Bernie Sanders Teaches Chuck Todd A Lesson On Medicare For All

In this Majority Report clip, Chuck Todd thought he was really going to nail Bernie Sanders on this one…

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"Chuck Todd continued either his devil's advocate impression or his snarky corporatist modal as he attempted to malign Bernie Sanders' push for single-payer Medicare for All. Todd seemed to be pushing the Right Wing false narrative to Medicare for all for which Bernie Sanders summarily schooled him on the reality of the program.

We have been discussing our health care system for decades. Journalists and politicians know just about everything there is to know about the healthcare industry. As such it is incumbent on journalists to ask the right questions and provide the correct narrative. In other words, they should not allow fallacies even to get a hearing.

Bernie Sander did a great job in answering Chuck Todd. He once again pointed out that the insurance administrative costs are 18+ percent (the reality is more) while it is around 2% for Medicare for all which would save north of $500 billion a year.

He then pointed out that negotiating prices down on prescription drugs would be another huge saving, something that Obamacare did not do as it had to make concessions to get the bill through. Bernie then pointed out how much employers and employees would save not having the arcane system we now have."*

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Bernie Sanders Teaches Chuck Todd A Lesson On Medicare For All

33 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Teaches Chuck Todd A Lesson On Medicare For All

  1. 700 billion extra for the military, even more than Trump asked for …. No problem. No questions asked. Healthcare, subsidized state college….. HOW ARE YOU GOING TO PAY FOR IT?!?!?

  2. As a Brit, I just cant comprehend why this debate is taking place. Just do universal healthcare. Why do so many Americans fight for the right to have no rights?

    • The confluence of racism and corporatism. This is about not wanting to give those who are considered lesser than benefits. In America we live with the myth of the struggling poor white person who just needs some help and the undeserving black and brown person who are just drains on the system. It’s also about giving handouts to large corporations, in this case private insurance companies. We create middle men who actually are drains on the system and those groups have/take enough to pay for our elected officials. Racism and greed.

    • Most Americans would absolutely love free health care, they just despise the idea of helping to pay for their neighbor’s healthcare

    • The man who says he fights for the people:
      -never had an 8 hour job
      -left a collage in bankruptcy (and stole 200 000$ from it)
      -pays only 13% in tax (half of Trump’s percentage)
      -owns multiple houses
      -gets paychecks from tax dollars
      -took in $46,000 in Social Security benefits despite the fact that he earned $156,000 as a US Senator

  3. The NHS budget is around $160 Billion to cover 65 million people.

    You save around $500 billion in admin costs…. NHS style system for over 200 million people.

    I work in the NHS, I have worked in a few healthcare systems, the NHS is objectively better than the American system.

  4. If you’re so worried about needing more money for Healthcare, 1) cut the insane 800 billion dollar a year defense department budget, and 2) tax investments such as stocks and bonds as you would actual property and you’d have more than enough money to fund healthcare.

  5. That video from 87 is not showing that whole part of that discussion either. Bernie goes on to explain how to do it without bankrupting the country. It is taken out of context.

  6. The corporation insurance companies are nothing but GREEDY ! GREEDY ! GREEDY ! GREEDY ! GREEDY ! GREEDY ! ASSHOLES ! And they need to go away forever !

  7. Here in New Zealand we have universal single payer for decades. My doctor visit is around $35 and a flat $8 prescription fee (children are free). Our government drug buyer pays around half the cost of drugs the US does for the same items. I’m on the average wage and pay just 20% income tax. So, if we (and dozens of other democracies) can do it, why can’t the richest country on earth do it? Because you run healthcare as a for-profit business, not an essential service for citizens, like all others.

  8. Hell yea Sam, this is what I’m talking about! Keep on criticizing the BS framing of the mainstream media on Medicare for All, on Bernie!!

  9. 1) Medicare for All will get rid of ALL premiums. Historic DECREASE in premiums. *100% cut!*
    2) Insurance CEOs and their burocracy and their bribes for Congress & their expensive advertisement campaigns would sink to zero = A trillion dollars saved right there.
    3) Easier for all to change jobs.
    4) Easier for anyone to start a new business.
    5) Less costs for ALL business!

  10. Sam Seder is not a leftist, he’s a right winger. His laughter is canned laughter, his “comments” are smply to call attention to right wing talking points. The content of this video is simply to shift the debate to where the right-wing donors want it to be.

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