Democrat Loser Bashes Medicare For All On CNN

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CNN spoke to Joe Donnelly about what it takes for Democrats to win in the Midwest, because, ya know, he lost…
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Democrat Loser Bashes Medicare For All On CNN

72 thoughts on “Democrat Loser Bashes Medicare For All On CNN

    • Also if those homeless people were white and didn’t regularly vote Democrat, they’d say Let Them Die and claim it’s “progress” when millions are unemployed.
      Socialism means no one gets left behind. And even reactionaries deserve basic human rights.
      That might make me seem like a shitlord to some, but yes, MAGA folk will get the Wall. And three more. And a roof. +William Ryan

    • +Macs M. re-read my post. The money now in these markets is well past the mom and pop stage. I think you maybe confusing the point. Good luck. peace out.

    • +Ash Kitt There has been an enormous effort to demonize Socialism or social democratic government practices over the years. Lot’s of people took the bait that somehow that it is a form of “wealth distribution” ala Robin Hood style by Big Government. We have many examples of Socialist Democratic principles that we owe thanks and gratitude for today. Social Security,Medicare, even public police and Fire departments as well as National Guard.Public parks and National parks etc and many more.

    • +Darren : Good for you. Let’s not even think about the middle class working americans who “are” riddled with cancer and diabetes. Let them die in the streets or go bankrupt, it’s not our concern. Right?

  1. Democrats lose because they have no positive message. Donnelly didn’t lose because he supported Trump, people are smart enough to know now that Democrats will lie & say they’ll support Trump just to get elected. Nobody believes them. Donnelly lost because of no good message. Believe me in the next few years, the Democrat party will be all but gone & it will be their own fault. Good riddance!

    • +Cindy Klenk Nah, That would too obvious. The oligarchy doesn’t really want people to know that they’re an oligarchy. Way more people are going to start waking up to the bullshit when they go to vote and there is only one name on the ballot. They need people to have the illusion of a two party democracy.

    • +mynameishunter12345 I think you may be right, as long as they can keep the charade up and keep the” commoners” entertained, why not. Have you heard George Carlin (Rest in peace George) lay all of this out. He nailed it.

    • +Ron Clark Water vapor is NOT the little hinge that swings big doors regarding the CHANGE of global average temperatures. The water vapor rains down within hours or a few days. Warmer air and surface temperature = more vapor = more rain. it is a self-regulationg mechanism. Water vapor FOLLWOS and does not lead when it comes to global warming /or cooling.

      The planet would not be inhabitable w/o the influene of water vapor. But because there is so much there has been a BALANCE ESTABLISHED. If not we would notice immediately and the global systems would run amock. so it is the TRACE gases that work on the stable (self-regualting) base of water vapor that make all the difference.

      It is interesting that CO2 (a trace gas and not the strongest greenhouse gas either) has such an impact – the reason: it is so stable in the atmosphere (up to 1000 years). Methane is also stable, but not nearly as long lived as Co2, but it is a much stronger greenhouse gas than Co2. (if you compare them in the lab).

      The scientist talk about the “methane bomb”: Co2 increases the temperature somewhat and that extra heat triggers the release of Methane which triggers runaway global warming. THAT has happened in the past !

      Co2 and methane did change the climate in the past – and it does not matter if they are released (or reduced) by natural or manmade processes.

      The farmers have a problem when they do industrial farming – if they get higher prices they can live with producing less meat. You cannot replace a steak – but for the patties in a burger, for spaghetti sauce, …. there are already plenty of substitutes (either “articificial” meat, soy and gluten – or just having a vegetable patty).

      with a burger it is the sauces and the vegetables and the bread – and a tasty crispy (non-meaty) patty that makes the dish – admitted I am not a fan of what the chains sell – I like them only homemade.

    • +James Tepera only if he ran as a moderate and not right wing republican , if he ran as a moderate democrat and supported medicare for all , he would have won , he more conservative than some republicans in my area , he more conservative than my govornor charlie baker , in the midwest charlie baker would be a moderate independent , joe donnolly should have ran as a moderate and go for medicare for all , he would have gotten 55% of the vote if he supported medicare for all.

    • Paraguay Mike

      I have a bumper sticker with a picture of a donkey followed by a +, a picture of an elephant followed by a = wars, lies, debt. Got it from cafepress

    • They know only to steal taxes from the poor….they only learn after the Guillotines.
      They make Violent Revolutions Inevitable.

    • +Chadillac you are not very good at lying or math. we dont want to pay a for-profit middleman to get health care…….the insurance companies are like some nasty troll hiding under the bridge that wont let you get health care unless you pay them to cross the bridge

    • +Bob Bluefield hey low IQ Bob, America can’t afford healthcare for everyone because we have diluted the population with deadbeat criminal illegal aliens freeloading on the system. Sorry bud, they ruined your fairy tail. After the failed Obummercare experiment America will NEVER settle for government run, fucked up healthcare again. We have learned from our mistakes.

    • +Chadillac we can afford healthcare for all, all we have to do is reverse all the tax cuts for the wealth hoarding billionaire class since the time of reagan. ……..”obamacare” is nothing but “romneycare” on a national level…..obamacare blows because it is a republicon invention

    • +Bob Bluefield if you were smart enough to read Bob you could easily go on the government website and see the biggest part of the tax cuts went to the middle class. Keep in mind now, the smaller numbers mean you pay less and the larger numbers mean you pay more. Okay Bob, got it?

  2. I’m thoroughly confused. He’s literally a Republican inside the Democrat Party. How did he get past the primaries?

  3. indiana resident here. i went to a meet and greet with his campaign manager. people were pissed at his stance against progressive values. their excuse was that they had to ride the centrist fence because this is a red state. No, this is a blue state if you inspire people to vote. trying to flip trump supporters is a lost cause, but you can inspire people to vote when you offer solid progressive policies. he lost because he didn’t want to offend donors and his ads pissed off people like myself that didn’t vote for either of them, because if i wanted a republican i would have voted for his opponent. Im glad he is gone, terrible senator with zero convictions

    • +Ari W Oh I know they aren’t starving to death and eating zoo animals to survive it is all a cia lie to get us into a war with them right?

    • +S.O.C_91 right if u guys say we’re do Medicare for all but no more open borders and immigration all right wingers will agree. Also we would have to figure out how its gonna work and not be another payout to rich like Obamacare

    • +b0ilerboy see when u say that it doesn’t help you convince ANYONE. Do u like how we give all this tax money to military industrial complex? I can assure you alot of right wingers that arent gaslighted by media(under 50 crowd) thinks that it’s bad for the country and there own life. So when u say let’s do Medicare for all its gonna work out exactly as our military complex does. It’s the same thing on benefits programs. If u killing yourself trying to work a job, support a family, pay all the Bill’s and u see anyone in the bottom 30% of yearly income gets things back from the tax funds(welfare,snap,low interest loans,Medicaid,chip,housing,ssi,disability,etc) then u get zero back from the tax funds because you are under the cutoff line u would hate it. Plus Obamacare regulations while good on paper make your health payments go up so the companies can offset any loss from whatever Obamacare regulations cost them money u would not be so excited for more of that. And u are hesitant to support more of these programs progressives will say u are racist, hate skin color, your inbred and u already are privileged enough cuz there is someone below you. And this refrain is the same thing you hear from the Corporate media and the elite 1% which we all agree is the problem your not gonna listen to any ideas coming from progressives good or bad. It’s the same as a politician saying to you we cant do Medicare for all cuz we have to protect Obamacare. U shud be happy we have that small win and we used to have nothing so Obamacare is a privilege over the old way. And u need to be truthful if u want people to follow you. No group is 100% right on all issue. A big one is More worker supply makes it much easier for companies to lower wages or stagnate them. So if you fight against people who wana lower immigration numbers and not let anyone come here illegally or with work visas until we get own benefits and wages fixed u cant attack them and then say you are for workers. If u truly want open border system u need to admit that it’s going to decrease wages and services to anyone already here the more new people we get and state u would take this over closed borders andwages/govt services not decreasing even more because of it. And just becuz the corporations and govt could supply everyone who’s here plus anyone who migrates here if they spent the funds fairly and cut out the fraud,greed and abuse it hasnt happened in the real world and there is no signs that it might happen. So if your honest about this and say rich gonna screw us always and the chance we can reform them to act in our interests is small but I feel not allowing people who wanna come here is worth things getting harder on us financially and making each person portion of the pie a smaller percentage. Then u are being honest but when u say we can have open borders and our quality of life and economic outcomes will stay the same or increase and if u dont agree it means u hate other people u will come off as dishonest. Some people might value there own and there families life more than helping others and this is a justifiable position or at the very least it doesnt mean u are a monster and irrationally hate others your not gonna win with that. U gotta get out of the establishment framing of the left/right paradigm. They frame people as cartoon irrational extremists when the truth is the everyday people in both sides are not evil,hateful,crazy,morons and each sides point of view and positions are right for that person. Now on every issue there is an answer that is good for a majority of people. But it might be bad for a minority of people. There’s also answers that are good for a minority of people but bad for the majority people. So either we pick one side and acknowledge who it will and won’t be good for or we make separate policies for separate groups that best suit them. But we will never find a system that is good for 100% of the people equally so it’s not realistic to hide this or make this the only acceptable outcome becuz will never get there and we will end up with a system that’s bad for 99% of us

    • +b0ilerboy what do demographics have to do with voting and election outcomes? Why would 10-15 years change things? If its age demographics it most often the case that people get more conservative with age so i dont think u can count on younger people voting the same way they vote now when they are older? Or am I misunderstanding what u mean if so please explain what u mean if you would

    • +Krista Hughes I agree with the part about welfare and investing in society but your statements above show that the middle class is getting screwed by the govt massively. The poor have it bad and the middle class have it v
      Bad. The idea that oh you have it bad and arent getting a fair deal at all but becuz somebody is getting it a little worse than you, your situation is now good and should be thought of as a privilege or lucky situation to be in. And even if u say well I wana help both people thats not what is happening or has happened. Most of what I hear is its ok for the bottom to advocate that society and govt should extend resources and effort to improve there life but if you are not at the bottom, even tho your current situation is bad and is below what we would reasonably agree is a fair and positive one govt and society should not extend the same resources and energy to improve your life and If you advocate for society/govt to spend some percentage of resources/energy on improving your life its immoral and hateful. Instead of advocating for the poor by showing the bad situations and challenges they face that we should improve it is framed as look at the powers situation relative to the people slightly above them that have a few less challenges but are still not doing well by any means and look how unfair that is to the poor and how lucky the middle class is. It kind of says the unfair and crappy position almost all middle class are in is successful and is above what an everyday person should expect their life to be. So how can we improve anything if we’re framing the current middle-class life where the elite give them bad jobs for bad wages in bad benefits and you are not able to support a family without both parents working full-time and are still not able to buy a house and paying ridiculous health insurance premiums and the government is doing nothing to improve their lives as oh that that that is privileged and you should be fortunate to get to that level and be happy about it because the others get it worse and everyone should be aiming to get to that level and we should Bass our policies and Society with that as our goal. If you disagree you should be hated and are probably ignorant and stupid and hate. And the poor should be hostile and angry with you because you are the reason they haven’t reached the same level of relative success and they would have it if you weren’t keeping it from them for yourself. And tons of people on TV and out in the streets share this opinion and work to convince others of it. also with all this in mind we are going to make policy that more people who will he taught or already already convinced that you are holding them down well be moving to the country and becoming citizens here and voting on public policies and officials that will affect your life. So do you mind up see how some people get to the decision of being anti-immigration and anti welfare programs Etc? Even if it doesn’t have to be this way and we can help all people improve their lives it’s not being done at the moment and the number of people who aren’t pushing that opinion is getting smaller. So how can you ask right-wingers to change their minds if this is going to be the State of Affairs going forward. I think it only Hertz the chances of getting any meaningful legislation that will actually help people and makes it easier for the elite 2 take more and more for themselves and helps decrease the number of people that can or will push back against them doing that. If you truly want to improve the lives of everyone you would be taking a different approach in going about it. And maybe some of you do already I don’t know I’m only going by what I see the majority of the time online and in conversation with people on the left

  4. Pennsylvania is an at-will employment state, meaning that you can be fired from your job without warning for any reason as long as it does not violate federal law or state law. Pennsylvania is also a state plagued with bad roads and yearly natural blizzards. I personally know people who have been fired because they could not come to work because of a blizzard, or wrecked their vehicle trying to make it to work and no longer had a reliable means of transportation.

    If you’re working class in Pennsylvania, live and work in an area with NO public transportation, you worry about what could happen during one of those snow storms. You could be the best driver in the world, but half the time there is not adequate preparation with plowing, and I won’t even get into the vacationers who come up from the south and don’t know how to drive in the snow. People here want Medicare for all, so why is this joker who LOST his election LYING?

    • 3 days general strike – with Sanders as president – and it would be passed. – There is a reason they started to smear Sanders the day after the midterms. He might be stubborn enough to acutally get it done. But not w/o a major struggle. – the next recession is coming – likely in 2019 or 2020. if it is bad – and the people have an activist presidential candidate or president – a LOT could get done.

      In 1932 the government used the army to crush the Veterans march (tear gas, people died). The veterans and their families marched for benefits that were due to them. In 1933 FDR – in the middle of the crisis – introduced unemployment benefits, Social Security, jobs programs – and high taxes on the incomes of those still doing well.

      He had to strongarm some Democrats and the Republican industrial leaders considered a coup in 1934 (see the story with Gen. Smedly Butler) – but he rammed a lot through.

  5. …everyone in one big insurance pool (medicare for all) is the least expensive and most efficient way to provide health care funding for all Americans ….that’s not something to debate….that’s just math….. ask the rest of the world…..

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