Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – Tips To Enroll In Your Best Plan

Call (888) 310-0376 to Compare Top Rated Medicare Advantage plans. Compare Medicare Advantage Plans by following these helpful tips to enroll in your best Medicare Advantage Plan option.

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The first tip to help you get the best plan is to compare Medicare Advantage Plans every year during the Annual Election period. Medicare Advantage Plan benefits, out-of-pocket costs and provider directories can undergo changes every year.

Your current plan may suit your needs in every respect but may not for the following calendar year. and even if it seem like it will be suitable, there may be changes to another plan that by by-passed the previous year, that will make it your best plan option.

When you compare Medicare Advantage Plans you should carefully review 3 plan documents for any Advantage Plan that you are considering.

1. The Summary of Benefits – All plan benefits and their respective costs will be outlined in detail. Do not enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan only after reviewing the outline of benefits which is really just a top level view hitting the highlights.

When you review the plan's Summary of Benefits, become familiar with what is covered, how much it will cost and what your annual maximum out-of-pocket amount is. Review the extra benefits like dental and vision so you're not disappointed when you plan on using them. Many dental and vision benefits are merely discounts and not insurance. Be particularly mindful of dental networks, as Medicare advantage Plans are notorious for skimpy dental networks.

2. The Medicare Advantage Plan Provider Directory – Too many people jump into a plan because their primary care provider is in network, only to be disappointed later when the lab or hospital that they prefer is not included. Be sure that your specialists, preferred hospital and ancillary facilities are in network as well.

3. The Part D Formulary – The formulary will list every drug covered by a specific plan. It will also indicate which tiers those drugs are placed in. Your goal is to find a plan that included all your drugs.

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7 thoughts on “Compare Medicare Advantage Plans – Tips To Enroll In Your Best Plan

  1. You can visit and do a search for plans where you live by
    entering your zip code. All plans including the Humana Gold Plus HMO will
    be assigned star ratings by Medicare.

  2. WellCare has a solid rating and a decent reputation. But you should weigh
    the benefits of any plan against your own circumstances. Check out the
    plan’s Summary of Benefits, Provider Directory and Part D Formulary to
    determine its suitability.

  3. Medicare supplements generally only provide coverage for Medicare-covered
    expenses. Some Medicare Advantage plans may offer chiropractic coverage,
    but it’s usually in the form of a discount.

  4. United Healthcare is the insurance company authorized to offer AARP
    Medicare products. They have a solid rating and responsive customer
    service. AARP Medicare supplements, including Plan F, are often available
    with an early enrollment discount feature. If you purchase within a certain
    period of time from becoming eligible, they give you a discount. This
    discount diminishes as each year passes. It’s a good concept and earns them
    a lot of business due to lower rates.

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