Chuck Schumer: Dems Open To Medicare For All

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Chuck Schumer: Dems Open To Medicare For All

40 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer: Dems Open To Medicare For All

  1. “Open to it”? What the hell does that even mean? This is like a straight liberal saying “I am open to gay sex” because he is afraid of offending his gay friends.

  2. Hate him or not, Schumer is a dark arts master in political survival, just look at his endorsement of Keith Ellison.
    He’s the rare kind who is able to both pander to Wall Street while at the same time being against NAFTA and rallying traditional blue collar New York unions around him. In other words he epitomizes the old school sleezy Democratic boss of the 1950s which is cozy with big money but can also have his populist outbursts.

  3. he also wants to give tax breaks to businesses that give higher wages (rather than raising min wage)….I don’t believe a thing he says…go read his piece on NYT today, i couldn’t stop rolling my eyes

  4. Dems are also open to taking unlimited amounts of Big Pharma and health insurance industry money to stop them from actually implementing single payer

  5. Listen to the way he calls us deserters, since we didn’t elect $hillary. We didn’t desert the democrat party, they deserted the American people.

    • It’s not desertion when Hillary abandoned and completely snubbed her own voter base.
      It was Hillary that deserted her voters, and she(plus the other corporate dems) STILL don’t get why she didn’t win.

    • They’re called the Democratic Party. Republicans call them the Democrat Party. I don’t like the Democrats, just saying.

    • skywise8 They know why they lost but want to distract and muddy the waters to get the people who they beleive are stupid (and some are) not to think that their policies are flawed as these are the policies their donors tell them to push. So in essence they are trying to keep everyone in the Democratic party still backing Dems while they continue to push disgusting policies for their donors. That’s why they struggle cos it’s a balancing act. Don’t lose voters while pleasing the donors. Stop electing millionaires to look out for America they are millionaires for a reason they love money over people. Especially if they became millionaires in politics

    • To be fair, he’s specifically referring to former democrats who voted for Trump in 2016. It’s one thing to be a liberal and abstain from voting or to vote third party rather than vote for HRC but if you’re a liberal/progressive that voted for Trump then at the very least you deserted your own principles.

  6. “Universal healthcare doesn’t work and the free market is needed to balance out the rift between the rich and the poor”

    -*Sargon of Akkad living and enjoying universal healthcare in Great Britain*

  7. These guys are worse than Trump. At least Trump is a scumbag on his face – its so obvious when you listen to him for 2 seconds. This interview, if you didn’t know Schumer better, you would think he was really considerate of this issue.

  8. “Castrate me and serve me my own deep fried manhood covered in szechuan sauce on a zoo pal.”
    -Sargon of Akkad

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