BREAKING: Kamala Walks Back Medicare 4 All Comments In Less Than 24hrs

In less than 24 hours of Kamala Harris taking her "controversial" stance on medicare for all, she and her advisors back tracked her statement under pressure from critics.


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BREAKING: Kamala Walks Back Medicare 4 All Comments In Less Than 24hrs

36 thoughts on “BREAKING: Kamala Walks Back Medicare 4 All Comments In Less Than 24hrs

    • Bernie did not take a payoff. That’s a right wing establishment lie that was put out because he became not only a threat to the left, but he was taking their base as well. Bernie was obliging a contract that he signed long before he knew that the Democratic Party was THAT nefarious. He’s the only reason we know it to be that nefarious. Did he handle it the right way? We won’t really know until we see the end results – which we have yet to see.

    • You are an idiot. Socialism is Bernie sanders dummy. You must come from a single mother house hold where yall were given everything. Wake up nothing is free. PERIOD

    • Because your socialist medical doesn’t cover enough, they also make you wait if you don’t have the supplemental insurance

    • +Jean Medley I’m am American stupid.. I never had to wait to see a doctor ever when I lived there. As a matter of fact even tourist and visitors are covered over there. Insurance only gave you slight perks. By the way would all state and federal employees and services socialist? Our armed forces, police, fire dept., sanitation, post office, public schools, etc?

    • +Jean Medley lies lies lies. can you state what the items are not covered under their systems or shut up. are you working with insurance company?

  1. Saw this coming after I realized they never condescendingly asked her how she would pay for it, which is literally what they ask everyone else who endorses Medicare-For-All. It’s because she either doesn’t plan to follow-through or she’s waiting on her team to come up with a “compromise” plan.

  2. Yo I’m not a DEMOCRAT. But I will say that you do excellent work my man. I understand that you are studying law. I have no doubt that the legal profession will benefit from your talents!

  3. I literally just got a Kamala Harris ad on this and part of it included her pretending to be for medicare for all. Its an add with newspaper after news paper with fake headlines about her record

  4. Kamala is removing the mask, nobody but the terminally stupid buys her cuddly, empathetic routine so she is has reverted to establishment talking points. What a hypocrite,claiming progressive credentials yet devoid of principles or values

  5. Anyone can have an “ivy league” education.. Be curious and read good material. Develop your critical thinking skills..

    • Just trying to do my part to keep the masses informed my friend. If I educate just one person in a way that they can make an informed decision, thats good enough for me.

    • Yes, he is.. Niko thinks deeply and clearly. He then presents his thoughts very well. His contribution is always a plus..

  6. Who believed Harris – a Hillary Clinton-approved candidate – ever supported M4A in the first place?? Not me. They’re liars who will say anything to get elected.

  7. Are you kidding?

    You are throwing away your apparently fake Progressive creds and dooming your candidacy.
    Sorry, Kamala. I love the fantasy of a true person of color who is a true Progressive.
    This YOU ARE NOT.
    Identity politics is just a total failure.

  8. That’s why she won’t be getting my vote I don’t believe she’ll make it out of the primaries they’re going to eat her alive

  9. This could well bring her campaign down . You know more will come that strips the shine off her . The Media will still fawn over her and push her . She is the Darling of the Elites and the Democratic Leadership . However this makes it harder for her cheerleaders to praise her . I won’t vote Kamala . I do not trust her from the jump based on her record . Now the Identity Politics folks will call me sexist and racist . BERNIE 2020 .

    • kumala “Goin-down-on-Willie-Brown” harris, is just another demoKKKrat Hater.

      Commie bernie is OWNED by the Criminal clointon.
      My grandparents came from Mexico and would be 100% for the Wall.

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