Comparing Medicare Supplement Plan F to Plan G and Plan N

Medigap Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage of all Medigap Plans, but it's seldom the best value. We compare benefits and prices Plan F to Medigap Plan G and Plan N to show you how to find the best value.

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If you are considering a Medicare supplement plan, whether you are new to Medicare or have existing health coverage, the information in this video can save you thousands of dollars insurance premiums over the period of time you will be on Medicare.
Insurance companies and even many insurance agents do not want you to shop your coverage and research all the options that are available to you. When you pay higher premiums, it increases insurance company profits and insurance agent commissions.
By simply shopping your coverage and understanding all the options available to you, you can save thousands of dollars and have more money for yourself and your family.
If you have been researching Medicare Supplements, then you may already know that Medicare Supplement Plan G is usually a better value than Medicare Supplement Plan F without sacrificing any of your medical coverage. However, Plan G is not always the best value Medicare Supplement available to you.

Medicare Supplement Plan vs. Plan G vs. Plan N
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