Democrats Walk Back Medicare For All Support

Democrats are walking back their support for Medicare For All. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT:

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"WASHINGTON — Senator Elizabeth Warren spoke at length this week about her vision for improving the American health care system, like strengthening the Affordable Care Act and making prescription drugs more affordable. Twice, though, she ignored a question posed to her: Would she support eliminating private health insurance in favor of a single-payer system?

“Affordable health care for every American” is her goal, Ms. Warren said on Bloomberg Television, and there are “different ways we can get there.”

To put it another way: I am not walking into that political trap."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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Democrats Walk Back Medicare For All Support

37 thoughts on “Democrats Walk Back Medicare For All Support

    • +Maxwell Montgomery plenty of fat people in australia. Australia isnt that far behind the US in obesity rates.

      Plus the bigger a country’s population the easier it is to deliver services. Scale of economy. Look at how small, remote countries struggle in supplying services to their citizens.

    • Thanks to Labor we have medicare for all. Of course the conservatives opposed it and said we couldn’t afford it. 35 years later australia is wealthier than it was in 1984

    • +Maxwell Montgomery How about free-at-the-point-of-use regualr medical visits, to address these issues? Stop the stupid need for an employer to see a physician, is this your “freedom”? The deductible and copay game is especially exhausting. Just sayin’.

  1. I am a US citizen who luckily lives in Nova Scotia…I am a permanent resident. If I still lived in the US and still paid insurance premiums in order to get 80% of my medical bills paid, I would have been bankrupt years ago. I am old and retired. When I buy a product or service in Nova Scotia, I pay a tax. That money pays for our province’s health care. I see my family doctor when I need to…I have had two total knee replacements and two other surgeries…I will have carpel tunnel surgery when I return from winter vacation…after 14 years in Canada, I have had a total of 125 dollars in out-of-pocket expenses…America has a pathetic insurance-dominated system that does not provide adequate health care for its citizens

  2. what’s up with America and their ignorance about healthcare? I’m an American who lives abroad in a country that has national healthcare. I’m also a cancer survivor who required CT scans on a regular basis for 5 years during my ordeal. If I was living in the US during this time, I would be broke or worse. I paid $100 each time I had a CT scan because of national healthcare. And no, I didn’t have to wait in long lines, or have inferior service. During this time, I also visited the US. My wife got ill, and we went to the hospital. After sitting around for 8 hours, all we got was to speak to 3 doctors who asked the same questions without providing any help. We got no medication, but received a bill of $900!!! For what? Wake up America. Your healthcare is a joke

    • well she did sit out endorsing either bernie or hillary last election but I thought she could at least hold up for one of the most popular policies on the table.

    • In Wikileaks she tells HRC she will not push her to reinstate the Glass Steagall Act. She is a slug when out of public view.

  3. This is NOT complicated. Canada has universal health care, each province is given a transfer payment that is used to cover the bills. It does not eliminate private health insurance. any canadian can buy private insurance in addition to the universal offering, and it gets them even more perks if they want to, or are able to pay for that extra stuff. private rooms, medication packages etc etc. both can exist at the same time, it means that insurance companies will lose the monopoly they have. they can still exist, just not in a monopoly market.

    • +Robert Montoya well then it should be easier to negotiate rates with insurance companies because you have more taxpayers. You have a problem with lobbying not the large population size.

  4. Most people who are happy with their insurance have never experienced a crisis. I just found recently the my “awesome” health insurance does not pay for cancer treatment, I did not know that and despite having to pay a boatload of deductible and copayments. They do not cover cancer treatments, they feel it is not medically necessary. Medicare for all is the way to go.

  5. We NEED universal healthcare so Democratic politicians can finally get the spinal transplants they’ve been needing for years.

  6. Elizabeth Warren has disappointed me. In the 2016 election, I was so disheartened when she backed Hillary instead of Bernie that I was uncertain if I would support her this time around. After hearing her response to Medicare for all I am certainly not supporting her. Bernie has stood strong on all of his points for years and is not shy about his opinions. He’s the strongest best chance we have for beating Trump.

  7. If they walk back Medicare for all they’ll see any progressive walk back from supporting them. Honestly the only two I believe when they say they support Medicare for all is Bernie and Tulsi

  8. Cry for the poor insurance companies. Cry also for makers of rotary-dial telephones, CRT televisions, and the ever-beloved buggy-whip makers. But, if everyone can get the health care they need, cry most for the undertakers.

    • 20 thumbs up! The smartest comment on this page. Some things just deserved to be retired and health insurance companies are FINISHED!

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