Democrats CAUGHT Undermining Medicare & Gun Legislation

Democrats Caught Undermining Medicare & Gun Legislation

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Edited by Arno Bolbolian

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Democrats CAUGHT Undermining Medicare & Gun Legislation

59 thoughts on “Democrats CAUGHT Undermining Medicare & Gun Legislation

  1. And the Democrats wonder why progressives won’t go out and vote for them…. they want to keep talking about how bad the Republicans and their policies are, but don’t want to give a solution for those heinous policies.

    • @Cats Paw Sorry for the late reply, I don’t live for comments :). Or, the government rations how much care it can provide to control costs. How much health care can your taxes afford?

    • @Jonathan Milks Yes, congressional approval is at an all time low and YET the same people keep getting elected because it’s never THEIR congressperson – just everyone elses. Please tell me you aren’t so short sighted you can’t see this.

      Again, let California pass health care for all. They are dominated by leftist politicians and Republicans can’t even mount a protest if they wanted to. They don’t and they won’t. As to your results / spending bit – all of that is quite up for interpretation. The WHO ranked us 38th (37th?) in their 2000 report (one they don’t do anymore) which was a complete joke. 25 percent of the score was tied to ‘financial fairness’ tipping the scales for socialized medicine. Even in their report, however, 25 percent of the score was responsiveness (getting care when you need it) and guess which country was number 1. Yep, that’s us. Good, fast or cheap – you only get to pick 2.

    • @Praxis Explain how it’s different. Now, maybe you could call it mob protection money – you know, pay the fee so that Guido can make sure the thugs stay away from your store and be sure your kids make it home from school but it’s hardly different.

      I’m not a fan of either major political party as both buy votes by shifting money around while grafting what they can for themselves. I DO have a bigger problem with Democrats mostly because of the rate they want to grow the government. The bigger it gets, the more money it takes in the more corrupt it will be and you idiots are happy when they delegate a few crumbs to you taken from the people not voting for them based on gender, identity, race or whatever. You’ve been played (or you’re a willing participant because you’ve been bought – same difference really just more evil.)

    • Jaguar Kaboom
      Just in case you don’t know it, “NeoLiberalism” is an ECONOMIC ideology.  It’s promotion of deregulation, privatization of public properties/agencies, lowered taxes on corporations, etc..  Almost all politicians of both party flavors for decades have been neoliberals.  

      Some of those people and organizations you named are in fact neoliberal, including Dice and Watson.

      Similarly, NeoCon is a foreign policy marked by “preemptive war,” ensuring the US has a powerful enough military to simultaneously fight multiple wars with major powers, etc.  Most politicians of both party flavors are Neocons.   

      That’s why Ron Placone is trying to get away from using the term “Neoliberal.”  Many people assume it just means “modern liberals” (which, if you get into real Leftist philosophy, is true, but we’ve been taught that “liberal” just means identity politics and such. Not at all “Leftist.”

    • We could see the bipartisan collusion when, just before the general election, the Bush Klan put their FULL SUPPORT behind… that’s right, Hillary Clinton.

      When you see ANY Bush support ANY Clinton for ANY THING, you KNOW what’s going on!

    • +Anthony,
      I did not vote for Bernie because I am independent and I never had the opportunity, but I can guarantee you something. Bernie is one of the very few people in our corrupt political system that is not bought.

    • Bif.  Would this be the Bush Clan whose current patriarch, George hw calls Slick willy his son?  The Bushes that worked with then governor Clinton in the Iran/Contra coke and guns crime spree?  
      And let us not forget that the Clintons and Trump have been good friends for decades (their daughters say they’ve been best friends since they were kids).
      “It’s a big club, and you and I aren’t in it.”  George Carlin

  2. We’re not surprised at this, right? The Democrats are meant to silence us. The Republicans might be the opposition, but the Democrats are the enemy.

    • Democrat Party = Masters of Doublethink!
      “Doublethink = the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them.”
      Orwell, 1984

    • the Democrats are only the enemy because they allow Republicans to make the policy and don’t do anything to protect us from it. let’s get that straight.. raw meat Republicans are never your friends.. unless you’re making over a half a million dollars a year..

    • No left&right…they all sold out to china/saudis/soros..ect…and hillary was just about to crash our dollar…thats why both parties frame trump as a RUSISAN spy
      (SOROS Part1)⏫hillary&obamas donor funds modern day slave ships=mostly Africans labeld as syrian refugees by hill&obama=promised free housing&money=
      soros slave boats dump them in EU&USA camps to work for amazon/ low wages+ no benifits+ collapse our economy
      4 wives 5kids each+vote Dimocrat
      (Part 2)⏫ 2hr full picture why a guy who openly says he wants to collapse the usa dollar..&donates to both parties..while installing people in the government..and his 50+ NGO’S IN USA ALONE..FUNDING OF ANTIFA AND OTHER GROUPS TO RIOT..AND ASSULT PEOPLE AT TRUMP RALLIES

    • Trianabfine Crypto is block chain distributed ledger banking. If it has Jamie Dymon upset it’s got to be good. Crypto is probably going to bring sanity back to our societies gone mad with unregulated capitalism. Right now the Fed is buying stock in failing companies to ensure the country remains solvent. That can’t go on much further. The dollar is dead, and it just doesn’t know it yet.

    • G. Kuljian,
      I just noticed that what you said is great for the slogan of an anti-establishment political campaign. How about? Vote green because you still have taxation without representation.

    • JMVEntertainment doesn’t even make any sense . They would rather lose to another corporatist than lose to a progressive. Not all republicans are corporatist .

    • They would rather lose money then give the trash any money, logic is the more I have the less you got then more power to me. until people rise up this is an evil spiral will not end.

    • Jeremy –
      Is that Beta O’Rourke (Dem but kind of Repub?) against Sema Hernandez, who sounds very progressive?

  3. 12% of the people automatically recognized the con of the healthcare question and answered the question the politicians should have asked but didn’t want to. 12% of the people are not easy to con, the rest… not so much.

    Ron has hit the nail on the head. WE NEED A SECOND POLITICAL PARTY. This one-party rule we have is not working out for those of us not happy with the system.

    • Do you know how hard that is to do, and it’s not something that can be done before midterms. My idea it to vote for the people who raise the least funds, who have the least exposure b/c you KNOW they are being suppressed by the DNC and DCCC.

      I don’t want to be voting for the “most propped up candidate” like Randy Bryce vs Paul Ryan. Even though Randy is endorsed by Bernie, I still feel red flags in me b/c there’s a JDem running too and Bernie didn’t support her! Why, I wonder? Randy Bryce is an ironworks union guy and the unions also lobby Congress, and therefore is likely a “blue dog democrat,” which means he’s pro-corporation.

    • Kudos on that 12% I would have probably lashed out at the pollster and spend 5 minutes saying a list of things the is need to change and then shout and again “and you want me to choose 1!?”

    • They have a “Better Deal”! Its for good things and not bad things!

      Its exactly like the deal that wildly successfully president in the wheelchair they won’t ever speak of created….minus all the helpful concrete progressive policies. Viva La McResistance!

  4. Corporate Democrats and the DCCC won’t get my dollars or my votes. If Americans were more willing to support a progressive third party I would support that party to the hilt. As it is I’m voting/contributing to Justice Democrats, Socialists, and Green Party candidates up and down the ballot. To those that haven’t and still have blood circulation be brave and vote for who you really like on the issues, and is competent for the job,. You’ll feel freer and better for doing it…………………….

    • Alfred,
      I am tired of the BS of the two political parties, starting in 2018 I will start voting for the green party; unless a miracle happens and one of the two parties puts a candidate that is not bought.

    • What sucks is that Greens and other third party / Independent candidate struggle to even get on the ballot in a lot of places. They have to spend most of their limited resources just achieving ballot access. I have voted Green before and will again but sadly don’t see them winning Congressional elections anytime soon.

  5. Jimmy, you know very well that you aren’t allowed to have nice things like healthcare, there are too many wars and corporate subsidies to support. Now grow up and don’t be so factual.

  6. I’ll tell you why I didn’t vote in 2016. I didn’t vote for the first time since I became of legal age to vote: 1. because I voted for Ralph Nader twice and while I suffered through endless grief for being an election spoiler (I vote based on platform and if Al Gore had the courage of his convictions he would have run on an environmental platform like Ralph did), but it was really the heart-breaking possibility that the Democrats would cheat to deny Jill Stein her 5% to participate in the debates. I simply could not stand another betrayal. 2. I wasn’t going to take any of Bernie’s down ballot recommendations after he endorsed Hillary Clinton. The rampant dishonesty throughout the entire party tainted all the candidates. 3. I sure as hell would never run to the Republicans. I haven’t trusted them since 1972. That’s why I didn’t vote.

    • TCt83067695 Exactly. I voted for Jill because she was the best candidate, period. So tired of the rhetoric that third party votes don’t matter. They work in other countries just fine. No guilt here, so will do it again. I will never succomb to bullying, especially over 3rd party voting.

    • Cynthia. You are on the right side of this, but we need your vote for Greens. I’ve been no-party for my entire life because I feel parties in general are the evil. However, I have resolved to compromise on that long held belief because I believe it is of primary importance that the Green party become a player in this country. 3 parties is infinitely better than 2. 4? Even better. Having no parties is the equivalent to having infinite viable parties, so fighting for a 3rd to gain power is the first step to that far-off goal.

  7. Your coverage of our corrupt, broken political system is the best there frigging is anywhere!!! Sooo grateful for all of you….Jimmy, Steph and Ron

  8. Tons of workers in their 50s would retire – or switch to a part-time job – if they had affordable health care, freeing up jobs for young college graduates.

    • And, I have to disagree with you. As a boomer born in 1958, millenials are the worst. Impatient, entitled, whining, sensitive to the point of hysteria and living in virtual land when constantly plugged in to the hive mind of their cell phones and other tech gadgets. Without the instant gratification of technology, they would self-destruct. What you are blaming the generation of boomers for is what the 1% elite have accomplished off the backs of the boomers. They’ve hoovered the wealth of our generation into their private pockets. I’ve watched the decline of America over the 40 years of my working life. Corporations are not people. The Common Good has been abandonned. People are willingly brainwashed, because it’s easier to demonize another group of people than to realize you’ve been bamboozled and it’s the system that screwed ALL of us. Our generations need to unite and kick the asses of entitled Oligarchs. Time to clear out the corruption in government and shift from capitalism to collectivism. From a Dominator social system of patricharcy to a Partnership social system of egalitarianism. We need democracy in the workplace. Workers need to own the corporations and collectively make the decisions for the benefit of all.

  9. If there was one thing I could change about my healthcare, what would it be…?

    My doctor would finally unlock my mutant superpowers. Obviously.

  10. I always send the Democrats donation letters back with a list of why I would never donate to them again and for a return address I write from Russia with love.

    • Linda Crump
      Don’t tell the Dem’s ANYTHING!
      They just use that info against us. I think Slick Willie learned “I feel your pain” from touring and “listening”. (More like surveillance!) Anything you say may be worked against you- by these weasels!

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