Budget slashes $3 trillion from Medicaid, Medicare and social programs

Critics of President Donald Trump’s new budget plan say he is pushing for local governments to privatize infrastructure projects. Other new measures are slated to increase profit revenues from tolls, airports and transportation projects, while cutting social programs. RT America’s Ed Schultz reports.

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Budget slashes $3 trillion from Medicaid, Medicare and social programs

52 thoughts on “Budget slashes $3 trillion from Medicaid, Medicare and social programs

  1. Paul Ryan says the military isn’t taking too much money when it’s bigger than the next 3 top Nations combined. It’s all the people working for Walmart who should suffer! Now let’s have a military parade! And cut social programs to some families of the soldiers who must march to entertain the president.

    • more money has been stolen from Americans by the government, and the defense department, than ever was by illegals. the day before 9/11 Rumsfield admitted the Pentagon coudn’t track 2.3 trillion dollars! How the F do you lose 2.3 trillion dollars?

    • rosie her look there are people who take advantage of government programs that are doing so illegally. There are people who lie on their taxes clutching either Medicaid or Medicare there even illegal immigrants also on Medicare. If 5% of the Medicare recipients are illegals do you think they should cut the funniest the people that lawfully rely on the program? No the solution is to step up the verification process. So that people don’t legally benefit. But your logic is twisted saying that we should cut the program out because 2% of the population are illegal immigrants. Also very few illegal immigrants actually have 10 kids saying that most are like that sounds racist. your being Distracted by inflammatory propaganda.

    • rosie her do you honestly believe that all illegals have 10 or more kids? And that a majority of Medicaid recipients are illegals Or are you just trying to be deceptive?

  2. I would say it is govt waste, failure to appropriate fairly and corruption milking the system, including illegal immigrants living off the system while working under the table tax free.

  3. HAHAHA $716 Billion on the military last year alone. That isn’t including the “rainy day” funds they can draw on. All NON US allies combined only spend $299 billion. They do know how empires fall right?

  4. Public Private Partnerships are the biggest scams out there, unless you can explain why its worthwhile to throw out at least half of your revenue on interest rates that start out fair but peak at catastrophic levels 15- 20 years later siphoning funds from basic infrastructure, education, and other non mandatory (but sometimes necessary) expenditures.

    • That’s not necessarily true, there are many industries that government excels at compared to private industry. Take the postal system for example, compare sending a letter to Homer, Alaska between USPS and UPS, see which one gets there first, and which is the least expensive.
      Another example would be healthcare, The healthcare system in the US ranks last compared to all other OECD nations, despite the fact that the majority of healthcare in the US is handled through private industries.
      Another example is roadways, railways, ferries and mass transit. Banking is another example, as is education. Chattanooga, Tennessee has already proven that a public ISP is far superior to the private industry and now has the fastest interwebz in the US, and not only is it faster than the private competition it’s also cheaper and reaches more people. In fact I could make a very long list of examples in which public industry have provided better services than their private counterparts. There are many reasons for this such as the red tape involved in hospitals and clinics having to deal with multiple healthcare plans who all have differing coverage and coverage methods. The main factor however is profit. If you want to save money to increase corporate profit, the first employee that should be fired is the CEO, who at times earn as much as all of the employees combined, that could never happen with a public industry. The typical private industry model is to provide the least amount of service for the most amount of profit. A publicly owned industry can manage for far longer without even making a profit, and can still afford to expand. You can’t do that with private industries.

  5. Entitlements? People pay into their social security. It’s not an entitlement. Ryan and trump are out of touch and down right criminal.

    • Wrong. Social security is totally an entitlement. Each dollar you get is borrowed before it is sent to you. And in thought…most feel entitled to it….the irony. It is under the social welfare state system. It is also called an unfunded liability. You “think” you are paying into a government program…but you are paying a tax…it is not the same as investing.

    • Justin Williamson …look….I understand that since we became a welfare state almost a hundred years ago….and have grown it to include welfare for corporations and for most working people and even rich ones too, in many forms…we have a system that we can’t live without. The entitlements/welfare socialism system bleeds the country and creates more poverty and also creates barriers for the private sector to not be the major contributor to those in need. I understand the need for welfare when disabled…as it hits home for me as well. I also agree we should cut military spending to a small fraction of we use. We do need to cut welfare where it isn’t being used by citizens….and by citizens I mean naturally born of two citizens. We need to implement the libertarian ideas of working ourselves off the government welfare and creating incentive for private sector to reengage. Also. We shouldn’t be taxed on any income or property…like our founders wanted. This would create more wealth for citizens to be there for others on a personal level…etc. the cuts need to be done wisely…and with a counter solution applied immediately.

  6. Here’s the thing about our government. They think it’s okay to spend 60 to 70% of our money on killing people but don’t even want to spend 5% on making their own citizens healthy! This is the absolute epitome of insanity! Our government officials better get a clue because people are getting really really pissed!

  7. ‘Entitlement reform’ means abandoning the poor. But the enemy still wants your allegiance. The U.S. don’t stand for nothing we believe in. To the DOJ I encourage you to log this comment in one of the fusion centers you built from stolen money taken from Americans by force and threats. Assess it, look at it, log it, data mine it, spy on it, evaluate and examine it then look at it again. All U.S. hostile actions are history to be remembered and so the flame burns eternal.

  8. Military is NOT the problem!? BULLSHIT!…. but “entitlement” for those who worked their whole lives to pay for YOUR cadillac health plan IS?……..!! BULL— $H1T. not buying that statement for one second.

  9. DEFEND ONLY the Borders … Then we can STOP spending TRILLIONS on Military and WAR !!! has ANYONE read the Constitution Lately ???

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