Constituents Confront Congressman Who Refuses to Support ‘Medicare For All’ Bill

Democratic congressman Denny Heck attended a town hall event at a community college in Olympia, Washington, and during that event, he was confronted by constituents about his lack of support for H.R. 676, which is a bill that would expand medicare to everyone, and his answer was a complete copout.

Denny Heck’s Campaign Contributions:

Democrat Called Out on Single-Payer (Full Video):

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Constituents Confront Congressman Who Refuses to Support 'Medicare For All' Bill

59 thoughts on “Constituents Confront Congressman Who Refuses to Support ‘Medicare For All’ Bill

    • Denny Heck Doesn’t support Medicare for All HR 676. He should reconsider.
      Washington DC Office phone: 202-225-9740
      Be firm but polite.

  1. Call Denny and politely urge him to support John Conyers’ ‘Medicare For All’ bill or get the HECK out of office: 202-225-9740

    • The first and second reasons are disgusting. I’m pretty sure that the real reason is reason # 2 : the convalescent homes and insurance companies pay his lifestyle and he won’t be honest and help Americans like he should because he’d rather cash in on the gravy he can get from citizens United which literally gives him money to live like a bigshot if he votes for them

    • The Humanist Report I just want to say your very good at articulating your points and you say what many people are thinking but in a very digestible fashion. keep up the good work

    • there has been aprox 150’trillion gone into an of world secret deep black space
      program that is totally of the books, that dose not include the actual on the
      books one.

    • Why is this unacceptable? The rich have to most to gain when living in a stable society. They would not be able to accumulate wealth if there was no rule of law and no agreed upon property rights. When society breaks down the people always eat the rich first because they have the money. This is mere self-interest to agree to this. When it comes to health care it is always more expensive to delay care, and the people have to do this because they cannot afford care. So the smart thing and the fiscally responsible thing to do is to care first, then figure out payment afterward. Having one giant pool gives the most cost saving advantage you can have. We spend twice as much per capita on health care than any other modern nation in the world and we get worse results. Everyone that gets better results for cheaper has Single payer.

    • TheAtheistPaladin its acceptable to hike taxes on the rich to support healthcare for all. but middle class people like me who makes 64k a year will get a hike in payroll tax. bernie sanders wants to kill middle class.

    • The only thing I see for Sanders plan for payroll tax is for family leave, which we don’t have. Yes, benefits cost money.

    • TheAtheistPaladin ; The current situation in the USA: The wealthiest 20% have more than 93% of the wealth & their share is still growing. This is far from fair or sustainable. There is plenty of $. Step one, get profit out of healthcare. No for profit insurance companies, period. That frees up Billions.

    • Denny Heck Doesn’t support Medicare for All HR 676. He should reconsider.
      Washington DC Office phone: 202-225-9740
      Be firm but polite.
      Let him know our talking points that he has.
      Insurance industry 90,000 dollars
      Health Professionals 48,300
      Banks donors and Military contractor donors

  2. I just don’t get why does the U.S. have a freaking massive army supposedly to protect the american people but allows Americans to die because they can’t see a doctor or buy their meds.

    • Angel Santiago I totally agree with you. It is about the rich enslaving the poor not about Americans governing Americans. i am sickened by the forces behind massive immigration of minorities to perform cheap labor and the immigration of celebrities like Craig Ferguson who seek to benefit from this lopsided system.

    • The Dynast Queen Right On! We need to have the balls to do it ourselves. We are the only ones who have enough power. Eventually China will swallow us up and that will not be a happy day.

    • TC Sam …yeah I get it. The question was mostly rhetorical because I know the answers are available to US…we just refuse to implement them.

    • Ray Wilkinson.. Yeah and as a long time American, born and raised here and all that so anybody tells me to get out, I only have two words for the them, and they aren’t Merry Christmas. But then my ex tells me I have an attitude problem; I don’t know what he means by that. 😉

  3. the reason for not supporting single payer is because they will no longer be able to profit off of people’s illnesses. It’s a profitable business for these leeches.

    • Planned Parenthood does not do family planning. They don’t do maternal prenatal care. They don’t do fertility treatments or mammograms, ultrasounds any of that stuff. Watch the videos of former employees. PP is a fraud. They are in the abortion business — period. If CA is short on OBGYN’s what is Jerry Brown doing about it? Oh, that’s right building a $ 50 billion high speed rail that isn’t even high speed, will never be completed, and nobody will even use it, plus it’s already billions over budget. A lot of money that could be spent on child care — don’t you think?

    • yaimavol Planned Parenthood provides a wide range of services. However, not all clinics provide the same services. Many clinics do not perform abortions, and most don’t provide prenatal care. Others, however, do. It depends a great deal on the type of facility and the funding involved. At almost all clinics, contraception and STI tests/treatments are the vast majority of what they provide (together, they make up 70% of Planned Parenthood services). The Family Planning Benefit Program offers Pap smears, cancer screenings, birth control, and testing & treatment for STIs on a sliding scale (it is free for those who qualify). Last year, they provided 4,470,597 STI screenings and treatments for both women and men (of which, 704,079 were HIV-related); administered 378,692 Pap smears; performed 4,166 vasectomies and 822 tubal ligations; provided 2,131,865 reversible forms of contraception for women; treated 38,612 cases of genital warts; administered 34,739 doses of the HPV vaccine; provided 487,029 breast exams; performed 32,334 colposcopies; gave 1,128,783 pregnancy tests; provided prenatal care to 18,684 women; gave 1,880 referrals to adoption agencies; treated 47,264 urinary tract infections; provided emergency contraception kits 1,440,495 times; and performed 327,653 abortions.

    • yaimavol Yes, I’ve seen the video. So did the House Committee of Government Oversight and Reform (along with earlier videos alleging the sale of fetal tissue). They found the allegations to be false:

      Snopes also investigated. They found the claim that “all they do is abortions and no prenatal care” to be “Mostly False.” Here’s what they had to say:

      “WHAT’S TRUE: Prenatal care makes up only a small portion of Planned Parenthood’s services, and not all Planned Parenthood affiliates offer these services.
      WHAT’S FALSE: Planned Parenthood offers a number of different reproductive services other than abortion–including prenatal care (and referral to prenatal care providers)–at multiple health centers across the U.S. and has not claimed to offer prenatal care at all their centers.”

      I found this article to be particularly interesting. In it, the Washington Post investigated and found that BOTH Planned Parenthood AND the Susan B. Anthony List (the group that claims 94% of PP’s services are abortions) ARE SKEWING THE NUMBERS IN THEIR FAVOR:

      Even with the fudging of numbers on both sides, the claims that PP provides no other services than abortion were proven to be false…again.

      Not to mention the fact that PP accepts Medicaid. They depend on it. In fact, 60% of their funding is from the government by way of Medicaid and Title X. When politicians talk about “defunding” PP, they are referring to ending Medicaid coverage. Why does that matter? It matters, because federal law prohibits Medicaid coverage of abortions except in cases of rape, incest, or endangerment of the mother.

      If 60% of their budget is Medicaid billings, and Medicaid doesn’t cover abortions…then what services are PP billing Medicaid for? Simple: birth control, STI testing and treatment, cancer screenings, pregnancy tests, and referrals.

  4. Ben here. Thanks for covering this Mike. I am just so damn sick of this crap and wanted to do my part in pushing the ball forward. Please contact Denny Heck’s office to (respectfully) tell him how unacceptable his position is.

  5. Answer from someone who isn’t a corporate shill…
    ‘Yes sir i AM voting for this bill because although i am hesitant on a few details in the bill, I think we in the Democratic party can work together to fix these details and get the bill voted through so the people in this country can get better Healthcare’.
    But no, the system and politicians are completely corrupt and the ONLY way to start to fix the system is to take billionaire and corporate cash out of US politics.

  6. why did he talk so much? just say it straight up bro. “i dont think single payer can work because if it did it would mean #1) we would lose a lot of donor money. #2) the donors wouldnt make the same amount of money! so just dont get sick.

    • anyone can join and run as a Democrat, they can’t stop you from doing that. Unfortunately a lot of progressives are leaving the Democratic party so it’s gonna be a lot harder to win. The point is join the green party if you want but don’t leave the Dems completely.

  7. Some constituents and I did the same thing to WA Rep DelBene in her town hall meeting the other night in Kirkland, WA. The video is on her Facebook. As expected, she danced around the question both times it was asked. Medicare-for-all in America is inevitable. The majority of Americans support it. These politicians will be on the wrong side of history, just wait.

    • It’s incredible that Washington is considered a progressive state despite 5/6 of our Democratic US Representatives not supporting HR 676.

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