Bernie Leads the Way: Franken Now On Board With Medicare for All

Bernie Sanders, backed by 15 Democratic officials, is presenting a ‘medicare for all’ healthcare plan that would essentially be the most comprehensive plan to ever exist. In this Majority Report clip, Sam Seder discusses Senator Al Franken’s decision to jump on board with this bill, and how popular this plan has become with many Dems who could be considered 2020 hopefuls.

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In this Majority Report clip,

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—Minnesota’s efforts to drive down premiums for coverage sold on the state health insurance exchange could come undone by the end of the month unless the federal government acts.

After seven years of partisan wrangling over Obamacare, U.S. senators worked Tuesday to hammer out a bipartisan fix they hope could stabilize state insurance exchanges before millions of Americans are hit with rate hikes. The CEO of MNsure, Minnesota’s exchange, told a Senate panel Tuesday that the state may have mere days left to avoid the kind of hikes that state lawmakers took expensive steps to avoid earlier this year.

Even as federal lawmakers consider short-term repairs to the Affordable Care Act, a growing number of Democrats including Sen. Al Franken are looking more long-term. The Minnesota Democrat announced Tuesday that he has signed on as a cosponsor of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ “Medicare for All” single-payer health care plan, calling health care “a right for all Americans.”

In the short term, Franken — a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee that’s trying to address the most urgent problems — said the Senate needs to “pursue bipartisan policies that improve our current health care system for all Americans.”

A fix can’t come fast enough for Minnesota officials.—

Bernie Leads the Way: Franken Now On Board With Medicare for All

35 thoughts on “Bernie Leads the Way: Franken Now On Board With Medicare for All

    • It doesn’t take any time to do the analysis, but I guess you’re just not very bright. I noticed this about Seder after viewing a few of his videos. They are all deliberately crafted to seem to take left-wing positions, while using right-wing terminology.

    • I could do it too: “Those liberals! Unlike them, I believe in low taxes for the rich. Why should road money, bridge money, public project money, not go to wealthy people? Didn’t wealthy people accumulate their capital fairly? Did they exploit their employees’ weakness by paying them too little compared to their fair market compensation? Heck, I don’t think so. Liberals think that workers are threatened by fear of unemployment to take too low wages? Come on! Like unemployment is a threat to anyone.”

    • Ron Maimon
      Lol dude, lay off 4chan. Get back into reality, here. You can go back to even 2008 and Sam is talking about some of theses same things. He isn’t a right winger, lol. You are just a scared kid.

  1. The Democrats in Minnesota gave him a choice, sign on to single payer, Medicare for all of not be the Democratic candidate when his seat is up. He had no choice.

  2. Eleven of 48 Senate Democrats have now decided to co-sponsor Sen. Bernie Sanders’s single-payer health care bill. The bulk of the Senate Democratic caucus has not yet come around to Sanders’s Medicare-for-all bill, which is scheduled for release on Wednesday. The majority of those backing Sanders’s Medicare-for-all bill tend to hail from blue states or are rumored 2020 presidential candidates.

  3. Well, he definitely learned the lesson not to compromise from the start like Obama always did. Right-wingers are unreasonable and you can’t start halfway or they’ll bring you to 3/4 by the end.

    • Franken is not genuin in his support. He only started to after his voters told him that they will vote against him if he keeps opposing Healthcare for all.

      Elizabeth Warren on the other hand has been fighting against Goldman Sachs and big Pharma for decades. That’s why: *Sanders / Warren 2020 !*

  4. Instead of saying we can’t afford it, why not demand offsets from the military industrial complex? There is plenty of money if we would just decide what is important to promote a peaceful, productive, and prosperous society.

  5. Bill Clinton once said that America was the best in every respect, but for one thing. He envied Canada’s health care system. Now, you have Sanders at the wheel and sitting right next to him, on the front seat, Warren and Franken. This is a f*ckin’ strong and wide snow plow, man! I wouldn’t want to stand in it’s way if I were a snowflake.

    • rouelibre1
      At the Wheel ?

      Current DNC leadership

      Chair: Tom Perez, former U.S. Secretary of Labor under Barack Obama.
      Deputy Chair: Keith Ellison, U.S. Representative from Minnesota’s 5th congressional district.
      Vice Chair of Civic Engagement and Voter Participation: Karen Carter Peterson.
      Vice Chairs: …
      Treasurer: Bill Derrough.
      Secretary: Jason Rae.

      I don’t see Bernie Sanders name anywhere on that list . — Oh wait — because Sanders isn’t a member of the Democratic Party . Bernie Sanders is not the leader of the DNC , Bernie is the party divider and an election spoiler , just like Independents always are .

      After 2016 ,The Democratic voter base will not vote for Bernie Sanders . especially an almost 80 year old Sanders . You are out of your minds if you think people are going to vote for Sanders after what you idiots did in 2016 . Screw Bernie . and Screw you . Bernie is not at the Wheel .

      Sanders is pushing a healthcare plan that was originated by Hillary Clinton over 25 years ago….pretending it’s a new idea! People are now calling it Bernie-care when it’s a page right off Hillary-care. But, you’re right, why give credit to a woman when you can applaud an old white man? After all the Berners are the party of misogyny .

    • really ?what about all the thing that current liberals complaint about. sexism racism islamohobia homophopbia trangender bathroom free college living wages.income inequality police brutality ..all these grievances just bitching right? no substance to them right?

    • I get you,Sir. He is not at the wheel of anything as such. My bad. Just a misunderstanding. But he is at the wheel of a very progressive and modern project. Do we understant one another better, now? Who is the captain of that movement? He sailed alone and now he has about 16 sailors with him. Little do you know that he is the most loved politician, the world over. Yes. Other countries follow american politics. Would you rather tell them to mind their own business or better, ignore the USA alltogether? Your choice.

    • you are so eager to sell an idea that every else that may be related problem sweeping aside. take obame care for instant, premium cost sky rocketed for many people. health insurance company stocks up 300 percent in 5 years those are not stated intention of Obama care

  6. There again goes Bernie, working at makin’ ‘merica great again. Some people say America is #1, let’s make that true, in the least, with our healthcare system provisions.

  7. I’m just here for all the libertarians trying to argue that the market keeps the cost lower but don’t understand the basic economics of underwriting risks and risk pools in insurance. Price isn’t the only factor, actually providing coverage for sick people matters as well. The “free” market isn’t about doing that.

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