[ David Stockman ] — 22 May 2017 — Trump budget, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamp



17 thoughts on “[ David Stockman ] — 22 May 2017 — Trump budget, Medicare, Medicaid, Food stamp

  1. The welfare state is  real and getting a lot worse  but before  you cast blame on one segment of society ,you ought to look at the opposite end.  The Corporate and wealthy end of our society is stealing from our countries treasury daily. We  actually have our Central Bank  determined to induce inflation, thereby lessening the purchasing power of the dollar, making life for low income people  unsustainable.   We have Commercial Banks that lend  money that they have never owned ,then foreclose on  properties that  their stolen money was used to purchase  and take ownership. We have  a pirate  running the treasury that  wants to increase credit for people whose only use  for  more credit is to temporarily satisfy an older debt ,thus increasing  their burdens in a no win situation. , all so  large banks  can greaten their income on the backs of the tax payer by issuing  the credit. Insane !Corporate taxes are high and all the flag waving ,America second Corporate’s hate it  ,but… Do you really believe they’re all of a sudden going to come back in force because Trump lowers their tax burden. ?. Don’t you think IE; Ireland might say  Hey,…If the U.S. lowers to 15% ,…we lower to 10%.or 8%  Since the alternative is ZERO…What does Ireland  have to lose ? All this loose minded banter is about  keeping the status quo solvent, while they figure out how to escape from a society in ruins.

    • Gordon Stewart, David talks a lot of sense, but no one on MSM every talks about privately own Fed, if the government had the right to create money there would be no public debt.

      All public debt world wide was borrowed from a private owned central bank which created the money out of thin air.

      Surely governments can do this?

    • The greatest vehicle of money creation is fractional reserve banking ., about 90%   of all created currency . It is 100% private sector  (Bank money)  digitized currency  creation.  The Government  creates the remaining 10% by laundering  billions of dollars  (government spending ) from the Treasury to the Fed via Private Banks. Why private banks earn a paycheck in their part  of  this immoral ,unethical act of laundering is puzzling since it is obvious and not denied as to what is going on.  Why is our Treasury Secretary not addressing the fundamental design flaw in our system before it is too late ? This complaint must begin at the Treasury, in my opinion. I wish David Stockman would get more involved at the root of this unfolding disaster which can literally change the world. Certainly politicians in power will do nothing .That is sadly apparent.

    • Gordon Stewart you are 100% correct!!!! You have said it perfectly. You have your finger on the pulse.

  2. All this sounds good make states like NY pay for their welfare program however place like NY have huge taxes payers which gives a great deal of Money to the Federal Gov’t. That money goes to many small states so talking NY’s high price Teachers, Cops, Wallstreet, overvalue real state, will not solve this problem. The system needs total reform

  3. Fix the top end first  ” BANKING” & “INSURANCE ” are the worlds greatest rackets, Remake the  nation  to be a beacon for the world , a true free market economy  with sensible safety nets and reasonable regulations ,both completely necessary to  capitalism.  then….Fix the low end ,after the lower income people have something they can actually believe in .Trump, Ross, Mnuchin  , Devos-Prince…these people are a wrecking machine and are void of any original thought ,pertaining to  making the economy work ..  Stockman has explained  many times  what’s wrong with the top end of our social economic structure but seems to lose my confidence on how to resolve the bottom.  Without poor people ,being rich is a dying condition.

  4. The healthcare system we have now is a scam and it is because of the left.. When government got involved in giving away free care the system became all about selling drugs, rather than fixing the patients problems.. When you make drugs free, people use too much drugs, because somebody else is paying.. And there is no incentive for fixing your problem once and for all. You become a life long money machine for the big pharma companies, if Pocahontas gets her way.

  5. there’s still a problem with Stockman’s good idea…. state budgets must be balanced ….. but they do that with cash accounting still, do they not? so even if they balance things out, the benefits paid as well as promised… currently…. won’t be there ****down the road**** when folks are in their last years and can’t work their way out of it at all because demographics and aging will require more and more cuts when the need is going in the opposite direction. the states don’t need to make any set asides to meet the present value of promised benefits….. down the road. they just need to meet current expenditures. right? which won’t work out either. and that’s not even taking onto account the idea of Stockman’s to also be shrinking the pie at the same time.

    • So many people who are on it don’t need it though. I know a bunch of people who have kids just to get food stamps and gov. help so they do not have to work. Only a fraction of the people who get gov benefits truly need it.

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