Bernie Sanders, Progressives Push Medicare For All

TYT Politics Producer Emma Vigeland ( ) did a YouTube Live report on the news that Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with other progressives like Rep. Keith Ellison, will begin a push for Medicare for all Americans in the wake of Donald Trump's failed healthcare bill.

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Bernie Sanders, Progressives Push Medicare For All

66 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Progressives Push Medicare For All

  1. This is so exciting! Thank you for sharing and giving us a little bit of hope. I am also happy my representative Emanuel Cleaver in Kansas city is behind this. Thank you.

    • +budderfly1965
      He actually would have done pretty well in the rust belt because he’s got middle class credibility and was against the trade deals which devastated the region. Two things which Hillary could not claim.

    • Kite_Sunday too bad the DNC and a Democrat candidate and her campaign cheated and screwed him out of the primary. Then he rolled over and sold out his supporters by trying to hand them over on a silver platter to the same person who cheated him and screwed him over. Sad…

    • She is now but wasn’t originally. Shows the importance of videos like this calling her out. she is generally good but important to keep up the pressure to keep her on the ball.

    • I know Rep Tulsi has been an extremely dedicated supporter of single payerfor years. She alsp is a defender of her state’s universal health care Aloha Care which they have had for decades. I would find it incredibly hard to believe that she was against medicare for all and caved to pressure from myself and others who called/emailed. She has a track record of being a prominent advocate for single payer, and as expected, she has cosponsored this bill too.

    • I would not hold that against anybody. Also the plus side of the military, every time there is a conflict, it’s your life and limb being risked so they may lean on people who are less hawkish.

    • It is also FALSE. Emma needs to at least attempt to check her facts before she goes around damaging people’s reputation. Rep. Tulsi has been a STRONG advocate for single payer for years, and she IS A COSPONSOR on the bill. A simple phone call, or email like the ones I did would have been enough for Emma to be able to confirm that Gabbard is a cosponsor. However Emma strongly dislikes Tulsi Gabbard, so she lets her bias interfere with her journalism and run without checking facts.

    • Tulsi is a cosponsor on the medicare for all Bill. Emma facts are flat out wrong. She needs to issue a correction. Additionally Rep Gabbard has been a strong supporter for single payer for years. She lives in the first state to have universal healthcare and she is a HUGE supporter of it nationally. A moment’s worth of research on Emma’s part could ensured her journalistic credibility remained in tact, but Emma has an axe to grind with Tulsi for some reason and lets that influence her journalism, even to the point of spending half a video asserting sinister reasons for someone not supporting a bill that they are in fact a cosponsor on. I saw this video and went ahead and called as well as emailed. Tulsi wrote me back letting me know that YES she is a cosponsor and of course continues to support single payer.

    • If it had to update it means she was not an original co-sponsor so yes that’s not good on her part. But good that she realised her error and joined the Bill (but do need videos like this to keep her honest).

    • Emma really has some baseless dislike for Tulsi Gabbard. I think it is because she resents the fact that Tulsi showed herself to be more progressive and more willing to do the right thing even if it hurts her politically than Emma’s idol Sen Warren. Tulsi consistently is on the right side, while Warren sometimes is, and crucially , like in the primary, Warren sides with the establishment rather than the people. Emma and Jordan seem to have an ongoing argument about Warren and I think Tulsi is a point in Jordan and progressives favor.

    • +Anna Deetz or she thinks her voting record isn’t as progressive as it could be. Like she said. Well done missing the point. Taking a year to cops onesie if she has, for all you know this video or ones like it may have persuaded her but I can’t find a statement from her supporting it.

    • It doesn’t take much to add your name to the list of cosponsors, so the soccer analogy is flawed. But last I heard, she signed on after Justice Democrats sent a petition (which I signed as well) to the rest of the House Dems.

    • The Dynast Queen I was email by Rep. Gabbard myself with her statement that she is in fact a cosponsor. She has been advocating single payer REALLY STRONGLY for years. In Hawaii they have universal healthcare and Tulsi is and always has been a supporter. Emma shpild have checked her facts before reporting inaccuracies.

  2. That is very disappointing that Tulsi Gabbard isn’t co-sponsoring this bill. She’s been great recently., with her bill to stop funding terrorists and nations that fund terrorists and her bill to decriminalize marijuana, but she’s got to be there for this, too, if she wants to call herself a progressive.

    • Tulsi IS a co-sponsor of the House bill. She has called for universal healthcare for ages. I’m sickened by how false news spreads on the internet!

    • Mario I have a friend who called Tulsi’s office. Tulsi most certainly is a co-sponsore; the government website is not updated. (Surprise, surprise.)

    • +Mario Quade The ADMINS of the site are slow, but that is not Tulsi’s fault. She has cosponsored it. I’ve double-checked by calling her office.

    • Well she was wrong on both counts. Tulsi has been an advocate for Single payer for years and IS A COSPONSOR. Meanwhile Sen. Warren has actually spoken out AGAINST single payer and as of yet has a record of never being for it….so….

    • +Anna I was mainly talking about the vote record. Look up the vote records on According to the legislation Warren has voted for and cosponsored, she is the most left senator. Gabbard is actually central to center left in comparison to the other representatives.

      I wasn’t aware that Warren has spoken out against single payer, I find that a little fishy.

    • Schmuck Schumer what do you mean fishy? Look it up 🙂 She has never supported it. Will she? Hopefully yes, but she is not an advocate and had spoken against it in the past. Pretty disheartening, but perhaps unsurprising considering her lack of courage in the primary and on DAPL and other issues and her right winginess on Israel. She is not the stellar progressive some make hwr our to be. Yes she is hugely strong on wall street and financial reform, but that is pretty much her one reliably progressive issue.

    • Schmuck Schumer For instance here she is speaking last year in defense of Israel murdering children and families in hospitals and schools following a missile attack that level many innocent children dead: “But when Hamas puts its rocket launchers next to hospitals, next to schools, they’re using their civilian population to protect their military assets. And I believe Israel has a right, at that point, to defend itself,” Warren said

    • snakeye808, you are referring to neo-liberal democrats not real progressives cross party lines, we support issues not politicians – most of us have done demexit so are registered I Green Party or other 3rd parties

    • +Snakeye808 Please, he gave the bullshit excuse of the pharmaceutical company that came out THE DAY BEFORE and when people found out about it, he back pedaled with more bullshit excuses. When that didn’t work, he JOINED the later bill.

  3. Tulsi may just be a moderate Democrat. Progressive on some issues, conservative on some issues and likely centrist on many as well. I would like to hear her position on healthcare and other economic and domestic issues. All I really know of her so far is 1. She resigned from the DNC to endorse Sanders. 2. Wants sensible foreign policy in the middle East and 3. Supports federal cannabis decriminalization.

  4. Emma’s opinions were always on point, but her delivery is way better than it used to be. More engaging for sure. You rock Emma.

    Note: Tulsi Gabbard is in the House. But Bernie is introducing this in the Senate. Of course she should be more vocal in support than she is, but that’s why she isn’t on the list of people supporting (or at least a plausible excuse).

    • grieske, I think you’re confusing Medicare for All with the public option. If we got Medicare for All (otherwise known as single-payer or universal healthcare), there’d be no need for the ACA because the private insurance companies would all be eliminated and replaced by the government. People would pay taxes to fund the nation’s healthcare system and the government would be the only entity funding the healthcare system, which is why some call it single-payer.

  5. Tulsi has already proven her courage and integrity. I’m not sure everyone reading this would have been able to do what she did. What does someone need to do to earn the benefit of the doubt? We know enough to not throw her into the same pile as the irredeemable liars in the DNC. Maybe you’re mistaking your disappointment for outrage.

    • +Ben Harbaugh
      This bill has not been voted on. Just because Tulsi hadn’t signed on to co-sponsor in the beginning doesn’t mean that she wasn’t going to be signing it. So she signed it and if anyone wants proof until the site updates, they can call her office.

    • Also simply because those in charge of administrative updates didn’t add her name doesn’t mean she didn’t sign on at the beginning. She confirmed to me that she was a cosponsor BEFORE it showed her name.

  6. 2008 Obama A NEW HOPE
    2018 Justice Democrats THE FORCE AWAKENS
    2020 SANDERS RETURN OF THE MOTHERFUCKIN JEDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Myballsitchsomethingfierce How about we cut the military budget in half and end tax cuts and loopholes for the rich and corporations? Do any of those policies sound interesting to you? Also, it’s not “entitlement,” if you pay into it, it’s an investment. Just like the entitlement of public schools, police, fire fighters, public roads and highway system, and the military. Do you need any more help figuring out the “complicated’ society we live in?

    • We could cut the military budget in half if we withdraw from the world, close down a majority of our overseas military bases and convince congress and the senate to vote to raise taxes on their corporate donors. Bernie wants medicare for all, including those who do not pay taxes. The workforce sits at 140 million or so, there are 320 million citizens. If the numbers added up then I would be for some of Bernie’s proposals but he fails to have clear way of paying for his proposals. Taxing the rich and corporations is a blanket statement at what rate would you tax them and how would you convince the Dems and Republicans to vote for such a thing.

  7. Emma, I think you have a personal (and inexplicable) bias against Tulsi Gabbard. You incorrectly state in this video that Tulsi has not signed on to support Medicare for All. Well that is flat out false. I am assuming you didn’t your facts right. I called all her offices and emailed. Rep. Tulsi wrote me back an hour ago letting me know that in fact she HAS signed on as cosponsor for the house bill HR676 Medicare For All. I hope you have the integrity to correct your video and send out a tweet correcting your error.

    • Amen C’mon Emma set this straight please. I live in Hawaii = Her office confirmed Rep. Tulsi HAS signed on as cosponsor for the house bill HR676 Medicare For All

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