Dem 2020 Hopeful Julian Castro: ‘We Need Medicare for All’

Dem 2020 Hopeful Julian Castro: ‘We Need Medicare for All’

11 thoughts on “Dem 2020 Hopeful Julian Castro: ‘We Need Medicare for All’

  1. Foolishness. Utter foolishness. Seriously, I don’t know how people fall for this rediculous gimmick these clowns are pushing. This stuff is completely antithetical to properly functioning government. Even liberal economists know that this would be a disaster for this country, much less any state. It’s amazing how they can just promise all this free government funded stuff and nobody wonders how it will be paid for and who will affect. It’s unbelievable. Unfortunately with the way both parties are behaving, this crap will eventually make it into government policy. Even Republicans and Conservatives in government leadership are okaying this type of crap.

  2. “Medicare for All” would spell the near-instant collapse of our medical system. Apparently this dude doesn’t want to tell you that our Medicare system is already insolvent. Doctors continue opting out of the system because they don’t get paid as much. Or they shut down their practice; opting to retire early or to work for a big clinic.

    People don’t get medical insurance because it is too expensive. It’s too expensive because medical services cost too much. We cannot insure our way out of this problem.

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