Bill O’Reilly Slams Medicare for All

Bill O'Reilly slams the idea of Medicare for all by pointing out the insane addition to the national deficit it would cause.  

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Bill O'Reilly Slams Medicare for All

29 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Slams Medicare for All

  1. not the sole demon con rat congress — there are the blue-dogs and other newly elected democrats that are not crazy — a fw of them (and I am not forgetting the OAC and jihadists)

  2. Other countries with universal healthcare don’t have the population of the United States and people think they will get the same service in a timely fashion and they won’t . There will be long waits to see a doctor and subpar care.

    • Many Doctors are Quitting! and More to follow. Do you think someone wants to go to an Expensive! College for 4, 5, 6 years, then make a $15 Minimum wage??

  3. Does Medicare for all means FREE medicare insurance. I am paying $125.00 per month for A & B I have paid into the system since 1973, it does not include dental, hearing aids ,which I do need but paying for hearing aids privately cost me $5,000.00 and they did not last a year. She should explain what it all means very little really.

  4. “Medicare for all” may not be the way forward but the US healthcare system is way more expensive than the second most costly yet the US results are in the lower half of the league. Time for a re-think.

  5. Media pundits understanding of health care economics, including Bill O’Reilly’s knowledge, would barely fill a thimble. The main problem: prices are largely ineffective as signals to consumers in health care markets.

  6. Look what has happened with the VA hospitals. You would think she would be able to see that. Better come up with a better plan.

  7. Australia has Medicare for all and a 2% tax on taxable income pays for it. It does help that they have public and private hospitals to provide care. Too, there is an option to carry private health insurance. The private insurance helps if you don’t want to wait 6 months for a heart by-pass or 3 months for a lot of other specialist treatments.

  8. You continue being our voice, the voice who voted Republican, to preserve what makes the USA the best country to live for those who come here to work and respect the laws, like me. It’s not a perfect country but far better than others. Go, go Bill O’Oreilly.

  9. I refuse to pay higher taxes to fund Medicare for All. I love the current system where my employer deducts $300 from my paychecks, I pay $50 every time I look at a doctor, and my plan only covers Tommy John surgery and a rare strain of ebola.

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