70 thoughts on “Debunked: Joe Biden’s Crazy Excuse Against Medicare-For-All

  1. Only the uninformed and misinformed are voting for this corporate dem it’s not republican vs Democrat anymore it’s establishment vs the people

    • +Faye D What about deductibles and copays? Under M4A those are eliminated. You can choose your own doctor, whereas under a private plan, you have to use a doctor in the insurance company’s network. Yes, there could be rationing, but it’s based on need rather than finances. You may not like the government being involved in your health care decisions, but it’s better than having a CEO decide, based on the bottom line. Under M4A, you and your doctor decide what’s best for you, without having to consult an insurance executive.

  2. Joe Biden is wrong. You shouldn’t have a job that you’re stuck to just to take care of your family. Freedom is being able to work for another employer and be stress-free.

    • We shouldn’t have to work period if we don’t want to. At least AOC understands that. And nobody should have jobs that are stressful. Everything should be free. Life is supposed to be easy and the government has the responsibility to take care of everyone

  3. I’m just waiting for the first debate cuz hands off uncle Biden will go down the flush. As soon as he start talking, people will be going to sleep cuz his music are tasteless

    • +Raeleigh
      So! when I say “I’m loving it! ” you’re clueless to it?…LOL
      I’m Canadian, when I hear Americans talk about healthcare, I’m appalled..
      I don’t understand how people are Ok with their fellow countrymen losing everything cause they got sick..
      I’n some ways, America is still like the wild wild west!

    • Agreed. We need to get Tulsi and Gravel in the debates because they will straight up call Biden out on foreign policy too. He’ll tank quick.

    • Really? You think they are going to put Biden in the debate with any Progressive?? The DNC decides who goes in which of the debates, so all the Corporate bought politicians will be in the same debate. Not a word about anything of importance will be in that debate airing in Prime Time on a week day, not against an NBA Finals/ NHL Finals game. The others Debate will be Sunday at 4pm against an NBA Finals game. Bank on it. Hope I am wrong, but history says…

  4. there’s a reason that Joe Biden’s numbers always tank when he runs for president, he’s a “gaff machine”
    He ALWAYS says things that don’t make sense

  5. so the average American medical deductible is more than twice the amount they say Americans could not afford during an emergency

  6. I just want to scream at the Democrats. He is Hilary 2020! If he wins primary trump will get elected again and another war will start.

    • +BKD Vickers Well this didn’t come out of nowhere but eh I’ll dig.
      Medicare would not be free. You would still pay for it just at a less broken price. Our medical system inflates prices a lot to where it’s worse to go un insured as you pay far more and insurance companies still rip you off. Medicare for all is like a net similar to a bank but different. Not handing out loans and everyone for the most part costs the same. We pay for our roads through taxes, we pay for water, electricity, public services, and more. Are all of these systems always better off being privately run. It’s much better that they are not in the governments care but funded by the government. That is the preposed medicare for all plan. Government funding and negotiation(not control)( the government would not own these systems). Under the system we are likely to get similar to how our tax dollars are used to pay for building public areas and functions except unlikely to be you know corrupt because the people proposing the plan want it to be a good system and maintanence not outright building. People leaving the medical proffession and choosing not join I have no answer for. We would need to give them proper breaks and good days. Being a docter is only going to get worse if we don’t fill out the employment and it’s for better or for worse something that we need the young to be inspired towards as the old are the old are more set in their ways already having chosen a career. My point is though is that everything is not free. The people who pay so little in taxes are hoarding the wealth in a useless bid for power. I’ll explain. Wealth is sonething that is a made up system by people to keep the economy going. Hoarding it away kills the economy. All of that money will make it’s way back to them either way if they gave it away for free there is zero point in them storing it away as the money is not flowing in the economy and thus becomes worthless despite it’s own existance lowering the value of our dollar. All of this would be solved for the most part if they one(Majority of them) didn’t overcharge the people.( To list a few ISPS, car dealerships, oil companies on gas, medicine such as insulin or inhalers being marked up hundreds of tines over from the base price. This money does not make it’s way back to the people but instead is frozen in place and stored.) We get payed a 12 to 9 dollar wage. With inflation a 12 to 9 dollar wage is what in our current system in the 1990s even. Our degrees are worth less now despite college kids paying more money by a wide margin to get them. Our answer to overseas conflicts is to steal more oil and other natural resources through brute force. Trump is literally goading Iran right now on twitter while sending troops and valuable resources right in front of Iran hoping they’ll attack our oil tankers and if anything happens to them at all we have another war on our hands that will most likely hurt our economy on the citizen level to the point that the middle class is going to be greatly damaged and our medua will give him a nobel peace prize because profits. We waste billions of dollars bombing a random country for no reason with the brutality we bomb them with. (Trump upped the bombings not lowered despite it being a waste of taxpayer funds.).
      Two if they payed their employees properly and didn’t goad unpaid overtime.
      Three realized the money they have is worthless as it is.
      They have more wealth than the majority of the country. A minority of rich people has more wealth than 365 million people. Get them to pay taxes and pay for the wars they profit off not us we the people. The green new deal is not free. It does it’s best to ensure we don’t have a failed country 50 to 70 years down the line in a dystopian future. Money is entirely up to the people to value. With our countrys state of being we cannot sustain it. Speaking of how much more will the National Debt increase under our current system of hospitals, wasting money on bombs in some far off country that poses no threat to us, not taxing the rich basically at all, and paying corperations tax refunds for avoiding taxes go. Medicare for all is predicted to save us trillions in dolkars and that was.a koch brothers funded study who were payed to try to make medicare for all look bad also as a slight jab. What are you talking about Obama Care was a disaster. It’sbetter than nothing and was originally a rebublican plan. The only reason it was that was because Obama didn’t want actually good healthcare.(he was paid off by the same corperations that run our health industry). You saw how hatd Rebublicans railed agaibst Obama care despite this being their plan.Trump has hurt our system greatly( Wasted money, incompetent people in the white house, being you know paid off, and ruining our enviornment).(Sorry if I didn’t address some things I’ll do that next comment. My phone doesn’t let me check your comment without deleting this one.)

    • +Connor Kubat…Healthcare is a different animal, the proposed Medicare plan WILL be controlled by the government regardless of what parts are privately run because it involves government funding. The government creates all the rules and dictates the level of care and everything else. When Obama Care became the law of the land, the government became heavily involved and created many more rules and regulations, dictating how patients are treated, etc.,etc. So even if any private companies are providing the services for “medicare for all”, they will still be charging more in order to comply with the rules and regulations set up by the government. Then there is the issue of contracting the work to the lowest bidder. Sometimes that doesn’t work out too well. I’ve worked on military bases for a number of years and virtually all the contractors would charge more to do the work for the government than they would for non-government jobs.

      The one lesson we should all remember is all the promises (and flat out lies) we were told about Obama Care. It too was projected to save us trillions of dollars. All the warnings and red flags that were being waved before the law passed were ignored.
      So it’s kind of hard to fall for the same trap again and believe dumping millions of more people (including all the illegals here now and anymore arriving in the future) will solve the problems with health care. Just having the government in charge is scary enough. The government doesn’t have a good track record running things properly

    • +BKD Vickers Fair enough however the Government is not entirely bad. We still get ripped off way worse due to price inflation by hospitals and insurance than the government and I’m sorry I said funding the hospitals. I meant paying the medical bills from the taxes we pay in a fair manner. Insurance companies have not negotiated prices to a reasonable price and often times fight you on paying for your medical emergencies lock you down in a single area and generally give little choice in ability to see docters. One example as to why the workload could be bad for docters and nurses is the lack of choice for patients leading to Docters not having evenly spread out work. The competitiveness of Medicare for all and insurance companies will one let consumers choose what they want whether to be taxed by a system at this point proven to be cheaper (by studies that should be biased against it) by trillions of dollars or privately taxed for a provably inferior system as shown by the United States ranking behind countries that use Medicare For a
      All in terms of healthcare by unbiased studies and two greatly improve our healthcare systems as insurance companies will scramble to improve their medical care, coverage, and prices which could lead to the ever looming threat of ripping people off being destroyed by the revival of medicare for all if they start ripping people off again leading to their deaths due to loss of trust after being given a second chance( Theres an opt in option for Medicare for all meaning those who don’t want to don’t have to) and allow people who get sick to properly get covered meaning less mistakes in work, less days missed, and less mental stress .
      I do think in a perfect system government involvement is not necessary but the system we have is too broken to do nothing and this is the idea that garners the most support publicly( Companies don’t regulate themselves leadership changes and with no way to enforce the will of the people our government has a duty to step in to protect our rights.). There are not going to be any contractors as it would be the government negotiating with the hospitals. They Rip people off and have been doing so for a century again pricing random items at 100s of times their original costs Iv bags being 500 bucks. A bag of water you can buy at Walmart for 1$. I have no sympathy for hospitals that let people who could contribute to our economy greatly and are in the middle class die or become houseless homeless, broke, and jobless, with no way to bounce back because an Insulin shot that costs 5 bucks to make is charged at thousands of bucks. We give them a fair shake letting them charge 3 to 4 times the original price of equipment use and medical supplies and I think we will have a great system better than our current system that will last us far longer than the older system which pushes debt forward a great deal. The will of the people is what would undoubtedly push medicare for all into existing and enforcing it would not be just the government but the people who pay their taxes and opt in to medicare for all. If the government fails it is not because the government sucks at price negotiating we have plenty of examples of far more successful governments out there who negotiate and help their people greatly due to government regulation and interference. Corperations in Canada and Australia to name a few countries cannot rip people off by overcharging items that cost a few bucks to make by thouasands of times over. Over regulation by the government is bad but you tell me in a system where people are getting ripped off and the companies that do this pat themselves on the back not by paying their workers a living wage but by taking the money and lining the higher ups pockets so much that they can never even use that money and hurt the average working citizen greatly why would regulation on this issue be so bad. I know you didn’t say that all regulation is bad and you obviously are not stupid but taking that idea and than carpeting it over our medical industry is Medicare For All. All you do by agreeing to that idea of stopping our lives from being held hostage by bogus prices that bankrupt and ruin our lives is what Medicare For All was meant and will for the time being if passed fix. I mean imagine having a gun pointed at your head and the person holding the gun wants your money or your life. Thats not far off from our current system with insurance companies is. The key thing here is getting fair Competition at least against our insurance companies. Also these are trained docters not contractors and the Medicare For All system in way limits where people go to get care for their medical needs. Comparing it to contractors is a faulty system because we are not limited in where we go and what we use. Prices would be generally the same for each piece of work done.

    • +BKD Vickers Alright sorry for not addressing all your points phone doesn’t let me check your comment without deleting my own. Back onto topic. Obama care was a coverage plan through the insurance companies and thus bettered the treatment of patients and again was a republican preposed plan not Obamas through the insurance companies so of course they’d raise prices to account for extra work that was tacked onto them as the insurance conpanies did the work of paying for medical expenses. Medicare For All was slated to save us Trillions of dollars by a rich Koch brothers funded study who have an active interest in destroying any semblance of the idea of Medicare For All. It isn’t just some random study it’s one that actively looked for ways to make Medicare For All look bad and Medicare For All was still pruported and predicted to save us trillions. It’s a big difference from studys that were paid to make Obama Care look good. Secondly we rank lower than every nation on the planet that uses Medicare For All in terms of proper health coverage and efficient health systems.
      Having the government in charge is not necessarily worse than our current system as we exercise more control over our government than our Corperations and through said government our regulations of buisnesses go through. Our government cannot just change it’s rules once they are set in place and thusly when they do they experience protest that tells them they are wrong if the rule changes are opposed. The only reason we are not listened to as much is that we the people don’t buy off politiciand like corperations and special interests groups/Individuals.

    • +Connor Kubat What i would like to know is this. I have insurance on my car in case of accidents, but that doesn’t mean the insurance will pay for a free paint job due to sue exposure. People need insurance for medical emergencies and operations, but they are also expecting free medical appointments for minor aliments like a bad cold. There has to be limits to what “medicare for all” will include, otherwise the waiting rooms will be packed with non-emergencies and appointments will be backlogged with millions of new patients. As it is now, with the passage of Obama Care a lot of people are going to the emergency rooms without having an emergency. One thing we hear a lot about is how long it takes to see a doctor in some countries, in some cases up to 2 months. That’s because everything is backlogged. Too many people booking appointments and not enough doctors and nurses equals long waiting periods to see a doctor. If medicare for all becomes a reality, people will still be complaining. And if Medicare for all does become a reality, by all means I DON’T want my taxes be used to cover the increased number of abortions. There has to be limits set for what “medicare for all” will include and what it won’t include. Not one person has talked about “details”

      I know how liberals are always complaining about rich people and rich corporations but somehow I can’t imagine this economy and record employment without them. Without the rich corporations and all the money they generate in communities would lead to a domino effect across the board. Increased unemployment, less revenue for cities, less investment by companies using their own money, higher taxes, higher cost of living, etc.

      And the only thing the government can control when it comes to wages with private companies doing work in the private sector is the minimum wage rate that is set in each state. That’s it. Some people think a living wage rate (beyond the minimum wage) is 25 to 30 dollars. But the government can’t control that unless it’s a job being done for the government. Companies won’t pay the same wages to first year employees as someone else doing the same type of work who’s been with a company 10 or 20 years. Some things the government can’t control and most companies are not controlled by unions.

  7. Maybe you could ask the Aetna CEO he had a fundraiser with what bidens reasons are for not supporting #Med4All

    • +Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity we can ask voters now…oh ya polling shows a majority of Americans support #Med4All . News flash, we have no problem with socialized healthcare. Socialized education (public school), socialized military, socialized police and fire dpt….seems fine so far.

    • +DrgnFlys you said that so well! Even the challenged should understand.
      Really, I don’t think they want to for some odd reason

    • +Charles Stead Jr …….Yes, I know it’s not really “free” and it never will be. (and neither is “free” college, “free” housing and other trillion dollar ideas that are considered high priority and are just as important as healthcare. Nothing is free). I was satisfied with the pre-Obama Care system. I like the level of care I was getting and I liked my policy. I had more things covered under my policy. All of that disappeared with Obama Care. I wound up paying a lot more and have fewer things covered with Obama Care.

      I listened at all the warnings and red flags that were being waved that warned us Obama Care was NOT going to fix health care and it would not be cheaper. Obama and other democrats kept saying those warnings were republican scare tactics in an attempt to prevent the law from passing. So I hope you were not one of the people who insisted it would be better and insisted that it got passed. If you are, then you should be completely satisfied with Obama Care. All I know is if health care becomes fully controlled by the government it won’t be smooth sailing by any stretch of the imagination. There will be problems and those problems will be amplified by the sheer number of people who will be dumped into the system (including the illegals) and by the projected shortage of doctors and nurses. Just the fact that the government would in control of the whole thing is more scary than anything else. The government doesn’t have a good track record at running things and billions of extra tax dollars are spent (Obama Care is a fine example. Now most everyone who wanted it now want to trash it. )

    • +DrgnFlys …..Those are not my predictions. That’s coming from non-political experts who keep track of the spending and from the medical industry itself. We have been hearing the same projections for the past 12 years and the forecast hasn’t changed. The fact is more people are less interested in the medical profession with so many other fields to choose from. It’s a high stress job more than it was before Obama Care. I know both a doctor and a nurse who can’t imagine millions of more people being dumped into a financially troubled system that’s already become more complicated and stressful under Obama Care. Both have said they plan on retiring sooner than they had planned and even earlier if healthcare becomes fully controlled by the government. The current workload under Obama Care is forcing more health care professionals to retire earlier. All I know is putting the government in charge will dump millions of more people into the system (including all the illegals) so it’s guaranteed there will be huge problems and a long waiting period to see a doctor. We’ve heard the stories of the problems in other countries with government run healthcare and there never seems to be enough money to keep everything working without continuously raising taxes. Yes, the systems work but it comes with a price. That’s coming from people who lived in those countries and some still are. That’s the side that is never told by democrats. They want everyone to think it will solve all the problems just like they preached about Obama Care. I know as yourself it won’t be “free” as many liberals think. All they care about is walking in the front door for ANY ailment and walking out the door without paying anything. They don’t care about what it takes to make the program work.

      Also keep in mind the problems with government run healthcare in other countries are not the same in every country. The problems vary because the governments are different so the systems operate differently. That’s why it’s foolish to compare a government run system in another country and expect American healthcare to work the same way. Our government runs things very differently. With the growing democrat list of “free” trillion dollar ideas on the table, which ones do you think are a high priority? A free college education?? Free housing??? Free Healthcare????? Debt forgiveness????? The costly green energy deal??? Eliminating fossil fuel?? A high speed rail system in every city??? The list of trillion dollar ideas is very long and democrats want all these things to happen at the same time regardless of the costs and regardless if any of the ideas are unsustainable. It’s very irresponsible trying to do all these things at the same time. But democrats don’t care. If democrats are so hell bent on building a high speed rail system to connect every city, they need to explain why California suddenly stopped 3/4 of the project they are currently building. The reason is MONEY.

  8. Your exactly right and this happened to me when I worked for a local phone company. Many said that I was so lucky to work for a company that provided free health care but I still had this huge deductible and my employer made it almost impossible to even use my health care because they didn’t want anyone missing a day of work unless we were using one of our vacation days to visit a doctor. Every year I was never able to meet the deductible and thus it was basically useless.

    • +arkinyte13 no, this is the reality no one is talking about. Not to mention all the bs red tape you have to wade through to even get the coverage you pay your health insurance for. What most people don’t know is health insurance companies can ask for part of the money they pay out back and they get it. I’m talking from experience. My husband had to be life flighted after a car accident and had to pay for it out of his settlement when the insurance company asked for compensation for paying the bill. So don’t think insurance companies aren’t making money because they are and they’re not going to back someone like Bernie who won’t kiss their butt.

    • +Julie T that’s horrible. And his settlement should never have to go towards the health care you already paid for and are entire to.. These people are unreal in their greed…

  9. Biden has no answer. See him at the debates…he’ll show us his pathetic crooked self there. Biden’s answer is to use health insurance as an employee enslavement device.

  10. And IF Biden, by some miracle (cheating) becomes the Dem nominee, he WILL NOT get my vote.
    Tulsi or Bernie
    Anything less WILL NOT do.
    Remember what “any blue will do” resulted in?

    • Please think about this again
      People. I’d rather have a root canal than vote for Biden
      On the other hand, I think that with enough pressure in the right places that Biden would bend. He dosen’t like to look bad, but crazy stupid tRump will stand his ground if it kills all of us. He scares the hell out of me. He should scare all the relatively sane people

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