California’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Could be a Model for the Country

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California has a single-payer healthcare bill that could be the start of a nationwide Medicare for All system. However, special interests have a stronghold on the Californian legislature as well as its governor. Grassroots activism is essential if we're going to break the spell health insurance companies hold over state lawmakers.

Medicare for All Advances in California:

Corporate Money Opposed to Single-Payer:

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The Humanist Report (THR) is a progressive political podcast that discusses and analyzes current news events and pressing political issues. Our analyses are guided by humanism and political progressivism. Each news story we cover is supplemented with thought-provoking, fact-based commentary that aims for the highest level of objectivity.

California’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Could be a Model for the Country

40 thoughts on “California’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill Could be a Model for the Country

    • Senior Woodz Not yet unless the senate plays it…..then again the controling party would hit it out of the park.

    • +Fluffy Bunny I would say medicare for all, but that’s somewhat misleading because our current medicare system is still not universal. It’s the most comprehensive system we have, but sometimes there’s still patient premiums, copays and out of pocket costs. Nowhere near as bad as private, but it still could see some improvement.

  1. the humanist report is great…I love TYT but I feel that THR is more professional in the way they report and analyze stories

    • +donHooligan You’re damn right canvassing works! I’ve done it before while also recruiting volunteers who then recruited more volunteers. Our message spread, and led to a win on a local bill! It was kinda fun, but it does require effort & organizing.

  2. So Brown wants to increase the gas tax to 0.12 per gallon (from what I’ve been told) for infrastructure while still doing the stupid fucking rail, but Medicare is sceptical… I live in Cal… If that pompas jackass doesn’t get on board, then someone is going to be fired.

  3. What is the skepticism about, what is the reason, without backing it with legitimate reasons that can be verified or even examined, it is a meaningless justification for not backing it. If you are against it, but without giving any concrete reasons why, only one conclusion can be reached, you’ve been bought and have sold out lock, stock and barrel! If this bill doesn’t make it through the California legislation, then it’s time for a good ol’ California referendum.

    • In all American politics, corruption by corporate/elite money is the number one hurdle preventing The People from having a government that does as we collectively request. It’s so upsetting that we have to _cross our fingers_ hoping our voices aren’t ignored.

  4. It is sad that we need proof that universal healthcare works better by one of our states adopting it. The proof is already present in every other non-poor country.

  5. Don’t forget, me smoking and the extra $2.50 per pack tax is paying for this. So instead of looking at me with disgust when I light up outside say “thanks for the medicare”

  6. good luck California I’m rooting for you sorry that Colorado let you guys down now the ball’s in your court.

  7. New York, Colorado, and Cali (My state!) breaking ground for publicly funded Healthcare, College, and Marijuana use. Red states? Predictably stuck in the dark ages.

    • +The Pyat​ Then I shall consider ye proposal with the utmost scrutiny for a gentlemen’s fair trade of statehood. Good day sir.

    • The Pyat I come before thee with a stack of gold coins and other fine goods. Art thou willing to trade with me?

    • Timo Arnaldo Better fine goods than good fines, ifaith. I’ve a plant thou mayest smoke to bring thee cancer of the lung; I’ve swine meat aplenty to bring thee hardening of the arteries, and now, behold, I’ve water laced with a toxin to inspire profound doubt of health for two score years. Prithee, what wouldst thou, or any wight or swain, offer me for these? I’ll happily be rid of them.

  8. Despite the best efforts of the DNC, a majority of Democratic Congress Critters has now signed on for HR 676, the national Medicare For All bill.

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