Bernie Sanders & House Dems Propose MEDICARE FOR ALL

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Bernie Sanders & House Dems Propose MEDICARE FOR ALL


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92 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders & House Dems Propose MEDICARE FOR ALL

  1. But Bernie Sanders is a SOCIALIST, and we here in America support FREEDOM and the right for everyone to get fucked over!

    • From an economic perspective democratic socialism and fascism (national socialism) are very similar, its private ownership with government control. What jackass Bernie sanders doesn’t know when he keeps comparing how he wants the US to be compared to places like Denmark is that they redistribute wealth much more but markets, businesses and banks are WAY LESS REGULATED than they are in the united states, Bernie sanders doesn’t even understand his own ideology

    • Johnny On the Spot
      free market with government control isn’t a free market .

      food stamps isn’t a right .. ice cream isn’t a right , cherry Popsicle isn’t a right

      It’s a privilege the American government gives to people to get back on their feet , it’s not suppose to be a life style

      why shouldn’t the government force corporations to pay people more based on their annually profits?

      It’s the governments job to fix the prices of healthcare not control it

      It’s governments job to fight for the people and they are clearly not

      You democratic supporters support higher taxes for free healthcare while jobs go over seas lol

    • Oh and FYI trickled down economics does work , but the past 2 decades is proof the American government on both sides sold American jobs to 3rd countries to make bigger profits .

      democratic Socialism isn’t real socialism lmao!!

    • Tsiresy Domingos you litterally have military in the streets and you’re trying to say you don’t have freedom issues?

    • Kawaiiser Wilhelm II Von Hohenzollern my great uncle was on The Aron Ward destroyer that was attacked by kamikazes including the 1st female one he lived and saved his oil soaked (((bible))) my great grandfather was I think a machine gunner falshrimjagers went into a medical tent he was in capturing everyone else but him because he had strep throat btw I recently recovers from that I have his helmet along with a Mauser he brought back from a kraut loot pile it came from the fighting in Italy it’s in near perfect condition sadly some hick relatives sold the luger and other good loot

  2. There’s a 99.9% it won’t pass but this could help Dems in the long run if they actually show some spine for once and fight for this.

    • A Very Kind Guy
      Meh, 90-95 actually. And even if it doesn’t pass (it won’t), this could help the dems improve their image over screaming about Russia 24/7

    • +John Richards Let’s say it won’t pass so that we won’t be disappointed if it doesn’t pass. And I know it was about 95% but I wanted to use the same % as you.

    • Gustav, yes there is no doubt that single payer is the leftist position. That doesn’t make it a bad thing. If you are somehow under the impression that the right wanted universal health care, you need to take a good look at the health care plan the Republicans are putting forth where their knocking millions of people off health care and taking us in a worse direction than where we are with Obamacare. I doubt you can find one single conservative politician in favor of universal health care, so yeah, single payer is “left”.

    • +Snakeye808 First of all, the term was “extreme left”. Second; regarding the position of universal health care on the political spectrum, look at the rest of the industrialized world. Single payer is standard, and not extreme left. Obviously a country where 40 000 people die from easily preventable diseases is the extreme one.

    • Gustav, and you were responding to my question, which was what is more left than single-payer health care? Still waiting for the answer… And obviously single-payer is not the standard in the US. We’ve never had it, and only recently has it garnered a fair amount of public support.

    • 6236003

      This is why I support the public option instead. It’s just unrealistic for something like universal Healthcare in the US to happen.

    • +Shawn Brink That wouldn’t even touch it. Even if we *totally eliminated all discretionary spending* that’s still a ~$2.5 trillion dollar budget increase. And that’s cutting everything. WIC, science, the State Department, the military, a third of veterans’ benefits, foreign aid, education, HUD, the EPA. That’s if we eliminated all federal spending but Social Security, Medicare and interest on the debt.

    • I’m not saying we shouldn’t do anything to make healthcare more affordable, we definitely should. Loosening restrictions on drug imports, streamlining the drug approval process and making it less expensive, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines and other things could make healthcare more affordable without many negative consequences.

    • 6236003 We already have 3 states that passed legislation as a group allowing insurer’s to sell into all 3 states. Guess what?
      Not one insurance group took the offer.

      Turns out, giving up a monopoly, and the high intensive cost to investing money to set up the infrastructure of a healthcare network isn’t as inviting.

      So all the insurers are staying put in their own territory.

    • Watch all those likeminded commentators, come on give me a number, how many of all those actually made not even that simple telephonecall that could have made more likely than not all the difference.? Is it one of tweny? Ptobably less! What about you?

  3. Kyle my democratic congressman is refusing to support this bill. How do we put pressure on him? His name is Scott Peters!

    • Get your friends to call too. Keep phoning and faxing. Post on his twitter, his facebook page. Put up fliers. Write in to local newspapers, call in to local radio stations. Get your friends involved.

      Show up and talk to him face to face if the opportunity arises. The only thing a congressperson fears more than phone calls with angry constituents is meeting face to face with angry constituents.

    • Bullet Craft This bill wont ever make it to a Vote. It won’t make it out of a committee, where it wont get voted on either. So?

    • @ Natalie B Lucky you. You can primary him. Because of the way the districts are drawn, I’m stuck with Duncan Hunter, and he’s Republican.

      By the way, for those not from California, both Peters(D) and Hunter(R) represent parts of San Diego county. Peters is from the north section of the coastal area, and Hunter covers a desert inland area. We have so many people in San Diego county that we have four congressional districts, two of which currently have Democrats, and the other two have Republicans.

  4. What I don’t get is, why don’t blue states just do it their damn selves? Let red states choke on their free market bullshit

    • The tax hikes, which would be necessary, scare people. They don’t realize that at the end of the day, they’d still be keeping more of their income.

    • What about the people that get most or all of their insurance paid for through work? You’re essentially just increasing their taxes. That’s not uncommon.

    • Phillip Fry The thing is, I’m not sure if the tax hikes would really be THAT substantial if we could just simply alter the flow of current tax dollars (i.e. our bloated military budget).

  5. It’s worth fighting for. We have it in the U.K. NHS has 71% satisfaction rating and 92% ‘Approval’ rating. The only thing we pay for is dental care and that is heavily subsidised by the NHS and hence very cheap

    • Myballsitchsomethingfierce “320 mil citizens and $20 trillion in debt”

      The way you phrase this shows you know nothing about high school-level economics and I worry you’re spewing misinformation to people all around you.

      Try to do a quick google search on how the deficit affects us. Shouldn’t take more than 3 minutes.

    • whyamimrpink78 “the private market has no power.” THE PRIVATE MARKET HAS NO POWER. jesus h christ on a unicycle. stop lying you motherfucker.

    • Daniel Pierik, for as bad you you feel the Koch Brothers and Walmart are, have you ever seen any of them arrest anyone? Or forced anyone to work for them? Or force anyone to give up their money?

    • whyamimrpink78 ah. false similarities again. no we have never seen companies threatening people to keep their mouth shut or buying off politicians. we have never seen coorparations driving people from their lands. stop the lying you coorperative apoligistic buttboy. stop the lies please. its getting really hard to take you serious. (implying we could anyway with those ridiculous viewpoints.

  6. I’m a Republican in favor of universal healthcare. If we can find the money for bombs, we need to find the money to take care of people’s health.

    • +Bullet Craft​​​ Because the Corporate Democrats haven’t given me a reason to switch to Democrat. They are just as bad, so why should I back them? At least the GOP are honest and tells you they hate poor people. The RNC hates them too, but lies and pretends to care about them. Get Bernie Sanders to fix your party and embrace a true agenda for working people, and I’ll be happy to finally vote for an honest party that genuinely cares for workers and the poor (instead of one that lies and pretends to care.)

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