Defend Medicare

Imagine: your private medical data in the hands of for-profit corporations.

A radical privatisation plan for Medicare hit headlines this week, tipped to be a major feature of the Turnbull government's first budget.

The leaked proposal would hand $50 billion in public health services over to corporate interests – taking us down the path of US-style user-pays health care.

Call on the Turnbull government to put public health over private profit:

9 thoughts on “Defend Medicare

  1. wake up, .. government IS a private for profit corporation. There is no
    such thing as gooberment, there is only private corporations and banksters.
    That crown you see on everything is the Crown Corporation of the City of
    London, operating in right of her vagisty queer Elizabeth ll. They are
    plundering pirates. We need to build a new system.

  2. if GetUp and Labor keep on claiming that the Turnbull Government are going
    to privatize Medicare why dont they provide proof? at the moment i see it
    as fear mongering just to get the voters to vote for Labor.

  3. It’s in the TPP, that all Government monopolies must end! But no one seemed
    to care, so I guess we shall have to embrace corporate fascism and there
    global governance.

    • +MrKingmino What article is that in? I just re-skimmed through article 17
      on state owned enterprises and designated monopolies and it wasn’t in
      there, it was actually encouraging many forms of government monopolies.
      What section was it in where it banned government intervention in defence,
      law and order, communications, road and transport and education?

  4. This is AUSTRALIA, Turnbull – NOT America. We WILL keep Medicare from being
    privatised. The decision is OURS not yours, nor your corporate mates. BACK
    OFF!! If you don’t, you will suffer the consequences. Rise up people, this
    simply can not and will not, be allowed to happen.

  5. What a joke. If Malcolm Turnbull privatises Medicare I’ll eat my left
    testicle. Getup – please focus on topics that are legitimate, this is an
    embarrassing waste of time. It aint ever gonna happen.

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