Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Bill EXPLAINED

Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All bill has been revealed. Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, and Ron Placone, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you what’s in it. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) unveiled Wednesday a new version of his plan to give everybody government-run health insurance, potentially opening a new chapter in the ongoing debate over how to make health care in the U.S. more affordable and available.

The plan calls for an overhaul of American health insurance with a souped-up, more generous version of Medicare replacing nearly all private health insurance ― and government exerting far more control over the cost of medical care. It would arguably be the most ambitious social welfare initiative in U.S. history, but Sanders told HuffPost in an interview Tuesday that he believes America is ready for it.

“The American people are catching on to where the Republicans are coming from, they see the limitations of the Affordable Care Act and they’re looking at the alternatives,” Sanders said. “And this is a rational alternative.”

Sanders has been waging a frequently lonely crusade for this kind of universal health care since the early 1990s, when he first came to Congress. In 2013, when he introduced a previous iteration of the bill, he had no support from his colleagues. But in a clear sign of the idea’s increasing popularity, as well as Sanders’ influence within progressive politics, 16 Democratic senators are co-sponsoring the bill.”

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Jimmy Dore, Ron Placone


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Bernie Sanders' Medicare-For-All Bill EXPLAINED

40 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-For-All Bill EXPLAINED

  1. Everyone, including congress needs to be on the same insurance. If someone wants something better then they can pay for it. As a senior you don’t have the choice, they pay for their Medicare out of their social security and if they want something better they have to pay for it.

  2. Right now I’m paying 26% of my monthly income on health insurance. I would LOVE to pay only 4% !!!! That said, I do have a problem with the “undocumented” immigrants issue. Now, if these people are paying taxes, then no problem. Trouble there is, many illegals are paid cash under the table by American dirtbags who are simply out to exploit a very cheap labor source.

    • Don Post I do agree Hwvr the undocumented portion is probably in there to ensure failure of the bill or as a bargaining chip …I do not support undocumented ..start your paperwork towards citizenship , pax taxes & I don’t have a prob w either . Hwvr it’s about time employers who pay cash to these undocumented workers get serious jail time & a hefty fine . I trained plenty of foreigners to build communication towers & sites w NP . All they had to do was show/prove they were paying US taxes . 9 out of 10 were and their papers seemed in order as well .
      Peeps the tower industry is short 10,000 personnel
      Dangerous yes is ok
      Coal miners make more and is bttr regulated by Gov for safety
      Tower worker injuries ..what injuries according to WC carriers
      & OSHA not investigating work place injuries etc .
      I don’t condone coal mining Hwvr it is much safer than towers w bttr pay & benefits ..actually a pension . COMMUNICATION tower industry has had all efforts to unionize shut down by Gov’t itself ..since it was deregulated in the 90’s . This is and always has been a fraud perpetrated By George Bush
      Imagine a president deregulation coal mining & disbanding the Unions ..well this is what happened to the tower industry ..Fraud by Fed Gov w ATG’S not doing their jobs either in all the US states …No agency fought this fraud that I know of
      & the American people let the workers down …it should be regulated properly & it should be Union as it once was

    • any healthcare plan should cover everyone in the US, or its pointless. its not like illegals dont go to the hospital. if they get treatment and cant pay that raises costs for everyone.

  3. *Attention right-wingers*: you should support universal healthcare. The market — employers in this case — shouldn’t be shackled with a function of government. In other words, there’s no reason I should provide my employees with health care. That’s something we should tax individual income for.

    Universal healthcare is also great for entrepreneurship because it allows people to take more risks. People having to work at certain menial jobs they hate because of the health insurance rather pursuing a passion is causing us to lose out!!

    • Well at least she’s moved beyond calling people morons like she did to me. Congrats, Laverne! You;re getting more progressive in your attitude and comments every hour!

    • Well at least she’s moved beyond calling people morons like she did to me. Congrats, Laverne! You;re getting more progressive in your attitude and comments every hour!

    • Gilfoyle, you’re right that you shouldn’t be forced to provide health insurance. We should get rid of that requirement. Full stop. It should be part of a compensation package because it’s competitive, not because it’s being coerced. The employee should pay both halves of the insurance if he wants it.

  4. My wife has asma she needs to take an steroid every day the steroid cost with out insurance it’s $395 dollas for a month supply, with insurance it’s $95 bucks but we found the same exactly drug in México guess how much it cost? $15 dollars, $15 dollars Mexicans don’t even have to pay because they have medical insurance for free to all the working class, so you can have an idea how broken our medical system is.

    • You two should go to the manufacturer’s websites if you can’t afford your medications and they’re brand-name. They all have programs to help those in need get the medications at a reduced cost or free. But it’s people like you who just throw your hands up and don’t even bother researching what assistance there is available out there.

    • nexus1g- You mean the Shire Pharmaceuticals website about their Lialda fomulation of mesalamine? I have gotten their assistance cards before. They had a once only (for a lifetime, granted) promotion of free Lialda for one year for being a brand new patient. After that gem dries out they have the $50 co-payment card, the $20 co-payment card- those two they generally cycle between- but with those they disqualify you depending on your insurance’s deductible/co-insurance price- some insurances they disqualify outright. The only gap in insurance I had since t=0 was for a few months until I got a crappy job but held it for a while because no insurance means sick, which means unable to get a job.

      When that happened I called three regional drug reps- only 2 of which returned my calls. One said no immediately, the other told me that they cannot give that out but have a “rationed inventory for select physicians”- that’s what he said,. My doctors office was kind enough to give me two months of samples -bless them.

      I guess what I’m saying is… I didn’t throw my hands up in the air and exclaim that life sucks and I have no options. I have been pretty damn involved in the process of ensuring my physical well-being. So now what is the reason I am wrong, lazy, or a snowflake?

    • Truncated version since the paragraph is meant especially for nexus1g’s feebly ignorant mind.

      Don’t assume that every who needs help doesn’t deserve it, or somehow didn’t work hard enough to get that help already. I

    • Truncated for me, Madison? Considering I never said anything to the effect of assuming “that every who needs help doesn’t deserve it,” it seems like you’re the one who needs a little help with fully reading and comprehending what someone said.

      Did you look at the 4-5 mesalamine alternatives?

  5. You pay for it with a Wall-Street sales tax, (turnover tax). A one-percent sales tax on all Wall Street turnover would rake in trillions per year. You can also cut back on corporate welfare. And why not shave 100 billion off the defense budget?

    • but trumps finnalyy doing it hes draining his own swamp creation getting rid of bannon and others lmao just like trumps tax plan has always been about tax cutts for wealthy and now says rich will pay more i think its the biggest lie yet out of trump

  6. Consult healthcare triage and the vlog brothers. I love you, but you suck at educating people. I want a detailed brake down. I want how much for each part. Trade offs are inevitable. What are they?

  7. This is unfortunately just a ruse by these suddenly pro single-payer Dems..
    1: They are just appeasing their voters as they see it is very popular and just want to hold on to theirs seats by claiming they to want it, lying bastards..
    2: They dont want to get this bill passed but just want to be seen as “Well I did try”.
    3: I imagine the bill is nothing like Bernie truly wants and is a compromise for these “Corporate” Dems.
    4: If by some miracle you did get “Single Payer” you can bet it will fail miserably due to the GOP and most of the Dems doing all they can possibly do to kill it.
    5: This i just their donors telling them to try it but make sure it is a disaster so it will never be asked for again..

  8. I too am skeptical (maybe cynical) about the sincerity of some of the Democrats now co-sponsoring medical for all. However, as long as they vote for it, I don’t care if they’re sincere about it or not.

  9. Reasons why healthcare is so expensive.

    1. No free trade when it comes to importing drugs, causing drugs to increase in price
    2. Large restrictions in the licensing field of doctors and nurses, causing labor to increase in price
    3. Large artificial increases in demand through things like Medicare and Medicaid, causing overall prices to increase, which also crowded out private charities
    4. Insane patent laws for absurdly long periods of time which monopolizes crucial drugs and inventions
    5. Forcing insurance companies to guarantee minimum levels of coverage and forcing people to insure things that they don’t necessarily need or want. I’m male and I have to pay for prenatal coverage….

    These are all government interventions. These are not problems of the free market, they are problems with government. Introducing single payer will only make things worse.

    The reason that other countries healthcare is cheaper than ours are is because they get to piggyback off our marketplace.

    • It’s not the qualifications. The licensures literally restrict the amount of doctors who can become MD’s and doctors who can come to America to a fixed amount a year. Obviously we need trained professionals, however, there are already plenty of them that could be in the field but are being restricted by the system.

  10. Yes! Health care for all men women and children! No one in America should die or stay unhealthy because they can’t afford health care. All the other first world countries figured it out we can too!

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