Christie: Democrats’ promise of Medicare for all will bankrupt our country

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie weighs in on the Democrats planning to challenge President Trump during the 2020 presidential race.

Christie: Democrats' promise of Medicare for all will bankrupt our country

28 thoughts on “Christie: Democrats’ promise of Medicare for all will bankrupt our country

  1. Harris laughing..sickening….Oct I lost a cousin who was 33 to drugs…all they care is lobbyist packing there corrupt pockets..they don’t care about everyday American people….I am so fed up with Elites trying to over throw our President with a deep state Coup.

    • +John Deckenbach I’m sorry this can’t be true. She was sec of state for only 4 years. I saw fox news daily up until 2016. I know they attacked trump all the time. But there wasn’t much mention of hillary until benghazi happened. Show me articles attacking hillary or videos.

    • +xcen1 Well, The Benghazi investigation started in 2012, it is now 2019 and they still chant lock her up…how many of you idiots still call her guilty? Right…Since their claims are not true, wouldn’t you call that an attack? I do. Many of these brainwashed fools will die thinking Clinton was a criminal…LOL…YOu don’t think that smear campaign effected her chances in the election? Of course, that’s they they did it! That’s why they chanted “lock her up” and rallied around a propagandist lying conman…What do you think would have happened if Trump told all those people the truth? “She doesn’t belong in jail”…can you imagine? He never would have been elected…he fed them the lies they love to hear and it worked! Bannon and Trump played every one of you and youre too proud to admit it! PS…Clinton is innocent of all charges against her…you wanna tell the republicans to face reality now, or go on being brainwashed fools?

    • monkeygraborange – I’m a NJ resident who resided under Chris Christie’s leadership and I can tell you that he’s not a jerk. He actually was a pretty decent governor of this state which is much more than I can say for his predecessor or the horrendous governor we have now.

    • +sjr341 I’m also a NJ resident. Do you remember the shut down last year and this asshat took his whole family? All he did was cut funding to public schools and legalize sports gambling. I very much like Phil Murphy. Under Gov. Murphy we have obtained mandatory sick paid leave, the minimum wage was just approved to be increased to $15.00, made Community College Free, looking to create a multimillion industry by legalizing marijuana.

  2. Wrong…the military industrial complex which Republican president Eisenhower warned us about is bankrupting our country…

  3. every first world nation provides a pathway to healthcare for all their citizens.
    everyone of them has less national debt then America has now.

  4. The rising cost of healthcare will bankrupt the country no matter what we do.

    When I was a kid, healthcare was 5% of the GNP. Now it’s over 18%.


  5. The rising cost of healthcare will bankrupt our country unless our idiot Congress does something about it.

    Don’t count on Trump: he’s clueless.

    Healthcare, as a percentage of the GNP, has quadrupled since I was a kid.


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