Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare

After last week’s defeat of an amendment that would have allowed the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, Bernie Sanders has decided to put forth legislation that will finally allow Medicare and the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. While not as far-reaching as last week’s amendment, it is a great start for needy Americans. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this. Subscribe to Ring of Fire:

Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare

78 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare

  1. Within 30 seconds this comment section will be filled with degenerates that dedicate large portions of their lives to trolling this channel. Snowflakes. Cucks. “Alt-right” aka alt-smart. Rainbow-Reich

  2. Bernie Sanders’ first executive action would have been something like this. Trumps for action is to strip insurance for 10 million Americans. Great call America!

    • What about the 7 million dollar healthcare tax cut for the richest families. That’s 800 thousand people losing healthcare to help those poor billionaires escape their social responsibility

  3. If you right wingers hate liberals so much why are you watching this channel, go back to Alex Jones and your lizard people.

    • Ray Fire

      Yes, that’s why he’s fighting for us now: because he doesn’t fight for us.

      Were your parents very closely related? Is that your problem?

    • Cliven Longsight libtards rioting in the streets and making false claims. I have a lot of problems with TYT and their hypocritical viewers.

    • +Liberal-in-Trumpland  Too much free time. They swarm here literally within minutes of every video regardless of the time or day. If they jobs those jobs are being half assed so that they can flood the comment section with their childish comments and bad grammar. These are the same types that claim to not the have time to read a book or maintain an exercise routine. The sensible people would be wise to ignore them. Let the Trump morons and SJW fight it out among themselves . They are two sides of the same coin.

  4. there’s a big difference between capitalism and legalized extortion, but when pharmaceutical companies can take a synthetic pill that cost them less than $2 to manufacture and sell it at a $100 a pill or more knowing full well that most of America cannot afford it without some kind of supplemental Aid…. Then that is the epitome of extortion and greed!

  5. My Multiple Sclerosis medicine is $6,000 per month. Thanks to Medicare I only need pay a small co-pay. What happens to me when Trump kills Medicare? He kills me too?

  6. I’d go a step further. Vote both Corp privatizing DEMs and GOPs out based on past votes that screwed the people. How do they keep getting re elected? I’ve been trying to vote them out since the 90s. Bernie is on fire! He sets the bar on political activism.

    • Vote the corporate democrats out in primaries, because the reason so many of them is still around is because of gerrymandering.

    • So it starts with Citizens United. I’ve got a feeling Sanders is going to get to campaign finance reform in due time. He’s setting the stage for voting records we can refer to in 2018/20.

    • He’s not much older than Trump, who will be running for reelection (presumably) in 2020. Plus, electing a president is much more than the president himself, this should be PAINFULLY obvious in light of all the recent headlines about DeVos/Tillerson/Mnuchin etc (“the swamp”). He also nominates people to his administration, appoints SCJs, will have a vice president whom he trusts to carry on his policies. It’s not like if Bernie dies in office there will be a mad grab for power, Game of Thrones-style, to determine who the next president is.

    • +Trump Derangement Syndrom Eh, Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. One kisses up to the pharmaceutical company and the other to the Oil company.

      The two of them might be completely different but both of them have the same weakness of greed.

    • +King LilWigglyWabbit I’ve seen Bernie
      A LOT
      not on TV, or posters
      but in the room with him, and I’ll bet he can out run you

    • Trump and Sanders are on the same page when it comes to negotiating lower drug prices. Even if some Dems attempt to undermine Bernie, I believe Donald Trump is willing to lay the hammer down on any Republican members of Congress who attempt to vote against Bernie’s bill. Trump will flank Congress from the right and Sanders will flank from the left. Get ‘er done!

    • +Stephen Mystery
      The DNC and corporate media did everything they could to get Sanders out. He caught up a 60% lead with 0 name recognition, fighting an uphill struggle against the powers that be.
      I’m not sure you can say Clinton won by anything other than name recognition. I’m definitely not sure you can say the people have spoken, since Clinton and Trump are the least popular candidates to ever run for president in US history. Voting turnout was low, and now a one man clown parade is in the White House.

  7. This is great, right now bernie is basically just DESTROYING the presidential hopes of all these corporate big pharma bought democrats. If he keeps this up for the next 4 years, even the democratic party won’t have it’s head in the sand enough to put forward the democrats who, highly publicly, vote down cheaper healthcare for 4 years.

  8. I just had an idea of how to make C-Span more interesting:

    Just put floating captions above all the politicians heads listing the dollar values they have received and from whom.

  9. In the UK we pay no more than £8.20p per perscription (no matter how many items), but that is not the cost of the medication it is an administration charge, if you are over 60, are on benefits or have a specific long term illness you get an excemption. In 1948 the Labour Party introduced the NHS or National Health Service. The man that drove this through, against bitter oposition from doctors/ nurses/ hospitals/ insurance services etc., was the Welsh Minister for Health Aneurin Bevan. He resigned when the administration charge was introduced years later. The men that created the NHS were zealots in the field of public health, they smashed any opposition. They weren’t so much politicians as “Religious Disciples” and “Philanthrepists” most of them were brought up in our non-conformist churches in poor working class areas. They were Methodists, Quakers, Baptists and in most cases NOT members of the Church of England. These people BELIEVED! They were very sucessful, Churchmen, Councelors, MP’s, Union Leaders and Members of the House of Lords. It’s all the more sad that our current lot of leaders want to throw all this out and privatise it in very small increments and get a system like you lot have in the US for their Corporate friends. OVER THE BRITISH PUBLIC’S DEAD AND ROTTING CORPSES WE HAVE KILLED KINGS FOR LESS!  ;op

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