Bernie Sanders Says ‘Medicare for All’ is NOT a Litmus Test—He’s Wrong!

With the introduction of his 'Medicare for All' bill looming, Bernie Sanders was asked whether or not it should be a "litmus test" for Democrats, and Bernie Sanders said it should not. He did, however, say—with the way public support is moving towards 'Medicare for All'—they might not be able to win in the near future without supporting it. Still, Bernie Sanders claims it's not a litmus test, and he's wrong here. Sorry, Bernie.


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Bernie Sanders Says ‘Medicare for All’ is NOT a Litmus Test—He’s Wrong!

31 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Says ‘Medicare for All’ is NOT a Litmus Test—He’s Wrong!

  1. Quick question. What do you think of the idea of Nina Turner as a running mate for Bernie? I like the idea of them running together. Or maybe even her running if he doesn’t.

    • My only concern with Nina is she has never held federal office before (Of course she’s still far more qualified than Trump) and I don’t think she has much name recognition outside of progressives who follow politics closely. But I would definitely support Nina Turner for prez / VP, or Tulsi Gabbard.

  2. Noone even talked about universal health care until Bernie. He is my hero. We are the only major developed country to not have it. We pay the most for prescription drug costs .

    • Hillary Clinton supported universal healthcare in the 1990s but then she sold out to the corporate donors. This probably happened before you were born so you are excused for not remembering.

    • Well, John Conyers has been introducing HR676 in the House every year since 2003 so he deserves some credit for that. And there have always been presidential candidates who supported single payer (like Dennis Kucinich in 2004 & 2008) but it seems almost no one knew what it was until the past couple of years.

    • + Novusod I think it was a political project for her, something that would benefit the reputation of her husband and build her brand. Nothing wrong with that – although real passion for the cause would carry you farther (especially when there is stiff oppostion) and might achieve a better deal for the little people. She and Bill came from the tradition of working with the insiders, the “machine”. Making deals, talking to powerful people. Maybe to get things FOR the unwashed masses, but not to achieve it WITH the plebs. I think she did at least some speaking events, maybe a tour. (and she had the assistance of Sanders then, who was in Congress).
      Now, the powerful special interests were not about to roll over meekly. They attacked her – unfairly – and pandered to sexism of course. Everything they thought that could distract from the message and undermine her credibility or sympathy with the public.

      And the media gladly assisted by not having a substantiated debate. And in the 90s it was much harder to circumvent them. Well I guess Clinton could have made her own Radio show, and build public support over time – that would have been the strategy of someone with a passion for the cause, willing to play the long game (as opposed to go for some seemingly low hanging fruits and pull off a politcal win).

      She is ambitious, so I guess the defeat hurt – but that is nothing compared to the harm done to the voters. Empathy and passion could have given her the energy to pursue that topic longer. – That alone would have secured her the presidency in 2016.
      She got defeated, pulled off some programs for kids (at least that) – moved on and never looked back. She and Bill continued to be powerful figures in the party – but they did not touch the issue anymore.

      “This country will never, ever have universal healthcare ! ”
      Clinton in 2016 when the concept became more and more popular and KNOWN.

      She said that with a lot of emphasis, almost in a triumphant manner. (Expressing regret or worry that the U.S. might not be ready for what the rest of the wealthy countries have, would have sounded differently).

      Maybe it was the frustration that Sanders stole her thunder all the time – that he had the issues that really interested and moved people – and which forced her to react to it or to amend her message.

      And maybe envy that HE could be able to pull off where she was defeated in the 90s.

      Considering the tone and the body language of that “outburst” – this was about her and her bruised ego – never mind the people who are worried, desperate, lost loved one due to lack of coverage or timely treatment.
      It was not the statement of a person who really, really wants their fellow citizens to enjoy the benefits of good healthcare like the citizens of all other wealthy nations.

  3. I think that he is being realistic, per the opening of this video. He said that it will be a litmus test in the future; but, now it is not. People will still vote democratic, if they view them as not republicans; regardless of a Medicare for all stance. He’s not even 1% wrong. As more people become educated or feel the pain of medical expense, it will become one; but, it is not one, now ( on the whole). Look at how many voters should have voted for Jill Stein. Many voters will hit their default/audible button for a potential winner in the absence of their ideal candidate.

  4. There’s a great story in the news today, Hillary’s new political memoir accuses Bernie Sanders of being responsible for her character assassination! Let’s have a video on this…i need the laughs. 😎

    • but bernie is responisible for hillary’s character assassination!
      she rigged the primaries against bernie because she knew she couldn’t win against him, and that’s why the democrats lost the easiest election in american history to dimwit jerk tinyhands.
      if she lost the primaries as she should have, nobody would care to assassinate her character, so it’s obviously bernie’s fault for not being treated fairly…

      enough sports for today, corporate mind gymnastics is exhausting.

  5. Bernie wasn’t wrong. He said, in a roundabout way, that it is. I heard no such assurance. He said its not a litmus test but good luck getting elected without supporting it.

    By saying he doesn’t think they would get elected without supporting it, he’s confirming it’s a soft test.

    Mike’s disappointing on this… It’s why foreign films are better than ours. Bernie is definitely intimating that he believes voters would choose not to support it… Doing EXACTLY what you said he should say.

  6. Vote Green Party! Since Wikileaks confirmed our worst fears, and the DNC lawsuit, the DNC response. The Democrats are irrelevant.

  7. According to the video, the voters should decided what is/isn’t a litmus test. That is what Bernie said. Is it a litmus test? No, voters should look at where candidates stand on the issues. If a voter wants to make it (any single issue) a litmus test, fine. If not, fine too. That’s exactly what he said, IMO.

  8. Bernie showed his true colors when he endorsed Hillary and went on the unity tour. Bernie could have joined the Green Party and run at the top of the ticket but sold out instead. That was a real scumbag move. I cannot understand how true progressives trust Bernie or Elizabeth Warren anymore. I have been thinking this way for some time.

    • Because they’re not ‘true’ progressives – more like neo-progressive – ok with the war machine killing millions of people on lies, not ok with politicians voting against single payer

  9. It’s a litmus test. I don’t just want Democrats jumping on the bandwagon to keep their seats; I want believers. In that way, I appreciate what Bernie said. Reassure those corporate dems. Lull them into a false sense of security so that we will know who they are and vote their bought-and-paid-for a$$es out of office.

  10. Russian “Mike” doesn’t give a crap about Bernie Sanders, he’s NOT a “Progressive.” He’s a paid alt-right to skew reality for those rightfully feel a “Progressive” platform is good. THIS site is dedicated to subverting American democratic processes & confusing those with this well funded alt-right charade. Notice “Mischa’ ALWAYS attacks Dems. F this website and F “Mike” well funded Russian & paid trolls who ‘like’ this BS. thank you.

  11. I do not trust Mr. Bernie Sanders, he leading blind sheep over the mountain. So far that is what he is saying and doing. Look at the history . Vote for. my friend Hillary. . right?

  12. Forget single-payer. Make having an anti-war stance the litmus test. They would throw a bigger fit over that. War is the corporate state’s bread and butter.

  13. Here we see the flaws of Sanders, who is still too much in bed with the Democratic Party. After so many years the American left (including the Democratic Socialists of America) still hold on to a neoliberal party that promotes capitalism.

  14. Trump and the Republicans want the poor to realize that healthcare is only for the rich and that any help that the poor get to pay for healthcare ultimately costs rich people money and they don’t like that. Besides all the new jobs are going to the robots and they don’t need healthcare so the poor just need to remove themselves from the equation.

  15. This is an example of Bernie Sanders being an enabler. The Democrats. Are alcoholics addicted to donor cash. He needs to let them face the consequences.

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