Democrats Warn Republicans – Pass Healthcare Bill And We’ll Push Medicare For All – The Ring Of Fire

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy issued a warning to the GOP: If you pass your disastrous healthcare bill, you’ll lose your power and then we, the Democrats, will be ready to push legislation granting Medicare for All.  The only question is whether the Democrats can maintain this anger and momentum for another 18 months until we hit the midterms. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Democrats Warn Republicans – Pass Healthcare Bill And We’ll Push Medicare For All – The Ring Of Fire

42 thoughts on “Democrats Warn Republicans – Pass Healthcare Bill And We’ll Push Medicare For All – The Ring Of Fire

    • David Damgaard – They’re not just ideas, they’re FDR’s legacy. Corporate oligarchs have been slowly and systematically dismantling it. Bernie’s just trying to get it back, like reinstating Glass-Steagal for example, and strengthening social security. As for “lying and deceiving”, I don’t see where Bernie’s done that, and he’s been my senator here in Vermont for 10 fucking years.

    • The only reason Bernie backed Hillary was that he recognized what a danger and disaster Trump would be in the White House. Hillary was the only remaining candidate with a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping him out. Sadly, all those “Oh, I don’t even need to vote! He’ll NEVER win the Presidency!” idiots made sure we ended up with THE worst possible outcome for the American people. Was I a fan of Hillary? Not really. But I knew that at least she wouldn’t be trying to rip away the health care that’s keeping me alive. I would have MUCH preferred Bernie, but a lot of nimrods think he’s “too progressive” or a “commie” or a “socialist”. In actuality, he’s a politician who doesn’t take big corporate money and actually gives a damn about his constituents.

    • David Damgaard Of course, one person can’t make it all right, but a single person CAN start laying the foundation for policies which actually favor the American people rather than the rich elites and corporations. They make enough money. They certainly don’t need even MORE subsidies and tax breaks.

    • Medicare for all essentially IS a single payer system. What a lot of the people who are terrified of it don’t get is that if you already HAVE private insurance from your job or can afford to buy it, you can KEEP it. No one is going to force you to use the Medicare system. Most countries with universal healthcare encourage those with access to private insurances to use them.

  1. no matter what they are going to tax my check, I’d much rather that it pays for health care for all, meals on wheels and to help feed kid’s Then to have my money pay for some assholes bombs, chocolate cake and golfing trips…

    • Elena Duran Well, capitalism is what enabled you to even be on Youtube in the first place, so ya, it’s working pretty well. Socialism won’t help in any way. A single payer system is letting the government pay for everything right? Sounds quite risky to me. Look how Venezuela is turning out with its socialism.

    • most Americans, unlike Europeans, think about the role of the state and the right extent of social solidarity. A state-organized insurance for all is regarded as a compulsory system or “socialism”. Individual freedom also includes the freedom to insure itself not against illness but from the risk itself. This anger is fueled by the republicans. Its a socialism paranoia…here in germany for example, we dont life in a a socialized comunistic system. Thats all bullshit from your so called Right Wing News…And to compare venezuela with countries like the United States, UK, France or Germany is measured and stupid. It depends on whether you can benefit from certain areas of a democratic system. In terms of socialised healthcare you can. Of course, this also depends on politics. Under the Republican leadership, this does not appear to be feasible. I would also have my doubts about the use of my tax credits

    • hyakoutake Conservatives in America love Socialism. They just don’t know it. Social Security, Medicare, Police Department, Fire Department, public schools, the army, the navy, the Air Force, the highway system, public water works, the postal service. All Socialist programs. We all pay in ( taxes ) and we all use them. That’s Socialism. Medicare for all works the same way. We all pay in, we all use it.

    • insanetxartist As stated, under John Conyers’s HR 676 Expanded & Improved Medicare for All, the new hires for the Medicare positions would likely come direct from the private insurance industry. That means, they would already be versed in medical billing and administration, but would still require retraining for the new health care policy. “(e) First priority in retraining and job placement; 2 years of salary parity benefits.—The
      Program shall provide that clerical, administrative, and billing
      personnel in insurance companies, doctors offices, hospitals, nursing
      facilities, and other facilities whose jobs are eliminated due to
      reduced administration—(1) should have first priority in retraining and job placement in the new system; and(2)
      shall be eligible to receive two years of Medicare For All employment
      transition benefits with each year’s benefit equal to salary earned
      during the last 12 months of employment, but shall not exceed $100,000
      per year.
      (f) Establishment of Medicare For All employment transition fund.—The
      Secretary shall establish a trust fund from which expenditures shall be
      made to recipients of the benefits allocated in subsection (e).
      (g) Annual appropriations to Medicare For All employment transition fund.—Sums are authorized to be appropriated annually as needed to fund the Medicare For All Employment Transition Benefits.
      (h) Retention of right to unemployment benefits.—Nothing
      in this section shall be interpreted as a waiver of Medicare For All
      Employment Transition benefit recipients’ right to receive Federal and
      State unemployment benefits.” Please see:

    • McQueenPress You seem to be trying to make it sound like that’s a bad thing. Having been in medical billing and coding industry before I became too ill to work anymore, I think the government is overestimating the amount of retraining needed. Let’s face it, our government is quite adept at overcomplicating everything it touches.

      Most billers already know Medicare billing. A lot of practices take it and it’s federal and standard no matter where you’re billing from unlike Medicaid (which varies state to state) and private insurance which is all over the board for claim requirements and appeals processes. If they already know how to bill for Medicare now, then there’s not a whole lot of transitioning and training to do. They’ll just be adding in codes for services the elderly don’t typically use. Most coders already know those, too, because the certifications require you to know more than just one type of coding as well as statistical analysis for the tracking of certain diseases in an area (such as cancer). Also, it’s become a LOT more common for physicians to farm out their coding and billing to companies like the one I used to work for where we handled code verification, billing and appeals for dozens of practices in one office. That kind of environment means you may be doing a lot more varied processing. So, again, not a lot of “retraining” needed.

      Specialist coder status in pediatrics, anesthesiology, oncology, geriatrics, etc is generally earned in on the job experience and not special certifications. I’d much rather they hire in the people already skilled in the job (because it can be a tough job and requires a lot of attention to detail in order to do it both efficiently and accurately) than try to train a lot of greenies in during a transitional period. That would just be asking for an unnecessary train wreck.

    • The other thing on this coding stuff, how many codes will stay? From my understanding of the American system, codes are one of the ways people making profits in the system use to increase their profits, with some codes for stupid things like carrying a baby for you. If true, then presumably this makes re-training easier too

    • insantxartist I’m not making anything sound like anything. What I am doing is copying and pasting the actual text that describes the retraining of displaced employees directly from HR 676, A G A I N the actual text of the bill itself. Anything else you are picking up is you getting carried away with too many thoughts inside your head and a persistent need to display them.  Carry on as you were.

  2. I follow the senators way of thinking, and yes I hope the GOP does push this bill through if only to watch them commit political suicide. The world will be better off without the current crop of GOP – they are not good for living things!!

    my concern is that for some $#%% reason, the GOP win enough seats in 2018 to stay in office, or just barely win. After all, we all thought HRC would win, didn’t we?? I’m not taking it for granted that the GOP will lose. Not for one minute did I EVER imagine this orange buffoon as POTUS.

    I’d like the GOP six feet under, but even vampires rise from the dead.

    • Australia is the same, well actually we have a hybrid system, which donald said is superior to the US system. All health care covered free, but with the option for faster/no wait time on elective surgery through insurance premiums or paying extra from your own pocket

    • & TheFruityKing Australia’s taxes are lower than America’s too. No tax for anyone earning less than $18,200 a year & then a gradual increase, only matching yours for people earning more than half a million or so a year. Our health system only costs us 2% of our collected revenue to operate (we have a 2% medicare levy, which is a tax specifically for health care, with it’s entire amount going to medicare)

    • TheFruityKing, you’ve obviously not seen a calculation of what just the new tax breaks the Mango Mussolini is giving the rich would pay for in just 10 years. If they actually paid a fair share, any tax hike on the other 99% wouldn’t be an overwhelming and unbearable burden, especially when one considers the gains in healthcare availability, educational improvements, poverty and hunger elimination and infrastructure improvements.

  3. Looking for Dems to get together on Medicare for All will never happen, since many are in the pocket of the hospital/drug manufacturer/medical lobby.

    • Of all the gas blown in the comments, sadly yours is not gas and most likely dead on. We are truly screwed. I cannot comprehend what brings about a Republican mindset (McConnell simply can’t be human, he looks like a morphed shark) but equally (Sanders and a few others excepted) the “Democrats” are unacceptable to me, I am completely unrepresented since the Dems fouled Sanders opportunity. I suspect not a few Trump voters would have voted for Bernie, hard though it is to see any common ground between the two. The common ground is what I am experiencing, feeling unrepresented and desperate for somebody different. Trump is different for sure but ironically not a difference that will help many if not most of his “supporters”.
      I do think that Obama was and is honorable and his ability to remain steady and unphased in the face of unprecedented obstruction and abuse is the mark of a great man. History will be kind to him when all this hysteria generated by right wing nutters has died down. The trouble with that is died down may be literal, we may in fact die as a result of said right wing nutters obstructionism.
      We are screwed.

    • It actually probably had a better chance under donald than anyone else but sadly he’s too lazy & manipulative to actually do something good 🙁 If he had wanted it badly enough he could have done it & being able to put his name on it should have been the motivation he’d need & he didn’t have to worry about the donors for his campaign. Sadly the only interest he has in doctors is as golfing partners

    • Which is exactly the reason to get with the Justice Democrats who want to get the big corporate money out of politics. There’s already been one Democrat already in office who took up the banner. We can hope that example encourages others to do the same.

    • Trump only does what the people who donated millions to his campaign want. Poor and middle class people are irrelevant to him since they can’t further line his pockets. His greed is the only thing bigger than his ego.

  4. America..Why don’t you have Medicare for all??. Your system is a corrupt,money making for corporation bullshit system.

  5. MEDICARE FOR ALL! It will happen. Maybe not this year or next year, it will happen. But we must vote out all the Republicans and old mossback Democrats that stand in the way. Yes there a Democrats that are against it. They must be replaced by Progressive Democrats. FEEL THE BERN AMERICA! And keep it burning!

    • Now is actually your best chance! You can’t wait & say “maybe next year” the only way it will happen is if the public DEMAND it & won’t back down! The only way representatives on EITHER side will vote for it is if they can demonstrate to their health care system donors that it was the only way they could get re-elected

    • Lilac Lizard the American people took a stand against the disaster called TRUMPCARE. The Rethuglicans are forcing it on them anyway. Those who oppose Medicare for all must be voted out before anything positive can be accomplished.

  6. If Democrats take over the House in the 2018 Midterms, how does that affect the Presidency? (Assuming that your dumb arse, arrogant, incompetent little boy President is still there) hahaha, the rest of the world just keeps laughing at you America!

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