California Governor On Medicare For All – Then Vs Now

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California Governor On Medicare For All – Then Vs Now

40 thoughts on “California Governor On Medicare For All – Then Vs Now

  1. The fact conservatives and neoliberals are against universal healthcare just shows how fucked in the head they are.

    • lol Yeah, that describes the atheists here. As stupid as the religious they rail against. Well THIS atheist prefers the company of a (shockingly) like-minded believer to morons who fabricate quotes they attribute to others đŸ™‚

    • Why not use real Sargon quotes like “There’s no denying that Black people on average have a lower distribution of a lower distribution of IQ.” I’m aware of the irony of not citing Sargon’s quote verbatim, but I’m not sure what livestream he said that in.

  2. Jerry Brown argued for a right wing single payer system that keeps healthcare in the private market. We should 100% nationalize healthcare in this country, which would make it cost even less.

    • J.J. NOX
      He isn’t lying. The bill will cost 400 billion, but the ENTIRE existing budget of California is 120 billion.

    • 400 billion over several years! Plus all the money people are literally throwing away on private healthcare will be circulating in the economy and be taxed. Universal healthcare is cheaper than the private system.

  3. Jerry Brown was the first person for whom I ever cast a presidential vote. I remember it very clearly, because that year my state’s primary election happened to fall right smack on the same day as my 18th birthday, and so I was immensely proud of and took very seriously this newfound adult responsibility of voting. These were very formative years for me, political-ideology-wise, and when Jerry Brown came to my city to speak during his primary campaign against Bill Clinton, I showed up to hear what he had to say. I even still have a VHS tape somewhere of this speech that I recorded on my mom’s clunky, shoulder-mounted RCA camcorder, haha.

    Anyhoo, Brown’s passionate argument that day in favor of single-payer health care gave me a lot to think about, and once I thought it over it made sense to me, as it still does today even now into my 40s. He had enough substantive policy ideas – along with enthusiasm and credibility – to earn my first-ever vote.

    I can’t say for sure whether I’d still consider voting for Jerry Brown if he runs in the 2020 primary, he’s just not that same guy anymore. Sigh.

    P.S. After Bill Clinton beat Brown in the primary that year, it was Ross Perot (and his talk of the “giant sucking sound” of good jobs leaving the country due to NAFTA) who ultimately persuaded my vote during the last weeks of the general election. To this day, I am happy to say that I have still *never* voted for a Clinton, which, by my count, I had 7 different opportunities to do over the last 25 years.

    • Haha, so I smoked a bowl after I wrote that, after which it occurs to me that anyone who has not only been a U.S. voter since at least 1992 like me, but who also lived inside New York State from at least 2000-2006 has had *ELEVEN* opportunities to vote for a Clinton. Yeesh! If they also lived in Arkansas in the 80s/90s during then-Governor Clinton’s administration, then that’s, what, four more? Double yeesh!

    • Mariguana

      Lol, and if we had universal health care, Walter White wouldn’t have become The One Who Knocks, but he’d probably still leave a passive-aggressive note now and then.

    • Ant Man Yeah because the order in which people receive treatment is definitely not based on importance or urgency. Weird that the statistics show that less people die in countries with universal health care, but I don’t trust those because math has a liberal bias.

  4. Would be interesting to have a huge screen just play his own speech in front of his own office for days on end.

    • Protemp

      OMG that would make for a powerful protest action! Someone should take a projector down across the street from the governor’s mansion and project that footage on a loop across his entire house some evening, with loudspeakers on a flatbed playing his voice.

  5. the European single-payer state systems
    costs HALF the chaotic private system in the USA !
    you’d be SAVING $ BILLIONS !
    WTF ?

    • If you think their healthcare is better, I have a solution for you.


      Simple as that. This is the United States of America, not Europe.

    • sam som
      UK single payer system costs 9.6% of GDP !
      USA private system costs 17.6% of GDP ?
      Google the figures ! then figure out who’s lying to whom ?

    • Chessmaster156
      GDP ! gross domestic product !
      individually we pay far far less for a universal system, free at point of contact, no excesses, no copays, no lifetime limits, than you do !
      and our system is far more efficient, with better outcomes, and life expectancy !
      WTF bullshit are you swallowing ?

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