Chelsea Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders & Medicare-For-All

The Clinton campaign's assault on Bernie Sanders over health care got more intense on Tuesday.

This time it wasn't presidential candidate Hillary Clinton or one of her aides delivering the attack lines. It was her daughter, Chelsea, who argued that Sanders would dismantle Medicare and Medicaid — and "strip millions and millions and millions of people of their health insurance."

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57 thoughts on “Chelsea Clinton Attacks Bernie Sanders & Medicare-For-All

    • +Upinthehouserecords TV — When you say hard faced, damn that makes me
      think of Chelsea Clinton, that face is so hard even a blind dog winces.
      Just sayin’. Just sayin’.

    • +Jared Greathouse house and Senate have been taken by the right with some
      of the lowest voter turnouts in history, our congress is already hopelessly
      inept if people dont get it by now after the last 16 years of the rabid
      right go crazier and crazier im not even sure a presidency of someone like
      trump would change it. If one of them wins im confident the country would
      be resigned to riding the lunacy ride to the bottom.

    • Jar3d- my logic is that a vote for the Greens registers that a person voted
      and is incocled, but didn’t agree with either major party. As opposed to
      them labeling us with voter apathy.

    • I’m not on page with defecting to the Green Party. I AM, however, I’m favor
      of all the progressives not voting if Bernie is not the nominee. While I’d
      NEVER defect to vote for the conservatives in a general election, if Bernie
      isn’t the nominee, I’ll personally blame the DNC, and I won’t shed A TEAR
      when Ted Cruz or Donald Trump ruin the country as much as possible. Why
      not? Because then, the country will see how inept and uninterested the GOP
      is in governing effectively. So what would happen in 2020? The
      progressives, not the centrist, right wing democratic party, would
      practically overthrow the existing order in a bloodless coup. So even if
      Bernie doesn’t win, and the GOP is instituted, it’s probably better for the
      most extreme factions of the GOP to win, in the long term, for progressives.

    • +sevlevboss just having elections is not what makes a democratic socialist
      as bernie discribes a democratic socialist. Hugo chaves led a bolivarian
      socialist movement in a democratic country this does not make him a
      democratic socialist.

    • +Atheist In a foxhole I and many people I know will not vote for her if
      Bernie loses. But I think Bernie will win, and I think he will win the
      Presidency as well. But if the worst happens and Clinton wins the
      nomination, it would be a strong message if many of us left the Democrats
      en masse and voted for Jill Stein from the Green Party.

    • +Irene del carmen .Ur point is accurate..Only a few wks ago in the U.K it
      was revealed that Google,that Bastion of internet info commun and commerce
      had done a secret deal wth the Conservative Party 2pay 3% taxes..Naturally
      when the Gen Public found out they were fucking livid..So u know where they
      can get away wth Tax Avoidance they will..

    • +Irene del carmen I hope people do their best to spread Bernie’s message
      and get out to vote so the Tax dodgers can start to FeelTheBern … I say
      this because American politics resonates through out the world and here in
      Europe we could sure use some of that Bern…

    • +BillyBowlster Just because you don’t agreed with someone doesn’t make them
      a “paid shill” secretly trying to change your opinion. I’m a Bernie
      supporter but that just makes you sound really paranoid 😛

    • +apope06 Bernie Sanders has contributed so much to the discussions by
      revealing where American Democrats ideally want to be heading. But POTUS is
      a very difficult job. The person who becomes President has to be able to
      differentiate between utopian idealism and the reality the country is
      facing. Hillary Clinton has seen the 'real' picture from several
      angles. No one else in the history of the USA has been in her position. So,
      as a Canadian watching this race from the sidelines, I have to say that it
      seems that Hillary Clinton's supporters are more likely to be
      independent thinkers, leaders in society and people who have wrestled with
      many shades of grey in their professional and personal lives. Hillary
      Clinton isn’t very charismatic. It is her intelligence and thoughtful
      analytical thinking that make her such a fine politician. I’d say there’s
      no brainwashing going on in either camp.

    • +Star564ify
      Bernie is a capitalist. There really isn’t much difference between
      capitalism and socialism. Both philosophies believe government should do
      some things and private enterprise should do some things. Canada, France,
      the UK, Europe are socialist and capitalist at the same time, government
      does some things and private enterprise does some things. In capitalist
      America, Nike makes and sells shoes and Mc Donalds makes and sells burgers.
      In socialist countries, guess what? Nike still makes and sells shoes and Mc
      Donalds still makes and sells burgers. America, believe it or not, has
      social programs, unemployment insurance, social security, medicaid. It’s
      silly to think socialism and capitalism do not coexist in any economy. The
      only slight difference between what we have now and what Bernie is
      advocating is that government do more for it’s citizens. Like health care
      and education.
      There is no 100 percent capitalist society, and there is no 100 percent
      socialist society. It’s a mix of the two, the only difference between
      capitalist and socialist is what does the government take care of, and what
      does private enterprise take of.

    • +unifieddynasty — When you say hard faced, damn that makes me think of
      Chelsea Clinton, that face is so hard even a blind dog winces. Rough,
      Rough, Rough.
      Just sayin’. Just sayin’.

    • +Cami Giulietti — When you say hard faced, damn that makes me think of
      Chelsea Clinton, that face is so hard even a blind dog winces. Rough,
      Rough, rough.
      Just sayin’. Just sayin’.

    • +Lee S.
      She’s a crackpot religiot. Whether she’s a republican or democrat is
      therefor inconsequential. She’s a freaking loon either way. Putting someone
      like that in the White House is a bad idea. Period. Even her fellow
      republicans have been distancing themselves from her lately. When even tea
      baggers are starting to think you’re crazy, you have a serious problem.
      Seriously, she’s been incoherent enough that even cryptologists have
      trouble making sense of what she says.

    • +randomflashbacks Try saying that same sentence out loud but substitute the
      name Bernie Sanders for the name Hillary Clinton. See how silly you sound?
      What the hell does this have to do with running for POTUS?

    • +Cami Giulietti Feeling the Bern already sunshine….If you bothered to
      look at Europe that does have social medicine, you would realize that their
      free medical for all is based on a small contribution from everyone that
      covers free medical care for all. It’s stupid reasoning without FACT’s that
      have nutcases like you, who probably have stock in the corrupt health
      insurance, or have stock in drug companies that make you type this tripe.
      Your bullshit shows your not on the ball at all. Hopefully, your days of
      sucking up to big pharmacy are coming to an end. ;-))

    • +Cami Giulietti
      What’s will happen has got to be better than what we have had since the
      Reagan era, when all this started.
      Have a look at the facts first. Bernie talks about them at every one of his
      speeches. Trillions of dollars redirected to the top 1%. If corporations
      are producing wealth and prosperity it goes only as far as their
      boardrooms. That’s going to change one way or the other. Can you read Cami?
      Then read read the writing on the wall. It says the status quo isn’t good
      enough anymore.

  1. Here’s an idea. Let’s buy fewer tanks for wars with random brown people and
    spend the money on health care for every American. Next issue?

    • “1.7 trillion for a pointless war, but not 78 billion for free university
      education for the entire country… Sad pointless country. Needs to be
      demolished asap.”

      There is a huge difference. In defense spending we have a large supply of
      weaponry and soldiers. In education we lack professors, dorms, classrooms,
      TAs, staff and other resources. Adding more students to the market will
      increase the price. Thus that $78 billion will end up costing trillions in

    • 1.7 trillion for a pointless war, but not 78 billion for free university
      education for the entire country… Sad pointless country. Needs to be
      demolished asap.

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