Bernie Sanders Unveils the Medicare for All Act – September 13th,2017

Join the conversation as we listen to Bernie unveil his Medicare for All Act.

Info from Capitol News
Bernie Sanders livestream

Sen. Bernie Sanders invites you to join him as he unveils the details of his Medicare for All Act on Wednesday. Watch the press conference live, tomorrow afternoon at 2 p.m.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first called on Congress to guarantee medical care as a fundamental human right in 1944. Ever since, it has been the goal of progressives to establish a universal health care system for all Americans. Tomorrow, we will take an important step toward that dream.

“Every other major country on Earth has accomplished this objective. It is time that the United States join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care as a right,” Bernie said.

“We have the most expensive, bureaucratic, wasteful and ineffective health care system in the world,” Bernie said, noting 28 million Americans remain uninsured. “Every man, woman and child in our country should be able to access the health care they need regardless of their income. The only long-term solution to America's health care crisis is a single-payer national health care program.”

Groups throughout Vermont and the nation are supporting Bernie’s Medicare-for-all legislation, including Rights and Democracy, Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility, Vermont Health Care for All and Vermont-NEA.

Share your story: Tell Bernie why you think it's time to guarantee health care to all Americans

Wednesday, 2 p.m.: Live stream of Bernie’s introduction of the Medicare for All Act of 2017

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Bernie Sanders Unveils the Medicare for All Act – September 13th,2017

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