Delay Medicare Enrollment

Delay Medicare Enrollment

Many people work past 65. They continue on with them employer group coverage. They delay Medicare enrollment. At 66+, they wonder what to do about Medicare.

How to Enroll after 65

Here is what to do. Go to Click on "Forms, Help, Resources" on the top right. Then click on "Medicare Forms" on the left middle. You will see the enrollment forms in the middle of the page in PDF form. There are two forms: one to enroll in Medicare Part B and a second for your employer to sign off on your coverage. You fill out the enrollment in Part B. Give the second form to your employer. Your employer will verify that you have had health coverage as good as Medicare since you turned 65. They will sign the form. It is important for you to write in the date that you wish your Medicare Part B to start. Give yourself enough time to find a Medicare plan and prescription drug plan. (There are much shorter and restrictive time limits when you have delayed Medicare Part B enrollment.) Drop the forms in the mail or hand deliver them to the local Social Security office.

Medicare Employer Enrollment Forms

Why do you want to involve your employer with your enrollment in Medicare Part B? If you do not have your employer verify that you had health coverage from the time you could have enrolled in Medicare until the time you did take Part B, Medicare will assume you did not have creditable coverage and will access a penalty. The penalty is a 10% increase in Part B premium for every year you did not have coverage. That can be significant over time and completely unnecessary. Delay Medicare enrollment at your own risk. Get the form. Your employer is required to verify. The human resource department will know exactly what to do. It is a very simple matter.

At Omaha Insurance Solutions, we help clients who delay Medicare enrollment all the time. We can get this done quickly and easily. Give us a call 402-614-3389. We can email you the forms, walk you through filling them out, and explain what to do. 402-614-3389
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Delay Medicare Enrollment

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