Clinton, Ryan Caught On Tape On Medicare Cuts

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Former president Bill Clinton and Republican Congressman Paul Ryan were unwittingly caught on camera at an event discussing medicare cuts. Cenk Uygur breaks it down.

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Clinton, Ryan Caught On Tape On Medicare Cuts

29 thoughts on “Clinton, Ryan Caught On Tape On Medicare Cuts

  1. ” I’m glad we won this race in New York but I hope the Democrats don’t use it as an excuse to do nothing on Medicare”. I heard it at 00:42.

    • But since the democrats have become Corporatist, it doesnt matter if you call yourself Democrat or Republican, youre getting screwed, either way.

    • Julio Jackson Trump better Win Hillary wants to Deregulate Wall Street again let them Regulate there self,Wiki leaks Wall Street speeches She wants to cut Social Security cut the hell out of it,Cut Medicare,Keep Obama Care which is Raping this Country She wants TPP Word War 111 With Russia,Her Dream Is a Common Market of Open Trade And Open Borders There goes Our Jobs and There goes our Country.

    • Give all the money to the already wealthy and Corporations. Doesn’t it just warm your heart. The real downside of a few people controlling all the money, is that it doesn’t circulate. They squirrel it away in offshore accounts. The money is taken out of the economy. The thing that Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland do is keep the money in the economy. The high taxes, they have, keeps the money in the economy. Where everyone has a direct benefit to it. Its recreated in many forms. Healthcare, Education, Vacations etc…., In this country a few people control the money and keep it out of the economy and we suffer for it. Trickle Down VooDoo Economics, has had its shot. It doesn’t work for us. Its works for a few people but it doesnt benefit anyone else.

    • Here’s the thing…Trump’s rich too…so what makes you think he’ll do any different?  Matter of fact…he’s gonna work it so he and his make out.. not me and not you…unless you’re loaded too?

    • Is that also your take, on NYC former Billionaire Mayor, Michael Bloomberg? FDR was wealthy. Its his intent, Im looking at. If they are in keeping with his word, then I have no problem with that. If they are not, then I’ll have a problem with him. The key word here, being IF. Since he hasn’t even taken the Oath of Office or spent a month as President yet. Leaves all statements saying what he’ll do or not do, as pure guess work. Youre better off trying to figure out what the next lotto numbers will be.

  2. WOW … it doesn’t say that at all. What Clinton said at 0:40 was “We won the election in NY, I don’t want the democrats use this to do nothing on Medicare.” It doesn’t indicate ANYTHING about cutting medicare.

  3. Everybodies’ going to feel they got burned now…everyone that didn’t vote for Bernie, that is.
    Feel the BURN assholes…
    …and it really gets me as to why Bubba is in there? He should be off fishing somewhere…or chasing a skirt, while his wife is too busy campaigning… he’s retired and should be taking advantage of that…. unless He’s getting his palm heavily greased just to show his baby blues. It just goes to show everyone that He was never a friend of anyones’ other than the uber wealthy and his own self interests.

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