Breakdown: How Trump and the GOP Will Attack Medicare

In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder explains in some detail what the future of health care and health care legislation looks like for Obamacare, Medicare, and Medicaid in a Republican-controlled government.

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Breakdown: How Trump and the GOP Will Attack Medicare

32 thoughts on “Breakdown: How Trump and the GOP Will Attack Medicare

  1. I hope they don’t propose vouchers for health care… it’s so incredibly stupid, because we don’t personally know the cost of health care. If I have a $2,000 voucher and chest pain, should I get it checked out? I happen to know the answer, because I _did_ have chest pain and insurance through work, and even after insurance I owed over $2000 for diagnostics alone. Telling us to budget our healthcare is impossible under current circumstances.

    • They’re gonna phase it out not get rid of it right away. It’s done on purpose so the old GOP voting base won’t get all uppity about it.

  2. I’m British so grown up with the NHS, it baffles me the state of health care availability in the US. I genuinely don’t understand why there aren’t million strong protests in Washington every week demanding a universal system.
    A message for any American politicians reading, just do it, grow some balls and force it through and in 20 years time you’ll be seen as a national hero. I don’t think there is a single UK politician who is against the NHS, and any who said they were would be committing political suicide it’s that popular. If you need more encouragement sell it as a massive jobs creation, because it will be, NHS is the biggest employer not only in the UK but in Europe.

  3. Basic Economics, you came even Adam Smith noted it in looking over 2,000yrs of economic data during his 30yrs of teaching Economics in Glasgow University in Scotland: Government Subsidies increases cost, lowers quality and create shortages; always and every time. Republicans reminded President Obama about that bit of economic truth, but Obamacare still passed and all the predictions came true. I always pay $$$CASH$$$ for doctor visits and always ask what this test, that exam is for, if it’s CYA, I’m not paying for it even if I have to put in writing that I understand what risks are involved, if the doctor has a concerns, then I will pay. The most I had to pay out of pocket in a year since my last child was born was $5,000 and Obama wants to change me over $2,000 a month for a $10,000 deductible? I’d take my chances with the Nazis with the IRS as the penalty would be far less than the plan; wonder how many Democrats will jump the sinking Obamacare Ship to vote lockstep with the Republicans to kill it.

    • How do you explain the fact that in countries with public health systems or with more regulations and subsidies the cost of medical care is much lower than in the US with no notable difference in outcomes?

      Also, did you see the video? He explained everything. He explained how individuals and families who are not affected by serious health problems do not understand how bad their plans are and that the price of the plan is the thing they most take into account, until of course something actually happens. He also explained how Medicare and ACA, especially the former, are likely keeping prices in the private market low and that with or without ACA these prices would have increased and they are destined to increase much more in the future.

    • Paulo Cesar Ferraro You think of higher cost as in the price people pay at the hospital or doctor’s office; how about when one buys a loaf of bread or a cup of coffee? The taxes taken out of ones pay? Before Government got involved in healthcare the average amount paid by a family of four was $50yr, having a baby at the hospital, with a week’s stay for recovery was $10; charities paid for those who couldn’t. My doctor will only see those who pays cash because of all the headaches even collecting from insurance had become, an he’s a lot cheaper than a single month’s premium of Obamacare with far better service.

    • No, by costs I mean how many resources the whole society devotes to medical care. Even after adding government spending, the US spends significantly more than all other developed countries, including countries with Medicare for all types of systems, countries with NHS type systems, and countries with private systems, but with much more regulation.

      ´´Before Government got involved in healthcare the average amount paid by a family of four was $50yr, having a baby at the hospital, with a week’s stay for recovery was $10; charities paid for those who couldn´´

      Are you referring to the period prior to Medicare and Medicaid? It’s not like the government did not have involvement before, but comparing prices from that era to current prices is silly. The fact is that prices in this sector in the US have escalated rapidly over the years, while other countries are far better at keeping costs down, and Medicare is actually more efficient and costs less for obvious reasons, such as the fact that the program can buy in bulk. As for charity, although the abundance of charitable hospitals helped, it was still insufficient, which is why the government created Medicare and Medicaid in the first place. Betting on charity today would be insanity unless you are a believer in social Darwinism, that would make sense.

    • Paulo Cesar Ferraro The reason why the cost for healthcare has gone up so much is because everybody uses their insurance to pay for everything, a $5 dollar shot, a $10 test, turns into something more as the doctor has to fight with a third party for payment. My doctor only takes cash for his services, makes book keeping much easier for him and he doesn’t have to use

    • argue with someone ignorant looking at a cost sheet deciding what he may or may not do. If more people paid out of pocket for the small stuff costs would drop like a rock.

  4. If they don’t want Government to do health care then lets take theirs away and see how they like it. Strip them of getting a good pension, from getting social security and take away all benefits including their high pay. They can work for us at a certain wage determined by populous vote.

  5. The problem is the people making these decisions will never have to use the system that they are governing. I can fix healthcare I stayed in a holiday inn last night.

  6. My medications cost $2500 a *month*. Just ONE of my medications (the one that stops my seizures) costs $650 a month for 60 pills. There is no way in hell I could afford that. And if go to my specialist it’s about $200. As it is I’m on catastrophic coverage about 5 months out of the year through Medicare because my medical care costs are so high. At least I’m not at end stage COPD yet where I require oxygen, because that’s mind boggling expensive.

    This is the Republican healthcare system, if you get sick, die.

    Medicare isn’t a hand out, it was taken out of our pay. It is ours.

  7. SAM, MICHAEL, and MAJORITY REPORT CREW — I doubt you will see this but I have a suggestion for you. First off, this video is a phenomenal explanation of what Ryan and Co. want to do and all that is involved in the health care right now in this country. The suggestion I have for you is to use a different title with this type of video (or perhaps a duplicate of the same video an alternate title).

    The reason why I say this is because I am a liberal who pretty much agrees with all you guys have to offer. In addition, I am someone who gets political on Facebook and have actually been pretty successful in getting conservative friends to start to agree with me, slowly but surely, on stuff. I would love to post this video on Facebook and get a discussion going in that regard.

    The issue, to a certain extent is that when these Trump voters see I title that includes “How Trump will attack (fill in the blank)” the brain turns off and the amygdala is activated. The reaction is then the typical “You lost. Get over it.” and it makes it difficult to get these folks to see what could happen. Might I suggest an alternative title similar to the rhetorical stance you take in this video itself when talking to other Trump voters. For example “How Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus Will Try to Convince Trump to Damage Medicare.” Something along those lines. If I posted a video with that title, it is much more likely to get an intelligent discussion that actually gets some of these right wingers to think about this stuff a little bit. Just food for thought moving forward with some of these videos. Keep up the good work!!!

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