Bernie Sanders Pushes HARDER for Medicare for All Amid CNN’s Propaganda

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Bernie Sanders Pushes HARDER for Medicare for All Amid CNN’s Propaganda


64 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Pushes HARDER for Medicare for All Amid CNN’s Propaganda

    • +Fatlittle Kid
      When as a kid growing up in the 1960’s the predominate industry was Logging AND Sawmills. Still is.
      Then 1 of 3 jobs were UNION. I grew up in a UNION house. Those that were not UNION made good money too. Health care, retirement pension also was union benefit as the unions forced companies to full coverage.
      Over the years Republicans stripped unionism calling it SOCIALISM, even as a UNION
      worker I bought into what Republicans said.
      I, along with many other millions of AMERICANS started voting Republican. And since 1980 unionism in the USA has gone from 1 American in 3 to 1 in 8 workers now 2018.
      I quit my Union job in 1980. Worked non-union Sawmills for 30 years more. Over that 30 years I saw my wages go down and down. I saw my health benefit go from $ 20 dollars a visit to $ 1250 dollar deductible per year, per family member. Yes, every member of the family even the children had to spend $ 1250 dollars befire insurance would pay. While the Sawmill owner was making $ 5 million in profit, every month with 110 workers. I saw mandatory overtime, 10 hour Workdays and Saturday. Forced.
      I saw the worst workers move up brownosers get the best jobs. And finally I saw excellent workers fired when they wanted Saturdays off because of their young children.
      Republicanism – I voted for republicans for 30 years until it became clear in 2005…they care not about the common worker. They represent the rich. The rich don’t care about the worker. The rich care about one thing. Money.
      Republicanism is vile, evil and self serving. This I know….. it has gotten much worse in the USA since Republicans became
      dominate- they cater solely to the rich. That money supports the propaganda machine.
      Republicanism is corruption and greed.

  1. Recently read where total medical cost for the American people is just over $47.2 trillion over 10 years (includes out-of-pocket costs), while the Koch Bros. report showed a cost of $32.4 trillion with zero out-of-pocket cost for the American people using Medicare for all. I think TJDS (Jimmy Dore) showed this on a recent video as well. Seems like that savings using this chart exceeds stated $2 trillion over 10 years.

    One needs to remember the MSM receives huge sums of money from private insurance and pharmaceutical companies … meaning they would be losing out on all that advertising if Medicare for all goes through.

    This is mainly about money lost by the MSM and our politicians … not the cost for the American people. We so need politicians that care more for their constituents than their donors!

  2. universal healthcare isn’t free, everyone who has it call it tax payer funded. we know we pay for it and are happy to, especially when you look at your system in the US

    • Clint Holmes Telling people it will cost them nearly 40% of their paycheck, and not mentioning the pay cut of 40% for medical professionals makes a majority of people reject it. The only people who are cool with this scenario are losers who don’t pay much taxes anyway and YouTube junkies like you.

    • SkyTech RTS You need sources. Your “dudebro” response doesnt cut it.

      “Whoa! Dude, are you not hip to socialism? Man, what a loser, bro!”

    • It’s free insofar as K-12 is free. That is to say, it’s available for everyone regardless of income. I think most who support universal healthcare know it’s not literally free, just like K-12 isn’t literally free.

    • Hey, Fat Kid! How do you pay for your healthcare?
      Do you get healthcare, to the same standard, if you don’t pay?
      Now, call that insurance premium a tax and you have your answer.

  3. Meanwhile when the GOP/Dems push for various wars, cut protections and social programs like VA healthcare….. *_crickets_*

    • lostecho1125. I am not denying the US being in Iraq, perhaps they are, as they should be. I just assumed they were pulled out, since they did not fight ISIS, when they occupied 1/3 of Iraq. So sad to hear that US forces were there, and let it happen. It really shows how bad a prez Obama was. He was truly evil then. Did not know that it was so bad. I thought the US was pulled out.

    • The countries that use the type of healthcare you want, some even pay for their own military, the US pays for their military!

    • Fatlittle Kid

      I don’t know what you think ‘permanent’ means, but two fucking decades of war is permanent. WW2 was 6 years. There’s no objective, because there is no end to the war. It’s permanent.

  4. I get driven up a wall by people who tell me that healthcare isn’t a right and that we should stop trying to help poor people because it’s their fault they’re poor and should just accept the consequences of their actions.

    • Teenkitsune. Sorry, but the justice dems are vague and have no plan, just state they want to tax the 1% and Corporations, and put more Money in the Pocket of the middle class. Bernie has a taxplan that gives tax-cut for everybody earning up to 200-250 000. That means taxcut for 90%. And the same critisism as Trumps pland got, is valid here. If a person earning 20 000 gets 200 less in tax, and the one earning 50 000 gets 4 000 less in tax, the gap between the two widens. It’s not that you are evil, just not have anything concrete, well thought out politcies.

    • Fatlittle Kid Then you’re not listening well. Plus how does taxing the poor less mean the gap widens? It sounds like you just want to argue because so far you’re skipping facts, ignoring points, and your counter arguments make no sense. You’re essentially saying “if you give poor people money, they will be even poorer” which makes no sense! I’m done talking to you, you clearly lack comprehension skills and it’s driving me crazy.

    • If healthcare is a right, then why can’t you offer someone medical advice and treatment? That’s denying them their human right! If someone goes to school for medical training, stays up late nights to pass exams and is shackled with Student Loan debt, you think you have a right to their services?! Why don’t you go to school for a profession and we’ll all demand it’s our right to have it

    • Armando De Los Santos That is one of the most ridiculous straw mans I’ve ever heard. And by the way, we’re also sick of the outrageous student loan programs creating debt for students and want tuition free public colleges. I’m so sick of having to over explain everything because people like you take everything progressives say out of context, and I’m sick of all the straw mans as to why the wealthiest country in the history of the world can’t have basic things that every other developed western nation takes for granted like your neighbors up north.

    • Armando De Los Santos what a violent imagination you have. Look up the pie chart showing US military expenditure vs all other programs. I’m sure you’ll approve.

    • Tapper doesn’t get embarrassed since he’s a sociopath like Chris Hayes and Racheal Maddow they feel no empathy or remorse for the harm the do to our nation.

  5. We will get Medicare For All we just have to get the boomers out of power. It will happen sooner than peoplethink I really believe this.

  6. Saying the USA cant afford medicare for all is ludicrous. It’s the equivalent to saying: Hey, I cant afford switching to a 10 dollar a month phone bill plan, its too expensive! Lets keep the 50 dollar a month plan instead.

    • +Aesithair Runekafi no that’s not what it’s like at all. It’s more like “oh you can’t afford to pay for healthcare for all with the money you have after taxes, don’t worry we’ll just double your current tax rates and take it from there!”

    • +Armando De Los Santos the plan says but we don’t have to. Our taxes have just been used for the wrong reasons such as the war that has cost 5x more to fund, bailouts, tax cuts, etc.

    • +B noza the social services you speak of will cost $2.1 trillion dollars this year and the military will cost $689 billion. You got your numbers mixed up

    • Even if america have medicare for all, I doubt it will get as cheap as other developing country. American coporation is too corrupted and america pays their health care worker better. But at least it’ll cut the cost significantly. But obviously it also mean more tax.

    • +Vahaki Walahu it’s government interference that raises prices and lowers quality. Proven fact. Get government out of medicine, prices go down and quality goes up. Known fact

    • so no defense for the american lives you want to keep taking every year in the name of profit? no surprise ,because there isn’t one, your words have made the case for you , you are the bad guy

    • +robert66michel Kinda funny that instead of wasting time on net, you can save them. You do not want to do it. You are just jealous that others have what you were not able to accomplish. You see their wealth and you get a heart ache. Communists killed millions of people. No matter how much you screech, it won’t be coming back on American soil. USA fought National Socialists and it will fight it again. You on other hand are free to be a traitor.

    • you do nothing but lie and misrepresent , while i continue my recovery, before going back to a real life, you are a russian traitor

  7. “We should note, for what it’s worth, that Jake Tapper is NOT journalist, just another of the dishonest tools for the obscenely wealthy.”

    • It still breaks my brain that an actual president (sketchy election) of the actual United States (very divided), actually said the words “space force”….

    • +Fatlittle Kid michio kaku, theoretical physicist. But he’d say the same thing I would. There is no conceivable way we could amass any sort of “force” in space, even if the entire plant was unified in doing so, that would have any relevance compared to some advanced alien race that could show up here.

    • Tehblood. Sure, theoretical physicist. Seems legit anyway. And even if he says we cannot defend us against smarter beings from other planets, should we not try to safeguard us, and progress in it? Learn by doing, progress happens. And a spaceforce will also increase the monitoring of asteroids that hurl towards Our planet, and give us a defence mechanism against that. And as I understand it, it is highly likely that asteroids will eventually hit us, and there are theese smaller meteorites, that his us all the time, and they can make massive damage if the hit populated areas. A fireball hitting NY will be more devastating than 9/11. I think 8 billion is a small price to safeguard US against that.

    • I just Wish We Could Stop The Open Border Campaign ,I’m Ok with Medicare For All .But People Would Pour n2 Our Country Illegally Also With The Economy Doing Pretty Good ,With Medicare All Can We have a Wall I’m a Independent Who Wants a Wall.I’m anti War ,Against Illegal Immigration,Mass Immigration,The Russia Myth I want Sanctions Lifted off Russia ,Im Fine With Medicare Obama Care was a Disaster that Fucked My Health Care Up .

  8. “I swear, the Koch brothers did not influence our study in any way, just like their funding doesn’t affect any politician’s policies….”

    – Well… If you say so, how can I argue with that?

    • The5armdamput33 Youd need to produce voting records, funding records, and clear proof that a political donation acrually changed a persons vote. Then we can have a discussion, until then, I can simply say Bernie takes money from corps.

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