CMS 2013 Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Fall Conference (Webcast) Afternoon Session

CMS continues to provide important new information for Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan organizations. Join CMS experts for an all-day event designed for staff-level operations, mid-level management, and senior executives as CMS provides
important new information for Sponsoring Organizations.

This one day event will be held on Wednesday, September 4, 2013, from 9:30 AM — 4:45 PM EDT and will consist of sessions filled with subject matter expert speakers and shared information on the following topics:
• Audit Updates and Immediate Corrective Action Required Process
• CDAG/OGAG: Updates and Reminders
• General Policy Update
• Marketing, Surveillance & Update
• Overutilization Monitoring System—Updates and Lessons Learned
• Proposed MOC Revisions/Applicable Manual Updates
• Risk Adjustment Operations Update

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