Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare

After last week’s defeat of an amendment that would have allowed the importation of cheaper prescription drugs from Canada, Bernie Sanders has decided to put forth legislation that will finally allow Medicare and the government to negotiate drug prices for Medicare recipients. While not as far-reaching as last week’s amendment, it is a great start for needy Americans. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.
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Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare – The Ring Of Fire

20 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Launches Bill To Negotiate Pharma Prices For Medicare

  1. Bernie Sanders the candidate that should have won the Democratic Candidacy for President, if it wasn’t for people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Bernie, the man who should have been President.

    • CarefullyWatching But he needs your support….keep circulating those pages of senators and congressmen –emails addresses, phone numbers etc

  2. I am a 40 year old disabled father who has been on Medicare ever sense I broke my back at work in 2006. I pay extra for part D because I take many medications including Nerontin to calm my nerves down from the damage that was done. My poor family has dealt with so much, I don’t make much from Social Security, much of what I do make goes to doctors or medications. If republicans are so fixed on “families” than don’t make it so hard to keep one. I have a great wife and daughter but I would not blame them if they left, I have a hard time walking and most things done outside of the home, she does without me. I have a lot to take care of please don’t make it harder on me, Donald. This bill has to pass for two reasons, one part D was added with no discount on price to bankrupt the system and two I don’t know how much more fight Bernie has in him when it looks like it is all for not. BERNIE and AMERICANS NEED a WIN!

  3. Sadly around 300,000 people left Democratic Party to be ether Green Party or just straight Independent as Thanks so moronic Stereotypical Baby Boomers believing their glory Idiot Box (TV) over facts about them to make 2016 election worst in American political history.

  4. Good segment Farron! Thats the way to go forward. Now lets get the list of those rouge senators and call them up…BEFORE the vote! Let them hear what we want! Action Jackson!

  5. “Some people aren’t born into privilege. And some people never MAKE it into privilege. That doesn’t mean they’re not hard working Americans…”

    Cut the damn check Farron!

  6. We can’t let these 12 democrats off the hook at election time even if they vote YEA for this new bill. Booker and his 11 disgusting brethren PHK’d up big time last week; PERIOD!! These are the pukes that’ll campaign on, “Hey, I voted FOR affordable drugs for our seniors and disabled”, like they’re friggin’ heroes instead of s/c/u/m/b/a/g/s.

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