhopal disaster in which Dow Chemical’s subsidiary Union Carbide India was responsible in 1984. Dow Chemicals stocks dropped by almost US $ 2 billion.

    • Twisted Operator it seems like a good thing because you’ll have journalists asking the dnc about this and the mislead people and the dnc will have to retract everything the yes man said

    • Twisted Operator I think that’s the idea. It forces the DNC to sail further down the river towards a waterfall by denouncing all of these things the majority is for.

    • common sense is now a prank, doesn’t look good.. for perspective, imagine that the only healthcare u got was a prank dr.

  10. and unfortunately Bernie backed off and supported HRC. So we hear it from the Yes men, but not from anyone actually running.

    • Bernie’s contract with the DNC when they allowed him to run, was that he would support the winner of the primary. He was just keeping his promise…Anyone paying attention understood this promise from the first day he announced. That’s why Ralph Nader ran as a third party candidate. He did not want to run around campaigning for the “winner”. And the “winner”, Al Gore stole the election from Nader, not the other way around!

    • Oh wah wah wah, all I see is anti-bernie talk instead of a valid argument. What next are you gonna say you believe the Sanders family is guilty of non-existant bank fraud or somehow involved with buying a home they do not own?

    • We’ll see which candidates in 2020 will fight for ending environmental pollution, preserve our national parks, stop the big bank rip-offs, provide consumer protections, provide health care and education at a reasonable cost, stop causing waves of migrations, etc.,etc.
      Our first litmus test will be single payer, the battle is on now.
      On another note:You really believe on a Senator’s salary Bernie can’t afford a house or 2 in Vermont? The loan went to a College, not Bernie.

  11. the democrat’s base, i. e. the people, just need to go to the green party and stop dealing with the dnc. It’s dead. People should put more pressure on the progressive democrats and Bernie to leave and go green.

    • once you see greens becoming popular, you will see an assault on them by special interests. before we know it, fracking and wars might be a ”green” initiative! greens are definitely the option to go but are they incorruptable in this toxic system?

    • Every single so-called “Progressive” Democrat in Congress, including Warren, and Tulsi, voted for the massive “Sanctions” bill, increasing world tensions and being complicit in more war, perhaps even thermonuclear war. No true Progressive would have put their name on that bill – and they ALL did, except for Bernie of course. There are NO PROGRESSIVES in CONGRESS! except for Bernie Sanders, and even he signed the letter to the U.N. telling them to back off on Israel and equating being anti-genocide with being anti-semitic.

  12. Yeah, Jimmy it all sounds so great, but then the state needs to expand to a totalitarian size and you need to pay half of what you earn in income taxes, then its not so great anymore. Pluss everything you could think of will be taxed so that everyone can get what you call FREE education, healthcare etc. Heck if you hate America so much why dont you just leave, plenty of socialist countries, Venezuela for example. I myself live in Norway with 46% income tax, i pay 25% tax on all goods and services i buy, gasoline 92% tax, CO2 tax, recycle tax, power tax, property tax, road tax, car tax++++++++++++ I even have to pay 500$ a year to support our national TV/radio propaganda apparatus.
    Of every 100$ I make the state gets back almost 97$ trough taxes…
    Make America great again, do not make it in to a Lenins welfare state, cause when it fails, it will end badly. For all.

    • kenneth johnsen – You do understand, right, that our government already pays more of your tax dollars toward healthcare than the (EVERY OTHER FIRST WORLD COUNTRY) nations who employ a not-for-profit, single payer system? That means your taxes would go down, not up, under Medicare for all. Currently we are paying a larger part of our income to finance the profit margins of these huge companies, who use your money to buy off politicians so they can keep robbing you… and then they lie to you and say “totalitarianism!!!” when that is demonstrably untrue. You want proof that you have been lied to and manipulated by propaganda? Answer this to yourself: why did you mention Venezuela instead of England, France, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Portugal, _et cetera_ which all have Single Payer systems that cost their people less overall money and save thousands of lives that are needlessly lost here in the USA? Why Venezuela? Because that’s what those who are manipulating Americans to line their pockets taught you to think and thus say.

    • Not sure how much I trust the intent of this. The numbers that I looked up check out, but this reads like a Trump supporter claiming to be Norwegian. Reminds me of the Clinton voters that would say “I supported Bernie but–” and would then show how in the tank they were for Clinton.

  13. DNC Policies :
    -More wars
    -More insurance companies and profits
    -Less Unions
    -Less public schools and more charters schools
    -More student debt and no tuition-free Colleges
    -More minimum wages jobs with no benefits and less unions to increase inequality.
    -More polluting and less regulations.
    -More billion dollars for the military industrial complex.

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