Conor Lamb’s Third TV Ad: “Entitlements”

Conor Lamb for Congress's third TV ad, "Entitlements," highlights Paul Ryan's plan to cut Social Security and Medicare and reaffirms Lamb's commitment to keeping the promises we've made to people who have paid into these programs their entire working lives.

Conor Lamb's Third TV Ad: "Entitlements"

32 thoughts on “Conor Lamb’s Third TV Ad: “Entitlements”

  1. On Mar.13, 2018 Pennsylvania the choice can’t be more clearer Elect A strong Progressive who will fight for all Americans no matter what race, color,sex, or orientation that you are to the U.S. Congress stand up Pennsylvania as the leader of the American Democrats of the United States Of America I am proudly and happy to Endorse Conor Lamb to the U.S. Congress

  2. People who are on Social Security got a Raise. Their Energy Assistance and Foodstamps benefits was Cut. So what’s the point. Zero Improvement.

    • Mr. Nobody You will stop wasting energy and you will not be eating fillet mignon with these cuts, but you have more money for other things that may creep up on you, that’s the point! President Trump 2020

  3. That 14 year old daughter will more than likely get pregnant and have a couple black kids by the time she 16 and be a liberal headed for the welfare office

    • I’m sure this 14 year old he’s mentioning doesn’t even exist, it’s just to make a political point because moron americans can’t understand anything without anecdotes. Are you so hateful Charles that you created a whole scenario for this fake girl and her black children, very odd.

      you need medicare just as much as she does….to pay for your psychiatric medication Charles

    • dave marder No I’m not a hateful person to anyone although i am against race mixing even though it’s becoming somewhat common in certain places among liberals, and no i don’t have psychological problems or use medication but you shouldn’t make fun of people with those kinds of issues, thank you for understanding

  4. Lamb chops must be getting desperate to trot out this old scare tactic. If Lamb chops and Pelosi had any regard for Social Security they would see to it that benefits aren’t paid to people haven’t paid even one penny, or centavo, into the system. What they do is buy votes with our money.

  5. Attorney Lamb should have a conference with Attorney Obama and his associates Attorneys Clinton Clinton and Clinton, oh wait, I’ve left out Attorney Michelle Obama, Whew I’m just glad those are the only Attorneys controlling Israel’s interests

    • Godspeed Productions I don’t hate Jew’s or anyone else for any reason, I just don’t trust them and i, like most intelligent people can see the agenda that some of the super powerful ones have in mind, Did you ever hear me say that i hated anyone?

  6. You have no voting record to examine, and you are a Dem. OF COURSE YOU’LL SAY ANYTHING TO GET ELECTED! And RINO Ryan helped you….and here you talk about him. Dems ALWAYS say Repubs are trying to cut Social Sec. and Medicare, too, when they aren’t. But people believe you, because you said so. And liberals are stupid, believe anything they like. It’s no wonder people have turned from the Repub party, and Dem is even worse. That’s how Trump got elected!

  7. yeah he won but Lamb chop doesn’t know or realize lot of these programs that myself, legal citizen and non dead beats pay for don’t go to use it goes to the undeserving.

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