Brace Yourself ~ Funny Skit on Medicare Knee Brace Scam

What better way to learn about Medicare fraud than through humor and laughter! The Stop Senior Scams Acting Program does just that with all their member ages 60-98! This skit highlights a common Medicare durable equipment (DME) scam, where someone is advertising a FREE knee brace to anyone who has Medicare. All you need to do is call their number and give them your Medicare number.

This is a scam as Medicare only covers medically necessary DME with a doctor's prescription. These people are just trying to get your Medicare number so they can bill Medicare for equipment you never receive or equipment that is much more expensive than what they deliver.

This skit was performed at a conference collaboration with our California Senior Medicare Patrol in Irvine, April 2016. The SSSAP is located in Southern California where they give 40-50 performances a year at senior facilities, fraud prevention symposiums, churches, synagogues, libraries, community centers and more. Actors write the skits based on their own experiences and that of others that have been victims. The scenarios are researched and explained in each skit by 2 former judges.

Brace Yourself ~ Funny Skit on Medicare Knee Brace Scam

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