Bernie Sanders Interview : Muslim Countries, Social Security, Medicare, Infrastructure

Bernie Sanders was born 1941 in Brooklyn , New York. He is not only a democratic candidates but also known as an socialist. He's considering us as inequality society Where the rich is richer and richer and the poor are treated in an unequal way. Lawyers, presses, police always protect for the rich . So he wanna change it, make education free for all people, everyone can access to medicare, insurance with less money or even free … . He said "I don't believe that the men and women who defended American democracy fought to create a situation where billionaires own the political process."

9 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Interview : Muslim Countries, Social Security, Medicare, Infrastructure

    • +Jeff A Haha! Oh, yes. Sorry I mixed up my dates.. 1971 was when he was
      elected as a Candidate for the Liberty State Union, within the State of
      Vermont. He is just way too awesome! 🙂

    • +Jeff A “According to statistics in 2011, a half of all live births in
      America were from minorites” *that sounds great!* I hope “minorities”
      repopulate with your “superior Western culture,” especially since most
      “minorities” are hard workers, contribute into our society, and usually
      make up the working class force. Stop the ignorance, bigotry and fear of
      other minorities.. #FeeltheBern <3 My man, the Civil right activist since

    • All the more reason to get Bernie in the White House, because I suspect he
      would expand welfare for moms who need it.

      I have no problem with there being more minority births. As long as people
      can get a decent education and contribute to society, race isn’t as much an
      issue to the younger generation as it once was.

  1. I saw Bernie at Cumberland farms getting coffee this morning and then again
    at xtra-mart in a different town just a half hour later. Something about
    the old fella is disturbing and seems his knumscullship is apparent for
    dems who don’t understand capitalism as a way to prosperity. Such a boob
    for my America, ugh.

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