Congressman Jim Cooper Supports HR 676: Medicare for All

Representative Jim Cooper represents Tennessee. He is a Blue Dog Democrat, which means he is a fiscal conservative. Blue Dogs "work with members of both parties to find areas of compromise and to advance public policies that benefit the entire nation."

Jim Cooper is a health policy expert. He teaches health care management at Vanderbilt University.

And now, Jim Cooper is the 100th member of Congress this year to co-sponsor HR 676: The Expanded and Improved Medicare for All Act.

He announced his endorsement publicly on Saturday, April 15, at a town hall in Nashville. He prefaced his endorsement by saying, "The American system is a confusing hodgepodge of a lot of things, but it is primarily called a 'market-based' system, although it's so confusing, it's so wasteful and it still leaves so many millions of people out that it's hard to call it a system. We in America tend to lag the rest of the world, not in the quality of our research, but in the coverage available to our people and in the average healthcare quality that all Americans receive."

Join the HOPE campaign to fight for National Improved Medicare for All.

Congressman Jim Cooper Supports HR 676: Medicare for All

One thought on “Congressman Jim Cooper Supports HR 676: Medicare for All

  1. Rep. Cooper: You don’t happen to be my Rep, but thank you, sir, for doing the right thing for the American people on this issue.

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