Cassidy Wants Healthcare States’ Rights… Unless Your State Wants Medicare For All.

In this Majority Report clip, shameless liar Bill Cassidy has been shamelessly lying again.

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"LOUISIANA REPUBLICAN SEN. John Kennedy plans to use the most recent effort to repeal and replace portions of the Affordable Care Act to push an amendment that would bar states from enacting their own single-payer systems, he told reporters on Monday.

When asked by The Intercept on Tuesday about the status of his legislation, Kennedy said that the bill’s co-sponsors, Sens. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., and Bill Cassidy, R-La., told him that the measure already bans single payer, but that he was welcome to offer his amendment either way.

“I don’t think states should have the authority to take money from the American taxpayer and set up a single-payer system,” Kennedy said. “Now some people think that that’s inconsistent with the idea of flexibility. But that’s what the United States Congress is for. I very much believe in flexibility, and I know the governors want flexibility. But it’s our job to make sure that that money is properly spent.”"*

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Cassidy Wants Healthcare States' Rights… Unless Your State Wants Medicare For All.

23 thoughts on “Cassidy Wants Healthcare States’ Rights… Unless Your State Wants Medicare For All.

    • Because he’s a grinning, dead eyed psychopath without any empathy for his fellow man. I used to live in Louisiana all that matters is he’s got an R by his name, is anti-gun control, professes “Christian” beliefs, by that I mean chip on the shoulder, racist evangelical Christianity. People in Louisiana would rather saw off their own hand than vote Democrat. They don’t pay attention to what he says. The only thing he had to worry about is getting primaried by an even bigger psychopath.

    • On that you are correct. Which is sad because there is a lot of potential in the state. Unfortunately the state is and has been governed like a poorly run Banana Republic. The state is suffering from a brain drain because anybody with any kind of skills(I don’t just mean college degrees, skilled labor as well) leaves for places where they can get higher wages and a higher standard of living. Though if Louisiana works hard they could be up to the educational, infrastructural, cultural, and governmental standards of the early 90s within five years.

  1. I don’t know why anybody would be surprised that Republicans would stop states from implementing Single Payer. Republicans have always supported states rights only when it suited them.

  2. Republicans don’t believe in the college textbook definition of states rights. They believe in a state’s right to have Republican tyranny. Look at all the Republican assholes invalidating minimum wage increases at the city level. Look at the Emergency Manager law in Michigan. And on and on.

    • dizzymasekela They have no consistency in their ideology. People need to understand that these people are not acting from a position of good faith.

  3. This bill is not “taking money” out of the states. That would mean increasing taxes. Any resources that are not taxed still exist in the several states.

    • yes it is “taking money”. any state that accepted the medicaid expansion (blue states) will be penalized while states that didnt (red states) will be rewarded. blatant partisan corruption.

    • Reducing or revoking money you give, is still not the same as taking. Plus the Federal government doesn’t create additional resources for the states. Those resources must reside in the states.

    • Plus the Federal government doesn’t create additional resources for the states. Those resources must reside in the states. = translation = if your state cant afford to cover its own people, well thats a sad day for your state and your citizens will just have to die. thank you for clarifying your position. thats why every single american medical association in the COUNTRY is saying NO.

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