Bernie Sanders Introducing Medicare for All & $15 Minimum Wage Bills

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Bernie Sanders is introducing two pieces of legislation to the Senate that will drastically improve the lives of ordinary Americas. First, he'll be putting forward a Medicare for All bill that will act as a companion to H.R. 676 in the House. Second, he's pushing Democrats to the left on the minimum wage, and has urged them to support a $15 minimum wage.

Bernie Sanders Introduces Single-Payer Bill to Counter GOP’s ACA Repeal:

Bernie Sanders Introduces $15 Minimum Wage Bill:

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Bernie Sanders Introducing Medicare for All & $15 Minimum Wage Bills

52 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Introducing Medicare for All & $15 Minimum Wage Bills

    • Amycus89 except those aren’t actually accomplishments, which is why I didn’t bother to reply the first time you posted nonsense about Bernie and tried calling it a ‘success’.

      Yes, he’s worked in congress for years, but he has not actually accomplished anything worth mentioning. Bernie is a loser and a failure at life and the only people that follow him and believe he’s ‘great’ are losers themselves. I don’t mean to be insulting when I say this stuff and I certainly don’t mean to offend anyone, but you need to face reality. Bernie has done nothing during his entire career.

      Nationalized healthcare is a disaster in the countries that have it. As for the rest of his political platform, including healthcare, even Bernie doesn’t know if it would work and he has never even explained how it would work. All he does is point to things, says you should be angry and then promises you free stuff.

      I’ll tell you what won’t work, though, Bernie’s tax plan.

    • Amycus89 I don’t owe you an explanation, if you’re not smart enough to figure it out on your own, that’s your fault. Just like Bernie doesn’t owe you an explanation for how his plans will work, because he’s never given one. He just points to things in other countries, says they’re great and tells we should try them here.

    • Greg Dennis No, you dont owe me an explanation, but counterarguments and reasoning are usually required in order to make a debate. If you really just wanted to shitpost and live alone undisturbed in your little bubble I apologize, it was my fault to expect that you at least had that much intelligence despite all the signs pointing the other way

  1. You people have never taken an economics class or payed attention to what happened to the people in Seattle. Because when you take away the tech sector that inflates the statistics; the people whose minimum wage was raised in Seattle not only had hours decreased in general but unemployment went up. You can’t raise min wage without breaking up the monopolies and franchises and removing the unnecessary cost of doing business on small business owners. Bernie sanders’ plan will kill small businesses and make corporations more powerful. The same agenda democrats have had since bill clinton.

    • “You can’t raise min wage without breaking up the monopolies and franchises…”You tried to explain why it would hurt small business, and explain how it MIGHT hurt A small business. This statement blows my mind cause last I checked the people fighting the hardest to prevent a wage increase were the monopolies and corporations. Can you explain that? Not judging just curious

  2. …..and if you are not willing to quit bombing everyone and use that savings to rebuild infrastructure, I got no holler for ya’

  3. It seems hopeless now, but the point is to keep hope if we truly believe what we’re doing is right. It’s a very dark time right now but just keep the faith, rally up, and get ready for each fight. Too much is at stake if we become too exhausted to continue.

    • +yaimavol Sorry, I know my comment’s a bit vague. I meant fighting for anything good. Just because Trump is who he is doesn’t mean he can’t do good things. He wants to break up big banks, push the infrastructure bill, renegotiate NAFTA, keep mandates for pre-existing conditions for medical insurance, wants to peacefully negotiate with N. Korea, and has talked with Putin for safe zones in Syria. A lot of these are still in the talk phase, but if he gets these things done, I’ll give credit where credit is due. The guy can do good things….even if they’re once in a blue moon and he’s had a history of being incredibly unreliable.

  4. Bernie and a handful of others are the only politicians who are trying to catch the United States up with the rest of the modern world. Unfortunately, the rest of them are taking us down the path like Turkey which turns us into a fundamentalist, authoritarian state

    • yaimavol I certainly think raising taxes will only benefit the rich. But what do I know. I don’t have access to economic text books…. oh yeah I do

    • Coffee Fresh We aren’t spending anything on green energy, that’s the problem. Germany and China are spending massive amounts of money on green tech right now because the first to crack it will sell it to the rest of the world. Even for economic reasons it makes sense. If you doubt how important climate change is, ask a Chinese person how breathable their air is and ask a marine biologist about rising water ph that is going to cause mass extinction of marine life.

    • Obama spent billions on “green energy” forking over money to companies that went bankrupt. Does that sound smart to you? Wind and solar are very poor alternatives to natural gas.

    • yaimavol every penny of that was a good investment. Green energy is not something that might happen in the future…. it WILL happen. China realizes this. That is why they have already invested billions more on green energy because once it happens china will be the new world leader and the United States will be left behind

    • Coffee Fresh you say that like there is another option. There isn’t. If you don’t tax the rich and the corporations then capitalism and America will fall apart. That’s what the republicans fail to understand.

  5. Donald Trump did promise single payer healthcare. Maybe he should support Senator Sanders on this bill.

    • +SweetTea — He did, indeed. Before he ran, Donald Trump extolled the virtues of a single-payer system like what they have in other modern nations already. He even was talking about a single-payer system when he first started his presidential run. But, early on, somebody on the right must’ve convinced him to give that up and not talk about it anymore because it goes against conservative ideals (errhmygerrrd, socialism!!).

      Unfortunately Trump is so dimwitted that he doesn’t actually have any set value system or well-informed opinions that he can stick to. So he’s easily swayed by what other idiots have to say and most of the people who have his ear are wealthy elites or proponents of the military industrial complex. So we’re most likely all screwed because single-payer/Medicare-for-all does not benefit the pharmaceutical or health insurance industries.

  6. Cut back on military spending. Cut back on corporate greed. Increase minimum wage to $15. Provide affordable universal healthcare. Stop meddling in other countries’ affairs. Provide free college tuition. COME ON PEOPLE, WE’RE SUPPOSEDLY THE STRONGEST AND WEALTHIEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, YET WE CAN’T ACCOMPLISH THESE THINGS THAT SEEM SO LOGICAL???!!!

    • leonxl and corporations pay taxes at the rate the middle class pays!!! i paid like 29% with out any loop holes since bush!!

    • +Buddy and that is just federal tax. Progressives act like there aren’t any other taxes we pay. Literally EVERY other state and local tax has been steadily rising on the middle class over the past 30 years. We’re paying 40 to 50% and if your net worth is +500K you are paying closer to 60%. All those hidden taxes in utility and phone bills add up, and we are getting screwed by government parasites.

    • Moloch thank you! I love bernie but you got to speed it up. with his bill the 15 will be implemented in 2024. people in 2024 will have a great quality of life… in 2017

    • +Moloch — We’ll actually need a guaranteed basic income due to technological unemployment. I think the “fight for $15” needs to be the fight for a GBI aka a Universal Basic Income.

    • Do you think that will be a good thing? We already have this de facto basic income on Indian reservations and the results are not good. Human nature does not thrive in idle. This is why we actually need to discuss putting brakes on some of this technology. It is not inevitable, and we can decide what we want to use or not use.

    • thats certainly a coherent criticism. perhaps you dont know that in holland mcdonalds workers make 20 an hour. ( on top of state medical coverage) and that the big mac cost less there. and the rich owners of the macdonalds franchises are still rich. maybe you dont know the minimum wage in australia is 17.70. ( and they also have state medical coverage). maybe you dont realize that money in the hands of the poor and midlle class gets spent on goods and services and grows the economy. and that people who make 20 hour actually pay taxes and dont need government assistance both growing the tax income and shrinking the spending of government. maybe if you did know , you would reaiize its ” fucking stupid ” for all the income to go to the top.

    • MrIzzyDizzy what about small businesses that don’t have the profit margin to pay employees 20 an hour. And then fail due to socialism. But I get you have a kind heart but a very shitty understanding of economics

    • if they cant make it and pay workers a fair share – then they cant make it. why should workers struggle to help selfish bastards. also wages controls have to do with socialism? socialism is a school teacher or postal employeee or county hospital nurse or fire fighter. they should also get paid at least 20. also 20 by 2020 is a slogan that is easy to remember and is a good goal from which to start negotiating. it might be compromised some but aiming high is a good tactic.
      your arguement might as well be what about small business shouldnt they be alowed to pay $5 an hour or 5 cents ? – of course not. no one should be working for slave wages period, regardless of the size of the business. also – if the minimum wage is 20. for everyone. then most small business would see increased business. also consider where minumum wage is high small business are doing at least as well as anywhere.

    • +MrizzyDizzy — If the minimum wage had kept up with the rate of inflation it should _already_ be $22 by now.

      Actually what we need to start fighting for is a Guaranteed Basic Income/Universal Basic Income because of technological unemployment. Already technology has taken so many jobs and this trend is only going to accelerate with the exponential pace of technological progress and efficiency.

    • +MC yes i agree. with a.i. applications coming for every sort of work – a basic gauranteed univesal income is a good idea. it is a step toward even better ideas – that could be called a ” utopian post scarcity paradigm” but we have to fight for every improvement we can. 20 minimum is not nearly enough when current and improving technical abilities clearly make a clean sustainable abundnat lifestyle for all easily achievable. at least it is technically easy, but politically still very difficult.

  7. You know I try to have a dialogue here but Mike always Poisons the well IE “Republicans doing everything to harm the American people”. After hearing things like that I’m glad that you guys are struggling because you deserve it. Mindless sloths that listen to this charlatan are surely doomed.

  8. I want to say that here in st Louis the minimum wage is at 7.70 an hour raising it to 15 is doubling the wages. basically now every worker in st Louis would have to perform the job of two people. some businesses will just flat out fail. others will fire the employees they don’t have the profit to pay for. resulting in unemployment and failing businesses which will devastate a Midwestern economy but most of you progressives live on the coast or a large city so you are completely ok with doing away with st louis.

    • That’s why it’s more important to start fighting for a Universal Basic Income instead so that no one has to go without food or shelter due to lost jobs. Already the minimum wage should be around $22 (if it had kept up with the rate of inflation)… but we are already losing jobs to technological unemployment and this trend will only accelerate with the exponential rate of technology’s progression.

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