Blue Cross Medicare Advantage – Popular Plan Options

Get Instant Access . In this video I discuss Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans and answer a subscriber's question about Freedom Blue Medicare Advantage and wht it's not available where he lives.

Medicare Advantage Plans are offered in service areas. A service area is generally a County. Companies offering plans can choose which plans to offer in specific service areas. The situation is somewhat unique with Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage Plans.
The BlueCross BlueShield Association is made up of 38 independently operated companies and each company can offer Advantage Plans where they market. The plans available will be dependent not only on the individual company but their decision to market plans in your service area.

Popular BlueCross BlueShield Companies include:

Anthem Blue Cross
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Regence Blue Shield
Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield
Empire Blue Shield
Florida Blue Shield
And many more…

Popular Blue Cross Medicare Advantage Plans include:

Freedom Blue
Blue Shield 65 Plus
Blue Medicare Advantage
Blue Medicare
And the list goes on…

Visit to learn about other companies and the Advantage Plans that they offer.

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