Bernie Sanders Calls Out Donald Trump Over Medicare, Medicaid | CNBC

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) and Democratic Congressional leaders speak at a press conference on the Affordable Care Act.
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Bernie Sanders Calls Out Donald Trump Over Medicare, Medicaid | CNBC

Bernie Sanders Calls Out Donald Trump Over Medicare, Medicaid | CNBC

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Calls Out Donald Trump Over Medicare, Medicaid | CNBC

  1. mind your own business, you lost to Hillary on purpose, she paid you to put on a performance, so that you could take voters away from Trump, so sorry……….didn’t work did it Sanders……………why don’t you and your new homes go far away and leave us alone with our new President Trump………… wish you could be half as good as Trump and his staff……………GO AWAY

  2. For all you Conservatives, Democrats, Independents, etc. that don’t agree with Bernie and even despise him, Bernie Sanders has your well being as his top priority and is still fighting for you after all his decades of service against the Conservative nightmare your government is. So why don’t you right wing masochists grow a brain and help him to succeed instead of getting continuously screwed over by the far right Republicans and the center right Democrats. Trump has already made it clear he’s going rip everyone(excluding his donors like Wall Street and the rest of the Establishment who Trump chastised Hillary Clinton for) off when he takes office. Trump even fooled the American people into thinking he’s a billionaire. How sad, pathetic, small minded, ignorant, and stupid are you people. He ain’t even worth 5% of what he says he. But now he might be with his access to the taxpayers money. He’s a con artist. His cons were so stupid. How stupid must Americans be since they got conned by an orange, two digit iq buffoon. America, move towards the left of the political spectrum. Liberal, progressive policies are objectively better than Conservative policies by miles. Even a dumbass like Trump was able to figure that out. His rhetoric of Liberal economic policies and Conservative racist remarks is what dazzled his dumbass supporters. So become a Liberal, Progressive country or continue to be a joke of a country and a threat to world peace. The United States of America. Don’t make me laugh. It’s more like the Dumbass States of Retards. DSR DSR DSR

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