Bernie’s Clever High-Low Medicare For All Strategy

In this Majority Report clip, Bernie Sanders has released a white paper explaining the funding mechanisms of his Medicare for All plan.

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"On Wednesday afternoon on the second floor of the Hart Senate Office Building, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) officially unveiled his much-hyped Medicare for All plan. The senator was flanked by his 16 co-sponsors, many of them rising stars in the Democratic party and nearly every one of them talked about as a potential presidential candidate in 2020.

The basic idea of the plan is this: Over the course of four years, the state would expand eligibility for Medicare until every resident of the United States is ultimately covered by the single-payer, taxpayer-funded program.

The paper proposes 10 ways to raise funds to pay for the proposed single-payer system, broken into three sections: options to save families and businesses on health care expenses, options to make the wealthy pay their fair share, and options to make Wall Street and large, profitable corporations pay their fair share."*

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Bernie's Clever High-Low Medicare For All Strategy

33 thoughts on “Bernie’s Clever High-Low Medicare For All Strategy

    • William Davenport Exactly! I have rarely seen such a lying Cabal Of Crooks. I am getting rather tired of watching the lies about Successful Single Payer Systems the World Over being denigrated by MSM in America. Sadly Americans who rely on MSM, FOX News in particular, are comparable to the Citizens of North Korea relying on State TV to inform them about the outside World!

    • Smart trump supporter? As apposed to what we had before Obama-care, not being a “nightmare”? What your team is proposing (for what the fourth time and failed like trump is as a president) is utter dog hair. Obama -care in its original form was pretty good but thanks to republicans who kept taking things out of it hoping it would die before it went to a vote fucked it up, Obama-care in its present form isn’t perfect but a sweater in the freezing cold is better than a t-shirt.

  1. In addition to the terraces costing less than.your current premiums, you won’t have massive cost sharing (deductible, copay, coinsurance, etc) like private insurance.

  2. Getting the people to see how beneficial medicare-for-all would is only one necessary step. Bernie and the Dems need to push this as the PRO BUSINESS option. OBVIOUSLY small business would love to be able to expand without worry of increasing healthcare costs.

  3. It seems to me if every person paid a reasonable tax according to income and every business did the same it should work and cost a little less than the the government, citizens and businesses /corporations have to pay now. Plus add in the the ability to negotiate for prescription drugs.

    • Yes but that’s not what’s important. What’s important is someone getting a legal means to siphon that money into their coffers without contributing anything back to the economy.

    • That tax would be less than your private ins. premiums. People would see a pay increase by having less taken out. Everyone is covered, meaning productivity would go up as millions of people are able to get treatment for whatever ailment they may have.

  4. The world would be a better place if parasitic progressives would stop eyeing other people’s money as something they are entitled to.

  5. Go watch Jimmy Dore. The democrats are the reason for bernie lost. The democrats are all bought off. Sam Seder never covers them and instead focuses only on Trump and the Republicans,

    • You’re clearly not watching the show because if you were you would know better. Btw ask Jimmy Dore if the Moon has fallen into Lake Michigan…. because the Senate did the unthinkable to Jimmy Dore and blew up the filibuster. (Gasp) What a shock that must be to Jimmy Dore fans!

    • Yes, Jimmy Dore will tell you that the real enemy is the Democrats, not the Republicans. Jimmy made that point repeatedly during the election, and then he claims no agency when Republicans win.

    • redvenomweb He’s a true scam artist… “The Dems are the most effective evil” but if the Republican wins (in this case an overtly white supremacist fascist) “it’s not my fault” it’s the fault of the Corporate Dems for being horrible! Their logic is contradictory and self defeating. They want to claim that voting green in swing states and handing the White House to fringe right wing nuts was a better option than voting for Clinton while simultaneously refusing to take any responsibility for Trump winning… Isn’t that what Jimmy Dore wanted? Shouldn’t Jimmy Dore fans take responsibility for Trump winning? Wasn’t that the plan? Right? Wasn’t Dore’s plan to throw a fit like a child and put people’s lives in danger all part of the bigger plan to make Democrats beg for Jimmy Dore’s vote? How can Democrats beg for Jimmy Dore’s vote if he won’t even accept that they partially cost the Dems the election? There’s no internal logic, rationality, or basic understanding of basic political realities by Jimmy Dore fans they live in a separate universe divorced from facts and moral considerations of one’s on actions. They live in a universe where a vote and a politician is more than a political tool, where a vote is a form of self expression or some kind of art. A universe where politicians are judged based on their character rather than their usefulness to achieve your goals. No Jill Stein is not a politician she’s an activist… politicians get elected to public office, they don’t just show up every 4 years to make false equivalences between the Dems and Republikkkans.

  6. Bernie lost the Democratic primary by 6,000,000 votes … Of course it was the Dems … And HRC beat Traitor bigot thief Trump by 2,865,000 votes … Thank the southern state’s ‘electoral college’ rule for Trump, Putin the Butcher thief’s chief operative against the American people … /-:

    • + hownow African Americans traditionally hold the Clintons in high regard, those states were at the beginning of the primaries (and with good reasons, HRC wanted to prematurely close the deal). At the beginning Sanders was relatively unknown while Clinton was a household name. The author of “The New Jim Crow” Michelle Alexander describes what it meant to the African American communities that the Clintons in the 90s went to their communities, in their churches, that no other presidential candidate had done that. (Bill Clinton was called the first black president). Plus there might be a cultural factor – valuing loyalty because of the oppression. Plus maybe a more poor and older electorate (those who participate in elections and primaries), meaning they depend more on the MSM for their information (so not much info about Sanders).

      In the California primary 1 million votes were not counted when the results were announced (and those votes had not been counted one month later, I do not know if there ever was a result).

      If the primaries would be repeated now (if they will be repeated if the runs in 2020) – it would be a completely different picture.

      As for the electoral college – Clinton and her campaign KNOW how the system works

    • +hownow Dems and the GOP are FINANCED by pretty much the same Big Donors. Who do not want the boat rocked. (like raising doubt among the unwashed masses about the domestic corruption of the integrity of elections – no Russians needed for that). And the most important task of Dems is NOT to WIN elections – they must keep any progressive movement away from power, that would be bad for profits. Big Donors will take care of ex-politicians (incl. those maybe losing their seats) if they were obedient while in office.

      Another aspect: the election was lost by very few votes in the Rust Belt states – 80,000 votes in total if I remember correctly. Which begs the question if this is a succes of operation Crosscheck. Or if the electronic voting machines were manipulated – by the Repbulicans – no need for any Russian intervention for that (see reports about students demonstrating how easy it is to hack them – they showed it to ? WaPo). Or the Congressional Hearing in 2004 where programmer Clinton Curtis testified, that he had been asked by his company to write an amendment to code that would allow the rigging of such machines (first he thought that he was asked to play Devils Advocate, finding weaknesses. So he came up with the code, plus how to fix those loops, how to make visible ANY manipulation. Then he was told to his shock, no we want code that will make the manipulation invisible. According to his testimony that was intended to change the results of South Florida, and ordered by the then speaker of the house in Florida, a Republican. He could not say if that was used – he left the company shortly after.

      Funny how the Democrats can’t be bothered to howl about THAT. They just throw a tantrum when emails are published that reveal the truth – emaisl that were most likley leaked by a DNC insider.

    • You say “ran up the score in the south” as if Democrats in the south are less meaningful, just like Bernie did. And that why Bernie didn’t win a Democratic primary: he’s too busy dismissing Democrats to win the nomination to lead their party.

      And for the record: Bernie was against same-sex marriage in 2006.

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