Bernie Sanders Shreds Trump’s Anti-Medicare for All Fear-Mongering

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Bernie Sanders Shreds Trump's Anti-Medicare for All Fear-Mongering

62 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Shreds Trump’s Anti-Medicare for All Fear-Mongering

  1. This video is a segment from *Episode 164* of *The Humanist Report* podcast. If you don’t want to wait, you can watch the entire episode right NOW—before it hits YouTube—by becoming a $5 Patreon patron! Otherwise, the rest of this episode will be up on this YouTube channel on October 23rd. Enjoy the show!

    • So much for American freedom i have a 2g weed charge in a red state and i was gonna see if i could move cases to the west coast when i was gonna straight up hitch hike all the way there and apparently im trapped in my county till it case is over in over a year

      Yes i know this has nothing to do with the above comments IDGAF

  2. As Senior on Medicare I want the expanded Medicare, right now we have dental and vision coverage because my husband, who’s retirement age, is still working and we have coverage through his employer but when he retires we will no longer have dental and vision coverage unless we get expanded Medicare.

    • Government is not your Daddy…I’m 60 years old and never had to go to the hospital…but I also live in reality and know I could get sick at any time and get hit with huge medical costs that aren’t covered because of the type of system we have. You sir are the gullible fool thinking disease…sickness…or a costly operation can’t be in you’re future at some time that could wipe you out…worse then a gold digging wife. Again taxes aren’t evil if used for the right reasons…but to many stupid Americans keep voting against their own interest. Like the right wing who worshiped their god…Reagan…who blew up the government and spending, but not for the advantage for the working class. And the same with the Bush’s and their right wing cabinet…costing the average workers more because of their nonsense…and nothing for the average citizens.
      This Ayn Rand fantasy doesn’t exist…so its time to wake up and put people in office who will use your tax dollars for things that benefit the ‘average Joe/Jane’. I was lucky enough to travel overseas and met people from places like Sweden…Norway…Denmark…Australia…and the many people I was able to talk to were very happy with their government and their social programs and would not want to change it in the least. Americans been brainwashed with MSM on all sides telling them how bad these things are…because that’s what their corporate overlords want. They want your tax dollars going for war…bail outs…tax breaks for the elites…Corporations…I’m saying vote for people who will use your tax dollars to help the average people. Its your choice have your taxes work for you and a better life or have it work for the fat cats for their benefits, its time for America to wake up and vote for their own interest and stop listening to right wing and neo-lib. propaganda that infected MSM.

    • So you don’t want /need health insurance? It costs less than current system. You are ok paying more money as long as it goes into a billionaires pocket, but not pay less if it might possibly help out a fellow citizen. Why? Taxes need to be spent effectively. To solve the big problems that are not being solved by the markets. Healthcare does not benefit from profit motive imo. You would rather pay 10,000 to insurance than 2,500 to govt as an example. I would even pay more if it meant everyone was covered and I would not have to deal with the whole health insurance industry anymore. You think the gov’t is evil. What are Your thoughts on the health insurance industry? Which do you think we have a greater chance of holding accountable?

    • Jack Dono i am against the so call health insurance industry.Their no different than the evil corrupt government that allows evil GMO poison foods to be sold in the grocery store.Like i said before government is incapable of looking out for our health and well being.The real solution is to go back to a healthy clean organic world with real healthy organic foods,not this chemically laced garbage fake artificial crap foods that we are getting in the grocery stores that causes all the health problem in today’s world,putting a complete ban on GMO foods would solve most of the health problems in the U.S.,no more toxic chemicals allowed in are drink water would solve the problem too.People need to take personal responsibility for them selves.No magic pill is going to give you real healthcare,your real healthcare is the type of food you eat and the water you drink,that’s all you really need for real health and longevity.

    • +Government Is Not Your Daddy sounds great until you get sick. Good luck. I agree our food and water is a disaster and needs to be addressed as well. That does not in any way mean we do not need healthcare. If you get hit by a bus your healthy food is not going to reattach your arm.

  3. Many here are right , Bernie should of been president , but he isn’t and me & my mentally challenged son will be homeless again at the end of this month because of housing funding cuts at the same time FB kicked me off for the last 2 or 3 months . I can’t even let people know what has happened and my son is gay as well #MikeFigueredo . I don’t know if you remember us but when we were homeless a year ago you or someone with #THR sent us I believe $30.oo or so .
    My son Joshua is 25 y/o biracial , progressive , intelligent , gay , proud & can not deal with cops , doctors , store clerks , you know life and people , but when we are homeless he must deal with all of them and more ,,,,,,, that is when he gets real dark & he thinks killing himself because he can’t deal and there is little if any help from our safetynet any longer .
    Keep doing what you do young man & I hope to stay in touch with the progressive on youtube at the public library if we don’t find something affordable soon .
    😉 Peace 🙂 & <3 Love <3 to all in need and those who don't know they need some ! 😛

  4. Unfortunately calling people who are happy with their current insurance “selfish” isn’t going to turn them to our side. The easiest argument to run with is to accept their position and run a hypothetical test with it: what happens to a private plan in a post-Medicare for All US healthcare system?

    Their private plan must now compete with both the costs and benefits of M4A, either reducing their costs, increasing their benefits, both, or their plan gets canceled and they become enrolled on M4A because it’s better and cheaper. All are improvements.

    Costs across the board are reduced through M4A’s negotiations and lower overhead, resulting in reductions in prescription drug costs for private plans as well.

    The lack of uninsured people and increased preventative care reduces taxpayer burdens on ER visits, reducing overall health expenses and therefore reducing risk in the public and private sectors of healthcare, reducing premiums.

    You can build a complete argument how M4A improves private and public US healthcare alike without shaming anyone who might be misinformed and/or likes their current plan.

  5. I’m glad to hear this. I just complained about this in another thread. Without a public rebuttal from a well known source Trump gets away with his crap.

    • +Harry Mann Jr lets rephrase that. All taxes are evil unless they help those who pay into it. Funding illegal wars, patriot act, CIA illegal overwatch of american citizens, meddling in other countries elections. Yes, then I would agree, THOSE taxes, which republicans and democrats unilaterally support are indeed evil and certainly do not help the american people.

    • +Harry Mann Jr Bernie is not authorize to raise any taxes and reality shows a current president has signed bill for the 1%. You like make up an argument on a ridiculous taxes sleep over it.

  6. “We don’t have enough time to cover all of Trump’s lies, so you’ll have to deal with our dishonest framing of people being happy with the current system”

  7. It’s pathetic that we live in one of the most developed countries on the planet and we still can’t even agree on the most basic concept that healthcare should be a basic right that everyone in our country gets! Pathetic!

  8. And just to add, like in the UK, the NHS covers everybody, rich or poor… But if some people who can afford it, can choose to have private medical instead, that is your choice…

  9. No you don’t get it, they’re not lying, there IS less choice, as in you would no longer have to choose between paying for healthcare or feeding your children, #Bernie2020

  10. As someone from the UK I can confirm having healthcare as a right free at the point of use is pretty fucking lit. There’s still private healthcare here, but it’s an extreme rarity, because the NHS is right on every doorstep in the country. We still have all the options and everyone is covered regardless. Go ahead and get your own NHS together, America. You won’t look back. We haven’t looked back since 1948.

    • The NHS works better than the American system because EVERYONE who pays taxes contributes money to it. Everyone pays for everyone’s healthcare and because taxes are means tested those who are wealthier contribute more to the system. If you are wealthy and want better coverage, guess what.. PRIVATE HEALTHCARE IS AVAILABLE TOO! You still contribute your taxes to the NHS but if you want to get the very best treatment you can pay towards your private GP’s new Ferrari in exchange for getting the best healthcare money can buy.

      In America currently only those who can afford insurance contribute to the system, and they go through insurers as a middleman, one that tries to weasel out of paying up at every opportunity. Insurance companies are so rich because they TAKE MORE MONEY FROM YOU THAN THEY PROVIDE TO YOUR HEALTHCARE.

  11. You guys wanna know something funny? You know how real lefties/progressives Americans take the UK NHS (medicare4all. universal health care) used to be and still is unkillable as an example cos its proven fact. They (UK NSH) have been so under funded by each party (Blair Labour and Conservatives/Tories) that now its performing less then its best. Now the Corbyn’s Labour is making its mission to make it (NHS) great again which is why todays labour is assured the next premiership but the ruling elite is doing all they can it won’t happen. #JeremyCobynnextUKPM

    • I never said they weren’t. Canada’s health service is awesome just like all of EU, Australia other countries. I was just pointing out in six continents and many countries within either they are smarter then US or the middle class and lower class in US don’t see the benefit of NOT seeing the colour fellow class but know if come together they can achieve a lot.

    • Not everyone is an dimwit. Most of us leaned 1+1 and 1-1. If you asked me how could we can afford healthcare. 1 how do you pay for all the wars in every continent US is pursuing? 2 How do you afford tax cuts to the top 10%? The answer is easy if you ever took a class in economics or knew how to calculate.

    • Yes, Obama is a corporate puppet just like Donnie Tinyhands. If you believe in Trump, you’re just as foolish as those who believe in Obama! LOL

  12. Healthcare is not an issue for debate, I’m surprised that still some people debating it, it’s an human right, so is the education, living wage. We criticize China Russia and Middle East , they all have some kind of public healthcare and free higher education for all, we are falling behind because of our politicians in the pocket of big corporations.

  13. “Socialized healthcare would take away your choice!”

    Die from what should be an easily preventable medical condition or go bankrupt from medical bills….is that the choice you’re referring to?

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