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Hi my name is Devon West and I run Medicare Saving Solutions. I thought I’d put a video together to show you how to pick the best Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan. It’s a lot easier than you might think, stay tuned. The easiest way to find the best medicare part d prescription drug plan is to go to Medicare.gove and click on the find health and drug plans button. Then you go to the medicare plan finder and you put in your zip code. We’ll put in 98335 here and click find plans and here it gives you a bunch of different options. Um you answer how do you get your medicare coverage? How do you, do you get help from your state to get help paying for your Medicare Prescription drug costs. I just pick a couple answers here to get on to the next thing. Then you go and it says enter your prescription drugs and down here you’ll type your name of your prescription drug. We’ll use simvastatin for this one and it lets you put in your dosage, quantity, frequency, and Pharmacy type if you want to do mail order. And we’ll do another one here we’ll do Advair and we’ll do the Advair inhaler and click find drug and it’ll let you do all the other options as well and add drug. And then click my drug list is complete and it’ll go to the next page here which is your pharmacy selection page and we’ll pick bartell drugs as well as Safeway pharmacy to see what the costs are there and continue to plan selections or results sorry. Takes a minute. Ok so here you can refine your plan results and you want to pick prescription drug plans um then you can choose the other two options, those are for Medicare advantage plans. So then you refine those plans and then it shows you the prescription drug plans starting at the top is the lowest cost plan over the year as you can see that one is 717. I believe that’s what It says, its kinda blurry on my end. Then it shows you your monthly premiums deductibles copays um whether or not your prescription drugs are on the formulary or any prescription drug restrictions. So we’ll click on the first one First Health Part D value plus because that’s what it shows is the lowest for these two medications and it’ll give you the plan details here in a second. So you’ll want to make sure the tab is highlighted drug costs and coverage and it shows how to contact the plan with the phone numbers up there. Um and then it shows bartell drugs and safeway and mail order and the differences between them all. Um if you do safeway it is a little bit less because they are a preffered retail cost sharing instead of bartells which is standard. Then the mail order pharmacy also gives you uh the option to do that but it costs a little bit more over the year. Then you can go back and select the your plan results button again and look at all the plans that are available to you and compare them. There are a few different ways you can go about choosing a plan, you can go to and go through plan finder which is what we just did and might be the easiest way for a lot of people. Or you can call Medicare at 1800medicare or you can just call us for free help choosing a medicare part d prescription drug plan or a medicare supplement plan. Again this is Devon West with Medicare Saving Solutions, if you choose to contact us we will help you choose a plan and we will not only help you at that time, but we will become your agent year after year to make sure you are always taken care of.

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