Democrat Attacks Medicare For All Like A Republican

Sen. Sherrod Brown used right-wing tactics for refusing to support Medicare For All. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. More TYT:

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"Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) on Sunday called for expanding Medicare to people who are 50 years and older rather than pushing for 'Medicare for all,' a popular option for many potential Democratic 2020 nominees.

Brown, who is considering running for president and who has said Medicare for all isn't practical, said Sunday on CNN's 'State of the Union' that he wants to 'help people now.' His proposal would create a voluntary buy-in to Medicare for people who are 50 and older.

'I want to expand Medicare to 50,' he added. 'Now, if we get enough people, we will see a lot of people get in — in that plan, 58-year-olds and 62-year-olds that have lost their insurance, lost their jobs. We will see the success of that, and that will end up continuing to broaden and expand coverage for so many Americans.'"

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Democrat Attacks Medicare For All Like A Republican

46 thoughts on “Democrat Attacks Medicare For All Like A Republican

  1. Its 2019. Democrats need to support M4A full stop. It costs less than the system we have. 30k americans die every year because they can’t afford healthcare. The ACA is unsustainable and premiums keep rising. This isnt debatable. If you’re an elected democrat fighting against M4A you’re a liability. I cover the issue of healthcare on my channel often. Extremely disappointed in sharod brown. Might post a video on this later this week

    • +Octopus Prime – The healthcare institutions would remain the same. It’s just the majority of the healthcare insurance industry that would be going away.

    • Unapologetic: Initially Barak Obama wanted a single-payer system and the ability to negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies included in the ACA. This would have been instrumental in helping to lower the costs associated with healthcare. In the end he had to water it down to appease the GOP and Corporate Democrats in the House and Senate. Big Pharm, the AMA and the Health Insurance Industry have most of our politicians in their pocket and they’re holding on to them for dear life.

    • To be fair, Brown is one of the most progressive Senators on most other economic issues. He’s simply jealous that Bernie’s Med4All gets all the attention…

  2. Healthcare is a right
    Education is a right
    Healthy food is a right
    Shelter is a right
    Water and electricity are rights

    And so on…

    Not just for Americans but for all humans.

    The power structures that exist that block these basic rights need to be banished from existence.

    • none of those are rights, where do you get this from? A right means you have the right to access it, not that the government (taxes) will pay for it. Healthcare, you have the right to access. Education is free for students, however post education is a luxury. Define healthy, you have the right to access shelter and electricity. These are rights you already have, you just see a different vision of how they are to be accessed

  3. I like Sherrod Brown. This was really disappointing, he was one of my favorite candidates for 2020, on my short list of people I like.

    But now he’s definitely off it. M4all or bust. But he can still be an ally in the senate.

    • i feel sorry for your lost, I live in Austria, we have medicare for all, if you work or not work, your automatically covered, you pay for the first 28 days , i think it is like 12 € per day after that state insurance covers you for the rest of your stay. Paying this small amount was never a problem, the states helps you even there out, when you cant pay.

      If you live alone or your partner and you have to less money, MEDICINE IS FREE for you. You dont pay for operations. If you are sick and you dont have the ability of going to your chemo, radiotherapy or dialysis, the states pays the transport costs from your home to the Hospital and again back to your home. Your transport is for free.

      And Medicine basically is cheap, my father pays for his heart medicine like 20€ per month.

      Austria is social country, social means for us to help everyone who is need, it is also christian value of helping your neighbor, your friend, your fellow citizen in dire times, even the most conservative Austrians believe in the systems of medicare for all. Americans need to wake up, that the time of people dying becoz they could not afford to pay for the medicine or operations or something is over.

  4. The only way to fix healthcare is Medicare for All, ditch private health insurance companies which will lower drug costs,so there’s no competition .
    I went bankrupt at 35 paying for healthcare when my Remicade infusions would have been covered in Mexico and Canada and the U.K. It’s not right what’s happening here in the US

  5. By the way. I lived over 10 years in the UK. People were ALL covered, everywhere in the country by the NHS. HOWEVER, YOU COULD STILL GO PRIVATE WHEREEVER AND WHENEVER YOU FELT LIKE IT. Where do these political hacks get off trying to imply you couldn’t still go private if you wanted to?

    • And furthermore the NHS is much more ‘radical’ than medicare for all because it actually is government run healthcare. Medicare for all is only government run health insurance.

    • +Yes. Which could also work, seeing as a lot of countries run a mixed system of public and private care, including by ways of government health insurance.

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