1. The demon-rats are trying so hard to bankrupt our country into these foolish policies so we can be forced give into a one globalist banking system to bail us out. Look at what
    the liberals, left, demon-rats are doing to California. They’re on the road to insolvency! Demon-rats are totally unamerican!

    • Kim A
      Conservatives and those who are in the opposition parties have sense to vote these liberals out. But then we have to deal voter fraud that the liberals are real good at doing. We have to vote conservative or we’ll lose everything President Trump has accomplished.

  2. That’s all they do is destroy. They have zero agenda, only anything opposite President Trump. They will enjoy the firing squad, at least the rest of the country will.

  3. Think Tank – for work exactly? And it’s the Dems, of course, but also RINOS ( like Paul Ryan, who’s been trying to find a way to get Medicare, Medicaid , and Social Security since before PRESIDENT TRUMP was officially in the Oval Office President’s chair!) Taxpayers , are you really going to agree with crap like this ?!?!

  4. These two should be at a nursing home. Pelosi should go to a “looney bin” and be given medication. The other guy, should go to AA and then the “looney bin.” MAGA!!!

  5. Far too many people are now controlled by the nephilim/evil spirits. God’s will will be done with or without us. “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be at the coming of the son of man” kjv. God destroyed the world in the flood because ALL flesh had become corrupt except Noah and his sons. God also says these days will be as they were in those days. but unlike those days, God says He will shorten those days lest all flesh die, “but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” He will do this for His elect ones. May we pray for one another that we all be accounted worthy to enter into the kingdom of Heaven. We need to pray for our enemies that God open their eyes and ears. We need to start praying God’s will be done, and that He send Jesus soon for His people. Praise God in all things. May God bless us all with His knowledge of the truth, the wisdom to understand prophecies, and mercy, and forgiveness for our shortcomings as we strive to do His will. Ame

  6. Why do they want to mess with Medicare….The Democrats are out of money…they must have figured out a way they can rape and pillage it. That’s all they know how to do…I don’t trust ANYTHING the Democrats offer!!!

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