Could Trump Save Medicare?

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In tonight’s Politics Panel, Bryan Pruitt of RedState and Joe Madison of the Joe Madison Show debate if President-Elect Trump can save Medicare from Speaker Paul Ryan’s privatization plan, Rep. Keith Ellison’s DNC run and the slanderous campaign against him, Trump’s pivot to the war hawks, and John Bolton’s potential Sec. of State nod,. Later, Thom dives further into discussion with Joe Madison on Trump’s cabinet picks, including Breitbart Executive Chairman Steve Bannon, and if it’s time to end the electoral college.

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Could Trump Save Medicare?


28 thoughts on “Could Trump Save Medicare?

  1. so…trump put in place someone from breitbart* but obama put in almost
    everyone citibank wanted…
    how do u know if both projections arent wrong…what assumptions were made
    for the projections? Is obama care just shifting where the money for
    healthcare comes from?need to add the cost of both to see what the US
    people are really spending. there needs to be regulation on drugs cost
    among other things.
    Black crime….a crime that has been committed by a black person?
    200 hate crimes is the last week, people protesting in the street, who
    benefits, obama and hillary not telling the people to chill and give the
    man a chance

  2. How can Paul Ryan POSSIBLY reimburse 200 million Americans for the $200
    trillion dollars (interest and principal compounded weekly over a 50 year
    working career) that they have paid into the Medicare System to ensure
    their needs are met after retiring? Our payout check will be about $1
    million each for those now retired. Hard to imagine his Republican
    extremists will go for that!

    • US federal govt can’t run out of dollars (MONETARY SOVEREIGNTY). Nothing to
      reimburse-federal tax dollars disappear from the money supply as debited
      from reserve (checking) accounts when federal taxes are paid. Federal govt.
      spends/pays ALL its bills/buys goods & services simply by crediting
      accounts (via KEYSTROKES). Yes! The federal govt. can actually spend
      WITHOUT taxes or borrowing up to the point of an unacceptable
      inflation…however, the federal govt has the tools to prevent an
      unacceptable inflation level-that’s one reason why you pay federal taxes!
      (Paul Ryan is a 100% liar when he claims Medicare/Medicaid are going

  3. The FOX so-called news you like to rail on was the least biased of all the
    news broadcasters during the last weeks of the election.
    You’re a Hillary shill who wouldn’t even touch her many crimes. Knowing
    full well that people are locked/have been disappeared for one tiny
    fraction of what she has been able to get away with.

    • thom only supported her because she was the lesser of two evils with
      regards to Trump he was and still is a Bernie supporter.The thing is he
      tends to be analytical and impartial unlike fox which takes things out of
      context and is emotionally driven and biased.he did cover her emails and
      the corruption of the DNC.Its just that his shows are 25-50 minutes long
      each day so he has to cover alot of topics in such a short amount of time
      and he covers numerous topics in each episode

    • +jai brown indeed thats the tragic irony of the elction with the fact that
      had she had either warren or bernie as her VP running mate instead of Kaine
      we would have had the first female president and a progressive in the white
      house ensuring Hilary would have kept her promises

  4. Ending Medicare and Social Security will put millions of seniors in poverty
    We must be vigilant and stay on top of this. Don’t wait until it is too
    late, start writing letters to every legislator you can. We can stop this!!
    1233 Longworth HOB
    Washington, D.C. 20515
    Phone: (202) 225-3031
    Fax: (202) 225-3393

  5. Now really? Do we want to try to end healthcare to stop being the number
    one cause for personal bankruptcy? We all know that Paul Ryan exudes
    empathy and compassion for is fellow man! (Forget women and children,
    they’re not even in his vocabulary.)

  6. I’m afraid that more blacks will be killed by cops, but also by the kkk and
    other whites under Trump/Pence.

    Trump/Pence is the worst that can happends to America.

    Mark my words.

  7. These Republicans are enemies of the people. They want us dead! These
    bastards will spend the next 4 years dismantling everything and turning it
    over to their corporate friends. They want our tax dollars with nothing in
    return. Mafioso thieves!

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