Chuck Schumer Cowardly Tap Dances Around Medicare for All Questions

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Chuck Schumer Cowardly Tap Dances Around Medicare for All Questions

55 thoughts on “Chuck Schumer Cowardly Tap Dances Around Medicare for All Questions

  1. Why are “real democrat leaders” like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck schumer not supporting medicare for all? perhaps they are “crazy” in love with their health care and pharma donors. Living lavish lifestyles seems to insulate one from the dire need for healthcare. Not leadership!

    • Actually yes I did,
      Taxes are not collected for revenue, taxes are levied to curb inflation. When you get taxed, you have less money to spend, when you have less money to spend, chances are you won’t go on a spending spree as most people like to save some $ in their bank accounts. Its ingrained in us. If you are not spending then you can’t get inflation. That’s purpose of taxation at the federal level, to curb inflation and to discourage unwanted behavior like buying alcohol or cigarettes.

    • Whenever Congress passes a spending bill, whether it spends for war, welfare or social security or subsidies it is creating brand spanking new $ and spending it into the economy. For example A bill (i’m not sure if it was passed) for opioid drug addiction help says something like:
      10 billion FY 2018
      8 billion FY 2019
      This is signed and passed by President, Treasury instructs the Fed to mark up/increase the size of Commercial bank accounts by 10 billion(Chase, Bank of America etc) in reserve accounts at the Fed. Chase(for example) then marks up private accounts of lets say a drug Rehab center by 10 billion.
      These are net financial assets, which do not need to be paid back.

  2. Chuck Schumer is a senile old dog that can’t wait to roll over and piss on his own belly. The speed he does this after he talks tough makes it even funnier.

  3. I hope people wake and admit that the democrats are the party for corporate interest and not the people. Too many have only pointed the finger at republicans which are also sellouts while ignoring the harm the dems have caused.

    • Don’t forget the media. They’re not about seeing the best human being win. They are about protecting the status quo where it benefits their own interests, and advancing new policies or initiatives where it benefits their own interests. Their game revolves around influencing public opinion in order to achieve that end, if that means working against the benefit of the common man so be it.

    • @GameNGrind
      Democrats are horrible, and the Republicans believe it or not are worse. We need a third party all the way.

    • I agree, it’s time for the United States to have a viable 3rd party. Not just to get 2-5 percent of the vote, but 30-35 percent, make the Democrats and Republicans have to actually work and provide real change for the country instead of talking and then living lavish off of all of us.

  4. Can he at least start putting up a fight before he backs down all the time. This is the reason why republicans always beat us.

  5. Chuck schumer im trying to find new ways to scam people and ill be opening new avenues to my bank account, chuck todd “sounds great”.

  6. Said it once, will say it again, the entire third-way wing of the democratic party needs to be gutted and called what it is – conservative lite. They are not progressives, they’re vested corporate interests with a D next to their name on ticket ballots. Schumer is a perfect poster child of their mentality – only do what your donors tell you to do, not your bloody constituents.

    • yep these assholes need to have their titles stripped and need to be called republicans not democrats back then democrats where progressive

  7. Creating that Progressive Party requires abandoning The Democratic Name and especially the Republican Name and build enough supporters to VOTE them OUT!! 70%? The progressive party can be the first 3rd Party to upset both of these Parties!! Have Faith, Millennials!!

  8. Good for you. It’s time for these 20th century career politicians to retire, or be voted out. They’ve grown too much mold on their asses, and the stink is offensive.

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